Sessions Resignation Leaves Questions About Robert Mueller Probe | TODAY


  • I think the mueller probe should be taken over by Matthew Whitaker because only he can get to the bottom of it ! Someone clean and new !! Mueller has to much baggage with his secret dealings with Whitey Bulger who was just murdered last week ! The murder of Whitey Bulger creates a suspicion around Mueller now that Muellers credibility is into question.

  • The Muller probe is a witch hunt! It's a scam! if you have even remotely followed the the investigation you know it! If Trump releases the documents it will shake DC to the core. The FBI and the justice department were used to attack a political opponent of Hillary Clinton! Where do you think that kind of political clout comes from? Let me guess Russia! I can't wait for people to wake up! I can't wait for this kind of reporting to die! Go read Propaganda by Edward Bernays and get a clue!

  • Jeff Sessions is what christian founders wanted. He is a notch above anyone in Washington
    If you guys want a role model on behavior he was it. God bless you Jeff

  • Tucker Carlson This need to happen to your families. See How You Like It. How did they find out all this information. Did You Help In This Fox News fare better than you.. This Was Pay Back You And Your leftist Goons. shoving women now home are attacked shame on you shame Despicable People

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