Senator: Raise Retirement Age Over And Over Again

Updated : Nov 20, 2019 in Articles

Senator: Raise Retirement Age Over And Over Again

there’s also the entrance is brought to you
by buying the world’s markers wifi network sinabi report no dot com slash the wifey what i’d like to do now is clear that republican as well as senator richard shelby and i wanted him credit for being honest i had told you that they were coming cut social
security all along their outlook to raise the age at which you
could retire uh… deficit commission said that should
move up the it may be sixty eight or sixty nine years old is that a sixty five and richard shelby says the deficit commission has not suggested deep enough cuts in social security but the retirement age should be raised even
more in fact he said quote he should be raised every several years what’s your reason to sixty nine the is on
up was seventy one seventy-five eighty five i mean i have said that on previous shows and here they are rebuttal has ever held emma
coming out and say i arrays every several years will come into the ground who cares i told you they want to cut it i’ve told you
they want to make you work long or longer and at least we are republicans say all hell
yeah that’s what i want there of course he comes out lies about the
state of soc security he says that quote anyone was master sixth-grade math knows
that soc security is uh… unsound financially it has a two point five trillion dollar surplus they could pay everyone one hundred percent
of what they are own all the way through twenty thirty-seven what’s the panic about and after that by the
way it doesn’t stop paying it still can pay seventy eight percent of benefits indefinitely four ever that’s the worst case scenario this has nothing to do was so security being
bankrupt it has everything new as they are just give
it to access the rich i gotta get the money from somewhere let me rob the people who are waiting on there
so security let me wake them make that work indefinitely
you grazing that retirement age several years several times and then i’ll get the money to pay for those
tax cuts that’s what this is about he went on the line again same that his son’s boat
they’re not gonna receive anything or if they do very little that is as i just explained
you completely false he says there’s no proof that they will get much if anything again
referring to his son that is so blatant lie began to wonder is
richard shelby i mean i ask this question time he sees poorly
ignorant he does not anything about so street is know why he has a surplus he has no idea
it’s perfectly five until twenty thirty seven and then after that you don’t get nothing
as he says you get seventy percent began worst-case scenario or does he know all that you do this but project at quite a bit of a expert for
the rent and brought the people and then when he was
so security all this time then why do i set up by two because their respective social security money on senseless war on those tax cuts for the ratchet cetera now
they don’t want to pay you now do you say would accompany china where i got a saudi
arabia renovate people that we borrowed money from the chocolate it all the bond market would go crazy no we
had to pay them in fact did you know the g_o_p_ the other day propose the bill uh… that the democrats described as pay
china first because it’s true it is what it is uh… and it was pat toomey from uh… uh…
pennsylvania the guy who just won and beat it uh… nigel assess that over the by the way
you know what he’s doing he was a hedge fund and i got it before and now he’s in there and he says first as i gotta get paid for the people who
lent money to the u_s_ government the banks in the financials and therefore
governments et cetera nobody gets paid so what if you can’t pay the consequence i
defiantly campaign so security bubble cares china gets paid first the banks get frayed first saturday really
is paying for his that so they sent back to me to do in the senate and then the rest of you well
you do it later i don’t give a damn so now when it comes to paying the bills that
is owed to the american people after we pay our so scary the whole time all
eyes ozark now bygone era uris was retired sixty-five that’s a promise
we made you we lie to you we will raise the retirement every several years according to richard shelby what does the leading wifi network involved
world date they got a hundred twenty-five thousand hot spots and they actually had the they put all the
together so that the largest network of white box but spending isbn nine died about a month
ago with quite a wifi bring icontact i catch you can entice super fast downloadable states
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  • @AmericanNohbuddy I care when people are being intellectually dishonest. Cenk has a fair bit of sway amongst TYT viewers, and if he's spreading bullshit I'm gonna say something about it.

  • @AnotherAgnostic There's a bit in the zeitgeist movies about them that's true, but those movies are filled with so much other insane conspiracy junk I'd never really recommend them.

  • @cincofone

    Well you follow a ton of libertarian guys when their policies have no effect on your country. I don't go on Australian political videos myself and talk about whatever system they are discussing.

  • @cincofone, the first movie was filled with conspiracy but the latest documentary is way better. None of that conspiracy or NWO crap. Really awesome.

  • @bodryn
    Senior citizens,
    dying after being hit by a car, falling off a ladder, or,
    like your relatives, (and mine too),
    who die of strokes/heart attacks, are not dying of "old age",
    which was my point.

  • @bodryn So? Gold has been in the bull market for over 10 years now. It has ups and down. Last year it went up 27% over year. It had times when it went down by $150 in a day and then over 2 months gained that ground back and went up another $150.

    It's called: climbing the wall of worry.

    That's what bull markets do.

    In fact in you see these sorts of moves down only in bull markets. Bear markets do not have huge moves down in one day. Bubbles only go up up up until they burst.

  • @LeksServices By the way, you are a nimrod, let's start with that.

    Government owns absolutely nothing. The US government is BASED on the IDEA of private ownership, unlike most other governments, which came into existence through power of kings/dictators/feudals.

    So you are a total loss for your country because you failed to recognize what it stands for and why it was so successful while it was standing for it.

  • @LeksServices Gold is real. Gold sinks with a ship and 100 years later it is recovered and still has its value.

    No spreadsheet can do that. No currency can do that. That's why all currencies are sinking against the real money. That's why the central banks are back increasing their gold reserves. That's why JP Morgan now accepts collateral in gold.

    Gold holds value and currencies fall.

    You can only 'own' the 1000000 square miles of land if you can protect it.

  • @LeksServices But if you own 1000000 square miles of land, you are then either building something on it, and it is creating wealth for economy, or you are renting it out with the same effect.

    USA was built as a Constitutional Republic, which recognized rights of people to liberty, economic freedoms, speech and property and people used to be equal before the law.

    Now the government has all the rights, and you are morons, sheep, who have no rights.

  • @DillonDee1 The middle class in USA is destroyed by the government.

    Middle class in USA was created in 19 century: small business and professionals.

    Middle class is not what most Americans think it is. After the WWII the working class was able to gather very high wages due to the lack of competition from labor from around the world.

    Middle class is destroyed in US and it's the gov't that's destroying it by inflation and anti-saving monetary policies.

  • @bodryn and without the wealthy creating trash, there would be no jobs for the working man. You can't have one without the other, yet they both have contempt for each other, kinda funny really.

  • @IcarusAllsorts No, that's not the only reason why gold is valuable.

    You can't use iron for example, or copper, because those metals rust and also they have a significant industrial use, so they are used up quickly for that and you can't have money that's constantly used up to build roofs or pipes.

    Gold is used as money for thousands of years because it is finite, people like it, it is time-proof, it doesn't rust away, it can be cut into small pieces, it can't be counterfeit – currencies can.

  • @IcarusAllsorts Currencies have one ridiculous problem with them: they are artificial money. They are made up of paper/plastic/numbers on computers. Even metal coins – copper and nickel – have much more stay value than any paper currency.

    What is true is that ALL currencies eventually disappear. Some take a bit more time, some less, but all paper currencies are eventually destroyed by those who print them.

  • @DillonDee1 Absolutely. But paper currency will always go down in value in failing economies. The only way for it to go up in value is if economy starts really growing, stops borrowing, pays out or at least restructures debt, becomes productive, saves money instead of spending it on consumables and then invests into production. This can only be done with free market and capitalism, and not with government intervention.

    Gov't is going to build 'speed rails', but it has no money, so it'll print

  • If Libs would stop spending and giving money to lazy people that don't deserve it, then we would be fine. Cenk, Obama and Libs hate America

  • @DillonDee1 The only relative prices that matter for people are prices for food, energy and various consumer goods. To people what matters is their relative purchasing power. Inflation is expansion of monetary supply. Eventually inflation of monetary supply leads to increases in prices and this causes purchasing power of people to fall and they become poorer.

    During the 19th century USA was highly productive, had no debt and was a huge lender, dollar went up in value by factor of 2. continued

  • @DillonDee1 After the Fed was created in 1913 and income taxes also were introduced, the Fed started printing federal reserve notes at rate that was higher than the productivity of US could justify, this caused inflation, this caused the asset bubbles that lead to recession of 1920 and then in the twenties, the US Fed was propping up UK currency by printing its own and that lead to the recession of 1929. Gov't stepped in with spending 1929 unlike in 1920, when it cut spending. cont'd

  • @DillonDee1 Gov't turned 1929 equity bubble and recession into the Great Depression with printing/borrowing and spending and the currency war, which is a funny war, because that who wins, is the one who lowered the purchasing power of its people the most.

    Over half of US gov't spending today is financed by US treasury bonds, which is debt, it must be sold in order to get that money. There are no private buyers of that debt. The yields are going up (3/10 of 1% in a day a day ago, it's insane!)ct

  • @DillonDee1 So the US gov't is BROKE right now, it is bankrupt, it is INSOLVENT.

    It admits it itself, gov't officials say: if we can't raise our debt ceiling, we are broke, we won't pay our debt.

    So that's admission that US gov't is broke and can't pay debt. The Fed is now the largest holder of US treasury bonds (bigger than China, who holds over 3Trillion)

    So where is the money for rail going to come from? They are not getting more, all the buyers now are other central banks and US fed.ctd

  • @DillonDee1 In fact some people think that US Fed is buying what the central banks are not buying, and remember, other central banks are doing this now out of desperation since USA has admitted it's broke and can't repay, it's really stupid Keynesian idea – throwing out good money after bad.

    US Fed will print money to buy back ALL debt when time comes and it's no longer rolled over.

    US gov't will be living on printed money because once US D is hyper-inflated like this, US economy will be over.

  • @DillonDee1 There will be no more trade with US except for actual assets – whatever foreigners can get that is NOT US dollars. Raw materials. Property maybe, maybe whatever private and public assets that are still left in US possession, who knows. Did you know that Deutsche Borse is having talks right now to buy out New York Stock Exchange? That's another symbol of the fall of US economy – all assets that can be taken are taken in exchange for US dollars.

  • @DillonDee1 90% of sea food US consumes is bought abroad, did you know that? This means prices for sea food will go up significantly as well. Basically US dollar is now on the path of being annihilated, that's why it's falling relative to all things, all currencies, gold, commodities, etc.etc.etc. It is really no longer reserve currency, it's just a matter of time before US dollar is no longer accepted internationally.

    US will print money, I bet on it.

  • @romanmir01
    Did you actually "bet on it" or have you just been spreading Canadian alarmist propaganda on Youtube while not actually putting your money where your mouth is??

  • @bodryn as a parent, a father or mother is legally required to care for his offspring, so theres nothing wrong with child support.

  • @LeksServices freedom is voluntary action in the absence of force or coercion. If someone wants to pay more for anything they can do so. People are responsible for themselves. The American Way is do what you want with your life so long as you don't violate someone else's rights.

  • It's disgusting that the system is sooooo flawed that these asshats think a man should be worked until the day he dies.Legalized slavery just so the 'system' can run to keep the rich rich.

  • @TLydon007 Canadian? I haven't been in Canada in a couple of years now, but yes, I created this account while I was in Toronto.

    I am betting on it. A lot of money.

  • @DillonDee1 Euro has similar problems to US. Yen is being artificially suppressed by Japanese, who are printing to subsidize US consumers and who are listening to Bernanke and they shouldn't, they caused their problem 20 years ago by not allowing that recession to restructure when they listened to Bernanke that time and printed their money and caused prices to stay where they stayed rather than letting them fall in Japanese currency. Big mistake.

  • @DillonDee1 However I ABSOLUTELY do not care about paper currencies. The only one that makes real sense to buy into at this point is Chinese money, as it is hugely undervalued because it is suppressed by the Chinese, who cannot even be blamed for it, they are mistakenly tying their currency to the US dollar, but they are learning, they are switching from dollars to everything else, including gold.

    Real money is gold. But if you want to have good investments – invest into Chinese utility firms

  • @edeal86 The SS Trustee is also on Medicare board by the way. Yes, Medicare is also a ponzi scheme.

    Nixon destroyed a working health insurance system in USA by turning insurance companies into something like health fund management companies, who manage health accounts and make money on interest rather than having insurance be insurance and let people take care of small problems like they always have – out of pocket. That allowed prices to stay low.
    Gov't involvement caused huge price increases

  • Cenk: here's a platform for you. USE IT. Encourage a political direction in OPPOSITION. Start public opinion moving, instead of encouraging passivity and centrism. Fina a rational opposition and follow it. A platform of whining about the problem without direction towards an opposition is pointless.

  • @IcarusAllsorts Uranium and plutonium won't do. They are going to kill those who possess them and they are great for consumer usage – power generation. Also they can be used as biggest weapons and that alone stops anything like that from being used. Beside, the less stable forms of these materials degrade to more stable forms, while gold does not. Gold will have the same properties over thousands and more years, uranium and plutonium won't.

  • @IcarusAllsorts You are a bit confused, saying things like: if used as currency, the gold worth would be tied to the worth of currency. – What is that, some sort of a tautology? A currency is a currency? Gold is gold?

    Value of gold is not 'tied' to currency. Gold IS money. It's value is relative to existing products – the more supply of one kind of product exists, the less it's worth in gold.

    If gold is money, then currency is 100% backed by gold – it's a fully backed paper.

  • @IcarusAllsorts You have to first decide what it means for economy to be 'stable'. What do you mean by that? If you can define that, then it's possible to address your concerns.

    However the worth of currency always fluctuates with respect to products that are bought for currency, that's just how it works in all markets. That's price discovery – that's why speculators are an enormously important part of economy – they discover the true prices and indicate what should be done and what shouldn't

  • @IcarusAllsorts However deflation is a good thing.

    Gov't will make you believe that deflation is terrible, yet you have never seen deflation in action, not since 1913 at least, because since that time gov't has always inflated – expanded the money supply.

    In 19 century the value of US dollar went UP by factor of 2. The Fed's ONLY mandate was price stability- gigantic failure. US dollar fell by 98% since 1913. It's falling further and it will be destroyed completely.


  • @IcarusAllsorts people are better off when there is deflation – decrease of money supply, rise of interest rates, which increases incentives to save money.

    Savings allow capital to be formed, and capital is what allows investments to happen. Investments of the kind that private sector creates – for profit. Not gov't 'investment', which is no such thing, it's only spending.

    Investment IMPLIES there will be profit, and profit is the measuring stick of success of the endeavor.

  • @IcarusAllsorts Gov't is so disingenuous when it says it will 'invest', it's amazing, but it's relying on people completely not understanding anything about money and economics.

    Investment is only sound when it brings in profit, which must be able to cover all costs and loans and costs of loans and gov't created inflation and AFTER that it must give some profit so dividends can be paid

    Only then you can say: this investment is sound and business should continue. If this doesn't happen- kill it

  • @IcarusAllsorts No, I think you misunderstand that I am saying: gov't is a SPENDING thing and has nothing to do with investment.

    Gov't is a spending item, it's a luxury spending item, it cannot do investment at all, because it doesn't operate based on profit motive and profit outcome is the difference between spending and investment.

    Private investment must stop is profit is non-existent or negative or less than profit that could be generated from other business. Gov't does NOT stop spending.

  • @IcarusAllsorts also you misunderstand what federal gov't of USA has a mandate for.

    Liberties and Freedoms and Justice and Domestic Tranquility, common Defense and General Welfare (not to be confused with personal welfare of any particular individual).

    Those are mandates, and they are not investment for profit, they are spending with a specifically defined goal.

  • @IcarusAllsorts as I said: gov't doesn't invest, gold or no gold. Gold keeps the monetary policy working and prevents crisis, prevents inflation.

    Gold doesn't prevent recessions – recessions are fact of investments that are made without caring about profit! and so these investments are bad and must be restructured. Gold doesn't STOP you from making bad investments, it only stops you from digging a deep GRAVE through leverage and inflation.

  • @IcarusAllsorts deflation – is what USA had in 19 century, as prices were falling throughout the years due to MORE PRODUCTION.

    More production and more efficiencies CAUSE prices to fall. And as gov't wasn't counterfeiting money, as it is now, it couldn't cause inflation (expansion of money) so any recession (misallocation of investments by private individuals/businesses) was quick to resolve.

    Deflation is much preferable to inflation for everybody, as it keeps money valuable and goods cheap

  • @IcarusAllsorts And rates go up not because BANKS need money, but because money is needed by businesses, so higher interest rates mean higher lending standards and higher competition, which in fact is better for economy, because any business that does succeed is treated with much more attention, it's much more risk averse and is by definition much more profitable or it fails much faster.

  • @IcarusAllsorts You are mistaken about what capital is. Printed currency is NOT capital. Capital is saved, not printed. Capital is either savings or credit, but it's not printed money.

    You think Bernanke is solving some problems by printing money – I insist that he is digging a very deep grave with inflation.

    As to being 'limited to amount of gold' – that's a misconception. Amount of gold can be completely FIXED and yet there will be growth of productivity in a working economy. ctd.

  • @IcarusAllsorts Amount of gold can be fixed, but economy will grow. The prices for goods will fall relative to amount of existing gold, that's all

    Deflation is the KEY in this. You think it's a problem. It's only a problem because you don't understand that increase of productivity causes increase of efficiency through competition and this causes prices to fall.

    Prices fall with respect to money (gold) and that's all that happens with fixed amount of gold.

  • @IcarusAllsorts governments don't invest. It's impossible to see the return, so there is no measure and there is no stopping of failed spending. Governments spend, they can call it whatever they want for propaganda, but gov'ts cannot invest in principle.

  • @IcarusAllsorts Nobody in 100 years has seen a deflation because everybody follows Keynesian stupid ideas of printing and you are talking about it as if you know it, yet in 19 century the deflation was constant, prices fell constantly throughout the century and quality of life of people was constantly improving.

  • @IcarusAllsorts free market is an engine, a self propelling self sustaining system and it worked really well when people let it.

    People have too much money in not letting it work. Governments can grow insanely huge and money can be distributed to few from many. Aren't you concerned about disparity of wealth?

    That's government in action, that's why wealth is concentrated in so few hands – gov't monopolization of everything.

  • @IcarusAllsorts oh, please. You need to buy food every day (or every week) you won't stop buying.

    But you WILL pay less! Are you going to stop buying that meat and those veggies and that bread today because it'll be cheaper in a month?

    What about TVs, they constantly get cheaper, yet people are constantly buying.

    NO. This is gov't propaganda for you in action – that's a crazy example of you arguing AGAINST your own INTEREST of paying LESS.

    Good day, I must go to sleep.

  • I love we way it's a case of " raise the retirement age every few years" without giving an upper limit to that age.. It leaves open the possibility that they'll keep raising it untill no one is able to live long enough to retire. which I'm fairly sure is the point.. every year the age is raised, means less people will be alive long enough to claim it. eventually everyone will have to work their entire lives paying into it, but no one will ever live long enough to claim it.. mission accomplished!

  • @IcarusAllsorts Engines are not just car engines, just FYI. The Earth itself with the Sun above it and the Oceans on it and the Atmosphere around it is an engine. And that's what I am talking about.

    It doesn't have anybody controlling it, it works and life evolved on it.

    Now you have people on the planet – they are the metaphor for the government, they are destroying something they do not understand.

  • @IcarusAllsorts The crash of 2008 had nothing to do with DEregulation, it had everything to do with gov't taking over economy since 1913 and regulating whatever it could. Taking SOME regulations out while leaving others can through the system off balance. FDIC was a disastrous idea and it was 'counter-balanced' with Glass Steagal. FDIC and other gov't regulations gave banks too much money and power and they removed Glass Steagal, but FDIC and other regulations were still there.

  • @IcarusAllsorts So you can't blame free market for problems if there is no free market because of all the regulations that exist and prevent it from working.

    Get rid of gov't involvement in economy completely, otherwise with some regulations here and there you cause a huge disbalance and it's not free market that put those regulations there, it's gov't.

  • @romanmir01
    "Get rid of gov't involvement in economy completely, otherwise with some regulations here and there you cause a huge disbalance and it's not free market that put those regulations there, it's gov't."
    That's why free market Somalia is surpassing us..
    Oh wait, it's centrally planned China that's surpassing us..
    I guess free market utopianism looks just as bad as Marxism in practice.

  • @TLydon007 Somalia is NOT free market no matter how many times idiots say this. To have Free Market operate, there MUST BE laws in place – a working justice system.

    Without a working justice system it has nothing to do with Free Markets. Free Markets can only operate if personal rights (you know, the inalienable ones) are respected as well as property and contract law.

    Without property and contract law and personal rights it's not free market no matter how much you like that stupid point.

  • @TLydon007 China's economy is not centrally planned either. There are hundreds of thousands of business in China. They have LESS REGULATIONS THAN USA.

    China is not fully free market, but it is WAY CLOSER to it and US.

  • @romanmir01
    "China's economy is not centrally planned either. There are hundreds of thousands of business in China. They have LESS REGULATIONS THAN USA."
    No there aren't. Look it up. There are many State Owned Enterprises doing business with private businesses but you definitely cannot back up the absurd notion that China is a free market.. Especially when the alleged citizens don't have the inalienable rights you claimed to support. I'm sorry. Look it up.

  • @TLydon007 I said China is MORE Free Market than USA. That is what I am saying, not that it is completely free market oriented. Obviously Chinese gov't prints money to keep the peg to US dollar, but so do most other countries of the world, it's not currency manipulation if it's 'backed' by reserve. It's just Chinese chose the wrong thing to use as reserve, but that mistake will soon be corrected (all around the world).

    But have less regulations than USA. Until just a month ago they didn't ctd

  • @TLydon007 Until last month they didn't even have minimum wage in 'communist' China, unlike in the States, which has it since the 30s.

    China is much more business oriented than USA, that's why all the private capital is flowing into China, not out of it, like it's flowing out of US.

  • @romanmir01
    You obviously did not look up state owned enterprise and have somehow convinced yourself that pegging your currency is "MORE Free Market".. If I heard a financial adviser go on similar ramblings, I would withdraw all my money and run like hell.

  • @TLydon007 State own enterprise may exist, but all the production capacity that used to be in USA has left, so did much of European enterprise and they all went to Asia and they are NOT State owned. They pay whatever dues they must there and they are making more money and it's easier for them obviously and cost of labor is less, but the most important thing is cost of regulations.

    There are so few regulations in China that no matter what the cost of labor can be in USA, it's not going to help.

  • @romanmir01
    So…. By "free market", your only measurement is the freedom to exploit workers.. Not the complete lack of private ownership of businesses or the complete lack of domestic competition or the currency being pegged, which is a massive exercise of government power or the lack of civil rights or property rights..
    Or even a lack of regulation, since you say Somalia is not a free market..
    Just the freedom to exploit workers.. Sounds shitty.

  • @life0is0just0a0ride
    Look up Social Security funding from a legitimate source.. No, not Dana Loesch… A legitimate source.

  • @TLydon007 Workers get benefit of a functioning economy, that creates wealth, that's what USA 19 century was, that's what Chinese economy is today. The gov't under the guise of 'social obligations' ends up ballooning and destroying economy by extreme spending and printing/inflating the currency.

    Gov't that just creates various regulations that are supposedly for worker protection but end up hurting business, in the long run destroy economy and end up hurting workers more than any free market

  • @TLydon007 However you are also incorrect in your statement. It's not about only things like minimum wage (which DO hurt workers by denying them ability to find jobs and instead forcing them into welfare), but businesses in USA are much more regulated in every other possible way, and it's done to protect those huge businesses that gov'ts turned into monopolies.

    Gov't subsidies to businesses, special tax codes, special treatment, anything that regulates business – that's why US lost capital/jobs

  • @TLydon007 One last thing. Free market is the best thing for poor people.

    Free market is the best thing for people with limited means.

    Free market has competition and this means prices fall.

    Falling prices (something governments hate) are best for poor people and for people with generally limited means.

    Gov't is the ENEMY of the poor. Gov't CREATES poor. Gov't causes prices to rise.

    Regulations + subsidies destroy competition and force prices up.

    Gov't hates poor and robs everybody

  • @life0is0just0a0ride
    Google the words, 'politifact', 'social', and 'security'..
    Read the one about Rick Perry.. You apparently stole the whole Ponzi Scheme line directly from him..

  • @romanmir01
    Like I said, everything you've said about China you made up.. I'm not debating with someone that just makes stuff up to support their preconceptions..

  • @life0is0just0a0ride
    Rick Perry is governor of Texas.
    The majority of US national debt(which is huge) is in the form of treasuries stored in massive savings accounts for Social Security and Medicare. The same EXACT politicians that are claiming Social Security is bankrupt are the ones that have pushed bills to "PRIVATIZE" all the money saved for Social Security.
    Even if we stopped contributing to SS, the reserves will last till 2037 without adjustments to inflation. You glossed over that part.

  • @TLydon007 I guess all those Western companies are owned by Chinese authorities then.

    Let's see

    Intel – Chengdu, China
    Intel – Pudong, China
    Intel – Dalian, China

    AMD – Suzhou, China (research/manufacturing/assembly)

    GE – Shanghai, China (research, manufacturing, assembly)

    IBM – Zhongguancun, Beijing,
    IBM – Shanghai
    (research, manufacturing)


    None of them are owned by Chinese gov't. Western companies prefer China, deal with it.

  • @romanmir01
    You mean "STATE SUBSIDIZED" R&D plants that employ about 1000 people each?
    Like I said, look these things up before you post them to support this perverse notion that you're defending the free market. It's the EXACT OPPOSITE.

  • @TLydon007 Oh, quite the opposite. USA subsidizes all of these companies, subsidizes Boeing. US president even goes to sales meetings for Boeing.

    China, on the other hand, allows these companies to entire the country only if these companies give up certain IP rights, quite the opposite of subsidization, and those companies still decide to go there and to open their plants and it must be profitable since more and more of them are moving there.

    In US manufacturing is 10% of economy at most.

  • @romanmir01
    "Oh, quite the opposite. USA subsidizes all of these companies, subsidizes Boeing. US president even goes to sales meetings for Boeing."
    I never said they don't.. BOTH countries subsidize industries but China more heavily.. US subsidized the whole capital goods industry while china subsidized the chip manufacturing industry.. Both countries assuming their roles and taking a "comparative advantage" on a global market where they're comparatively stronger.
    Ricardian economics at work.

  • @TLydon007 China does not have to subsidize anything, but they are subsidizing something.

    They are subsidizing USA. They are subsidizing US consumer, now that's really something they subsidize heavily.

    China is printing currency to keep it pegged at some artificial price to US dollar, that they do. US Fed is printing insane amounts of money that are given to all the subsidized US consumers, who are buying all these Chinese products and manufacturers in China take that money to Chinese banks

  • @TLydon007 And the Chinese banks collect all this US currency and exchange it for Chinese currency and Chinese monetary authority just keeps printing, like most other countries, who also peg their currency to the 'reserve' one. But don't worry. At some point China will understand that this is not a road to wealth or success. They'll stop printing and allow their currency to appreciate, and that will be it for US, as China will get rid of its US bond holdings and US dollars.

  • @TLydon007 and then, once China is no longer subsidizing the US consumer by either providing the money or the products, US consumer will be hit with the realization: they were living on borrowed time and money and products and they stopped exchanging fairly long ago and now they'll be sitting there with no credit and with no products.

    USA has no capital left, no stand by factories ready to take over manufacturing, it's all gone. So go ahead, thank your US gov't for driving capital out

  • @romanmir01
    While I'm sure your understanding of the money supply is just as impressive as your knowledge of "free market" China, I don't have the energy to read it.. I'll just have to depend on my education like all the other academically brainwashed zombies.. Good luck making money.

  • @TLydon007 Well, I am not arguing with you about you being a Zombie.

    So did you make any money on the US housing bubble crash? Did you short the insanely leveraged mortgage securities? Did you buy gold over the past 10 years? I wonder.

  • @romanmir01
    I've been invested in the gold bubble for about a year and a half through spdr gold trust. And yes, it is a bubble but it will not burst for another year or two. I withdrew half my pension to purchase my first house at the lower end of housing market and immediately before the stock market crashed in late-2008.
    But alot of my recent money was made investing in Netflix a little over a year ago.

  • @TLydon007 Gold 'bubble', ha? It's a bull market, it has been bull market for 10 years and it will continue to grow until gold is 1 to 1 with Dow.

    The gold market gains from every single dollar that helicopter Ben is printing.

    Gold stocks are not even above the plank where they were in 2008 even though gold is almost twice as expensive. There are no speculators in the gold stocks yet and you are talking about a bubble. But even a broken clock shows right time twice a day, so did you.

  • @TLydon007 As to Netflix and other US consumer oriented companies, now those will suffer as US consumer can't buy anything anymore as Chinese stop subsidizing USA.

    Netflix is trying to sell abroad of-course, but even US companies that sell to foreigners and have some foreign revenue will be hit with this inflation and probably with various new taxes that will be in effect once the US bond/dollar bubble bursts and US economy flows down the drain. Those firms will be hit hard with windfall taxes

  • @TLydon007 and as the US gov't hits the companies that make any profit still at that time will be hit with windfall taxes, so will Netflix if it makes any profit from abroad, and I guess you'll still be sitting there, saying: oh, government, way to go, I love my government.

  • @romanmir01
    "There are no speculators in the gold stocks yet and you are talking about a bubble."
    I'll assume you intended to use a question mark.. There is not much gold speculation.. The gold price however, has changed as a result of speculative inflation. You don't have to believe me. When it occurs, you'll think back. The only bad investment I've made is in Chinese currency ETFs a couple years ago. You sound no different than those that said Japan would surpass us in the 90s.

  • @TLydon007 Japan would have been fine if it didn't listen to Ben Bernanke then, who gave them the suicidal advice, which they followed. They printed their currency to hell. At least they had huge savings, and most of their debt was held by Japanese, not by foreigners.

    China has 3Trillion of US debt. Japan – 1T. Now US Fed holds MORE than China. That's because nobody is buying anymore and you think prices of gold will fall and it's a bubble? Not unless you can destroy 50% of US dollars out there

  • @TLydon007 Gold prices have changed not due to speculation, but completely due to inflation.

    US dollar lost about 30% of value relative to Canadian dollar in 15 years. I bet you think that's speculation of Canadian dollars. Same with other currencies. Swiss Frank – need I say more?

    But all commodities are gaining due to world inflation of currencies. Cotton, corn, wheat, pork, oil, copper, sugar, coffee, etc.etc.etc.

    The entire commodity index is going up against all currencies.

  • @romanmir01
    "US dollar lost about 30% of value relative to Canadian dollar in 15 years. I bet you think that's speculation of Canadian dollars. "
    Pretty much wipes the floor with your whole free market thesis.

  • @romanmir01
    It's a bubble and it will continue to grow.. That's what bubbles do. And when it bursts, remember that I didn't cause it to burst. I simply saw what was happening and responded accordingly and hopefully I do so before it's too late.

  • @TLydon007 You are as blind as a bat. US dollar has been PRINTED out of existence by US Fed since about that time, when Alan Greenspan set interest rates at 1%.

    This wipes the floor with your pro-government agenda, that's true.

  • @TLydon007 again, you are blind.

    The US bond market – that's the bubble that will burst.

    The unfunded US liabilities, all the State and municipal bonds that need to be sold on the market to provide all those ponzi scam SS dollars to the gov't union pensioners, 65Trillion of that wonderful stuff.

    I expect QE3 late this spring, then more USD printing and inflation as nobody buys those US bonds except US Fed.

    Hold on to your gold, it may save your life.

  • TLydon007
    No, your agenda is pro-government and anti-worker.

    Worker gains in free market and loses in gov't dictatorship. Worker is losing right now, losing the jobs and losing the purchasing power, all thanks to the gov't.

    So anybody who is pro-gov't, has nothing to do with workers or is deluded.

    The 90 y.o. working, that's what gov't is causing – ponzi scheme that destroy people's ability to save for their own future and stole that money and wasted it on gov't politics and power.

  • I think the ratio for retirement age should remain the same but the age should increase with the total life expectancy. Actually f**k Social Security…make it optional and those who wish to remain will pay taxes and get their money back at the same age.

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