Senator Kamala Harris On Kirstjen Nielsen’s Resignation | All In | MSNBC


  • Goodbye Nielsen & now Welcome to the World of a Psycho called Miller…This will be the beginning of a disaster for America

  • Delusional Kamala wants open borders so why would she care as to who the DHS Secretary is?
    Kamala should take the advice from Jeh Johnson, Obama's former DHS Secretary. He indicates
    that there is a crisis at our southern border.Kamala cares more about weed laws that the security
    of her constituents. Have Kamala interview one of the "Angel Moms". Uh oh.

  • But there's no celebration here because she is going because she falls short of what the bully expects of her… So it is not a celebration for Harris

  • Help Americans living on the streets cuz they receive no to little assistance from this government who just took 1.5 trillion to give to the one percent. Help home first.

  • The US needs to concentrate on helping people in their country of orange from not wanting to leave because their security and economics don't require it .

  • Kamala, make sense please. How many countries are they closer to (more than 20)? Otherwise, let's annex them and teach them how to lead. Let the Haitians in too.

  • Now she needs to call for the orange one's resignation. Imagine if America took the money that it used to destroy Iraq and used it to restore the countries that it screwed with in Central and South America…. just think about it.,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

    Silence on the Mountain is a virtuoso work of reporting and a masterfully plotted narrative tracing the history of Guatemala’s thirty-six-year internal war, a conflict that claimed the lives of some 200,000 people, the vast majority of whom died (or were “disappeared”) at the hands of the U.S.-backed military government. Written by Daniel Wilkinson, a young human rights worker, the story begins in 1993, when the author decides to investigate the arson of a coffee plantation’s manor house by a band of guerrillas. The questions surrounding this incident soon broaden into a complex mystery whose solution requires Wilkinson to dig up the largely unwritten history of the country’s recent civil war, following its roots back to a land reform movement that was derailed by a U.S.-sponsored military coup in 1954 and to the origins of a plantation system that put Guatemala’s Mayan Indians to work picking coffee beans for the American and European markets.
    Decades of terror-inspired fear have led the Guatemalans to adopt a survival strategy of silence so complete it verges on collective amnesia. The author’s great triumph is that he finds a way for people to tell their stories, and it is through these stories—dramatic, intimate, heartbreaking—that we are shown the anatomy of a thwarted revolution that has relevance not only to Guatemala but also to countless places around the world where terror has been used as a political tool.

    The 1973 Chilean coup d'état was a watershed event in both the history of Chile and the Cold War. Following an extended period of social unrest and political tension between the right-controlled Congress of Chile and the socialist President Salvador Allende, as well as economic warfare ordered by U.S. President Richard Nixon,[6] Allende was overthrown by the armed forces and national police.[7][8]
    1973 Chilean coup d'état
    Part of the history of Chile and the Cold War
    Golpe de Estado 1973.jpg
    The bombing of La Moneda on 11 September 1973 by the Junta's Armed Forces
    Date     11 September 1973
    Location     Chile
    Action     Armed forces put the country under military control. Little and unorganized civil resistance.

    The military deposed Allende's Popular Unity government and later established a junta that suspended all political activity in Chile and repressed left-wing movements, especially the communist and socialist parties and the Revolutionary Left Movement (MIR). Allende's appointed army chief, Augusto Pinochet, rose to supreme power within a year of the coup, formally assuming power in late 1974.[9] The United States government, which had worked to create the conditions for the coup,[10] promptly recognized the junta government and supported it in consolidating power.[11]

    During the air raids and ground attacks that preceded the coup, Allende gave his last speech, in which he vowed to stay in the presidential palace, refusing offers of safe passage should he choose exile over confrontation.[12] Direct witness accounts of Allende's death agree that he killed himself in the palace.[13][14]

  • Many regions in southamerica do not have trust in the official sources of information and therefor rely on hear-say and neighbours. it is very easy to see that those regions may have a blurred line between facts and fiction. Rumours become reality so quick. with what we now know about how easy it is to manipulate people via eg social medias then id like t know if anything has changed recently, any narrative or trend has been altered or enhanced in any way out of the ordinary. I know theres a lot of regional tension, but what we see is the biggest surge in decades and it fits the Trump narrative a little too much. I bet some odd rumours has been planted, just like there was the day where we saw mothers with children storming the borders only to be met with teargas

  • Who cares how old they are….Throw them back over the border….Catapult them home!   Get one of those big Neon No Vacancy signs.     We don't need a bunch of crying tots at the border.   Send the adults back…and sell the kids to Killary Klinton and Joe Biden.

  • Democrat Party platform 2020: Abolish ICE, open borders , let them all in, let them vote, give them access to all of the public welfare programs, “free” healthcare, “free” college, what an agenda !!

  • Sister Kamala is spot-on. It's like my Italian granny used to say, "The fish stinks from the head." And while I will not miss the clueless, pretentious Kirstjen, the individual who replaces her might, I even worse..

  • The Trump Administration has made it a crime for anyone to bring their child with them when they come here seeking asylum. So, every child is separated from their parent(s) even though they report, legally, at customs.

  • You (US) create political anarchy in many countries around the world then they turn your country into refugee camp! Karma!!! Now you want to build wall? You haven't seen anything yet!

  • Hi Chris.👋.
    Exceptional reporting, Chris.👍☺👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Chris.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.
    Hi Kamala.👋.
    Excellent job, Kamala.👍☺👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    👉👉Proceed Kamala. Get back to work, Kamala.👍.

  • Traitor evil mentally sick old trump and his cabinet members who are criminals to the core. Just RESIGN now traitor trump.

  • MSNBC needs more segments like these where Democrats can talk seriously about policy issues. The GOP is just a lying cabal at this point and it's worse than pointless to spend time letting them spew disinformation to Americans.

  • President Chump, The Nazi, and the GOPoop GESTAPO are spitting on the Statue of Liberty… They are spitting on the US proud history of welcoming refugees… Remember Ellis Island?! Calling these people STUPID IDIOTS does not fit them anymore for their policies and enforcement methods go beyond stupidity and idiocity: their ways are criminal now!!! 👿🚼💩🚽😷🎃🤡🐒🐀👿🤢

  • Kamala is right. The wall is a distraction and the policy change which is needed is simply not being developed or implemented. Trump has tried to finance a wall, he has moved troops to tbe border, he has separated families and he has attempted to ban muslims. None of these approaches have been productive. They have all failed. He has even resorted to labelling replacement wall sections with plaques engraved with his name and claiming that they are new. In short, his efforts at immigration reform have all been short sighted failures.

  • ❤️. Kamala Harris 2020. Competent, industrious, intelligent, high-energy, organized, motivated and patriotic. She is also charming and prepared to guide, protect and repair the United States of America! We need a talent like Kamala Harris! 🇺🇸

  • Tell people to go anywhere but the USA, America is not worth it. Let the White Americans have the country but now that the Browny Yellow Chinese are on the rise how long before they regret electing Trump! How long children are seperated for thats what terrifies me!

  • Do what's hard and right, not what is easy and wrong! What you sow you will one day reap! Sow Love not Hate!

  • I just figured out why Trump can't condemn white terrorists. He is one. He is making "unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians in the pursuit of political aims." That is my first Google result for "terrorism definition."

  • Reduction of corruption in those countries? After two years of Trump, the USA beats those countries in the corruption.

  • More lies from kamalatoe h
    Trump enforced the laws on the books , and democrats act like there’s no such laws

  • The stench of democrat hypocrisy is overwhelmingly
    Democrats scream “ rule of law “ when alleging Trump did something
    Then turn around and aid illegals to stay here

  • The reason for cutting aid to those Latin American countries is so Russia and perhaps China can get their foot in the door. Create a vacuum and a need for other foreign aid. Once Russia gets in there they will be there to stay.
    We should not be so bewildered about what Trump and Putin could have been talking about. I believe we are seeing the results on going.

  • So are the people in the comments 👇🏾👆🏾 so emotional that they didn’t hear her say this is the same thing we do to American citizens? If they are stopping child separation with illegals they should also stop it with American citizens.

  • It is time for a woman to be president of the USA and she has proofed to be hard and intelligent enough to do this hardest job of the world.

  • Criminals have no fear of committing violent crimes in California…..there''s no death penalty, attributed by Harris. So, go back to work Callifornians, you and your family are worthless in the halls of CA justice….enjoy the grief like your CA judges want you to. Stay there….you voted them in.

  • Kamala, why don't you open a nursery out of your home and support these families and their children? Show your commitment, dip into your pocket and prove your commitment… talk is just words.

  • Thousands of homeless Children sleep in cages, and boxes, and trunks, and tents, and worse in every major city on the West Coast of the USA. The Lefts primary focus IS DEFINITELY NOT on the lower middle class citizens or their children. It is importing new voters for the Democratic party.

  • Here’s a thought ,
    And POOF..magic ..
    Border agents won’t separate you .
    It’s that simple .
    Stop blaming others ILLEGAL activities on the administration

  • Aiding the Northern Triangle countries is not a solution, as the biggest problem is the corruption of the leaders of those countries. The immigration issue is very complicated, but still a humanitarian issue nonetheless. Gee, if we only had intelligent leaders in our own country that were capable of… oh, forget that thought.

  • Senator Kamalhumper representing Califlake. Bobble, hobble, mumble. State a clear path for all of us for the greater good. All I heard is, "I hate Trump" and some rumblings about how the USA should have open borders. Why should we the public support your ideals? OK, I understand every Nation south of the border is corrupt and dangerous. So we should open our arms and invite everyone in?? That is your solution?? What then? Places to live, jobs, a good lifestyle? how will you support it? oh wait……. TAX the rich and anyone with a job in America. We the People of America should support the population of the entire planet. Is that your goal? You're already rich and will stay that way with your connections. What are we the working class to do? Pay ever higher taxes? That's not working so well for California.

    If you can give some clear, honest answers, and potentially short term solutions I will consider your ideas. Otherwise, you are just another Crat.

  • …these children will be scared for life..the pain, fear & loneliness that this will cause these children is immeasurable….
    …btw, a great number of these children have gone missing…how?why?

  • Exactly, Kirsten deserves to be fired along with everyone else in the Administration! Trump fired her because she would not break the law. He still demands loyalty from everyone under him!! Wtf, please get trump into Court, quick. Most of us are a direct descendants of immigrants or ppl from foreign countries. Trump is still a vile man while engaging in politics at the ppl's expense.. Yes this whole entire Administration must be accountable not just Kirsten. She received her karma, trump will be next

  • So weird how people can see 1 issue so differently. We need to start focusing on the PROBLEM. Identify the problem. The real problem. And move from there. From the head

  • I believe that instead of separating the kids from the parents why not take the parent and a kid back on the other side of the border and tell them to go back to where they came from to separate the kids from the parents is inhumane unless you have relatives to take them

  • The hack that enforced truancy and divided children and parents attacks the other hack that at the border separated parents and their kids. Fking hypicrite.

  • The Krazy Kalifornian Kamala wants to give illegals more rights and freedoms than the American citizens get. I haven't seen her make a big stink about children put in the Child Care Protection Agency when their American born parents are arrested for crimes. Could it be she as well as every other democrat have plans to use the illegals to vote in Calif. and every other state? Oh yeah, the democrats are already doing that!

  • The military has this thing called X-rays that can detect tunnel from thousands of feet in the air. Do you really think our military would settle in a territory in the Middle East or anywhere only to be ambushed by tunnels? It’s 2019. Grow up people.

  • Don’t come over here illegally or you children will get separated from you. Plain and simple. I don’t fell sympathy for criminals

  • hey loser I hope you take it in the career  on this crap you are pulling with  juicy smellette on you collusion with the rest of these criminals that are involved with this hate crime, what a scummmmmmm bag you are!!!!!

  • Kamala Harris rags on the NRA, BUT she carries a pistol for protection. Her party pushes the anti-gun agenda. Same with Diane Feinstein. Kamala also hates white people. She is a racist.

  • 100,000 came over the border in one month. Kamala, you have no idea how to fix the immigration problem. The vast majority of these ILLEGAL immigrants come here for JOBS, NOT POLITICAL ASYLUM. You are a liar.

  • Sounds like Kamala Harris wants open borders. I don't hear a better method to handle illegals and asylum seekers ."Refuge and Safety" sounds so simple and easy. You know how long it takes to handle a single asylum seeker? Ask why Mexico doesn't want them. Ask why Canada doesn't want them any more.

  • Kamala campaign toughly because you are very inform. You would be a great great Leader to everyone. Not just the 1% as republican do

  • Before her colleagues got on the bandwagon, Senator Harris saw right through Kristjen Nielsen bull crap responses and lack of transparency.


  • Just watch this and understand that Kamala Harris is too negative to be POTUS. She doesn't have the temperment. She's so negative and condescending its a reminder of Hillary Clinton yet worse and lacking the skills of a politician

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