Sen Gillibrand has no regrets when calling for former Senator Al Franken’s resignation | Mic 2020

Updated : Nov 08, 2019 in Articles

Sen Gillibrand has no regrets when calling for former Senator Al Franken’s resignation | Mic 2020

– What about the seven other allegations? – I wanna ask you about a report that was released just today, by Jane Mayer in the New Yorker about former senator, Al Franken. You were the leader of
the movement against him, one of the leaders of
the movement against him but Mayer’s reporting
raises serious doubts over the credibility of the
allegations against Franken. Seven sitting and retired
senators are now on record, saying that they regret what they did. So based on this new reporting, do you have any regrets whatsoever about the position you’ve taken? – So I disagree with your
reading of that article, did you read the whole thing?
– I read the whole thing. – Okay, so, point one, I’d only
talked about one allegation, I talked about the first one. What about the seven other allegations? There was really no critical
or investigative journalism or reporting on the other seven. And that certainly causes me pause. Second, he had eight credible
allegations against him, two since he was senator, and the eighth one happened
to be a congressional staffer. Now I could’ve told those seven senators, and any of the senators, the 35 senators who came out against him, that there is no prize
for someone who tries to hold accountable a powerful man who is good at his day job. But we should have the
courage to do it anyway. So no, I do not have any regrets.


  • Al Franken was not a giant in the Senate. He was a JOKE in the Senate. He suffered the hypocrisies of his own party. Did he deserve to lose his seat in the Senate because of a silly photo? No, boys will be boys and we do stupid s*** sometimes. This goes for Republicans to though. President Trump made silly comments about grabbing women by the p*****. Again boys will be boys. We say and do dumb things. It doesn't mean we are misogynist or don't respect women, it just means we're stupid sometimes. Personally I never liked and still don't like Franken he's a big mouth smarta**. In hind sight he didn't deserve to be ousted by his party.

  • Due process is the cornerstone of our law and values. It should and must be thorough, open, and independent of our personal views and bias that tend to be based on related and highly-emotional issues – e.g. rape. Due process is NOT an exclusive process in which one of its goals and objectives should be to minimize false negatives and false positives. It's lame that Gillibrand conflates these issues to justify her decision on being tough on Al Franken without proper due process. I'll vote for her over the current lying, bullying con artist mofo in a heartbeat but her interpretation, understanding, and practice of the due process regarding Al Franken is as deep as Trump's intellect.

  • If she ever had any shot at the presidency at all, it was gone the minute she railroaded Franken. Sorry Kirsten, but you are wasting your time and money.

  • Because of how she and kamala treated Franken I have no interest in either one of them. But if one ends up as the primary candidate against trump, she's got my vote

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