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Searching for Game Master Treasure Chest in Abandoned Hawaii Jungle (Rebecca Zamolo Twin Spotted)

check this out oh my gosh what is that
oh my gosh it’s like a note in a bottle humming go go go go take that map and
run gray someone’s coming hurry hurry wait guys should we go in right sure okay let’s go what is this
thing mr. Guber can you turn right up here is quicker if you go this way where
are we going where are we going Steve what’s going on hey Sharers what is
going on right now we’re in an abandoned uber with Grace Sharer,
Rebecca Zamolo, Matt and I and we asked it were driver to turn right but they
turned left and they kept going and going so I don’t know exactly what’s
going to happen the uber driver just keeps driving and
where are we gonna end up hello where are we gonna end up Rebecca what are we
doing Matt what do we do have no idea the uber driver isn’t answering us but
we’re definitely not going back to the island adventure house right now
and must have something to do with this treasure map we found in my last vlog
yeah and on this treasure map it looks like we only found part one there’s a
part two so we got to figure out what part two is we got to get make it out of
this müber first maybe the uber drivers actually take us the location of the
second map and then we put them together and we’ll be able to find the treasure
chest because that’s what we’re playing for for the island adventure challenges
right excuse me but if you drop us off the second location how are we going to
know where the second treasure map is is you’re not talking to us hello hello
mister uber sir excuse me ah this River Drive is crazy
I think we’re turning right now where we going I don’t know he’s pointing into
someplace hello where are we going is this a jungle or something you’re
right it does look like a jungle where are we going hello I think so it sound
like the door’s unlocked I think we hop out here yeah let’s go Oh what is going
wait whoa whoa whoa that uber driver got out of there quick
yeah what’s pi tools do we have that we can use right now I mean I have the
binoculars right now I still have the compass I have my spy glasses wait you
left the rest in the car yeah what are we supposed to do what is this place
this is like a jungle do we just keep going what are we supposed to do I guess
we’re just gonna look for clues and see what’s going on so I’m gonna pop out the
compass see if it does anything maybe there’s some light see we’re getting
like you’re reading exactly it looks pretty true I was curious if
there’s gonna be like some weird magnetical pool what looks like a pond
or something down there I see a tree house boy you’re right there’s something
down there yeah figure out how to get down there
wait there’s a pattern okay wait look at this thing it’s like an ancient pyramid
type symbol what do you think that is is it some kind of giant spy gadget I’m not
sure I think when it’s like set it’s like a tracking device or like a radar
detector I have no idea wait check your compass real quick make sure we’re not
getting any miss reading off tears if this thing has polar magnetic fields
it’ll cause a compass to be tricked internal different directions and sure
enough it is there’s too much polar get away you go
away from it nothing I don’t know what that spy device is but let’s get going
wait there’s a path right up here we’ll go right up here whoa Steve look at this
whoa is it a flower it’s a puff ball I don’t know something puffy you know when
you make like when you do DIYs you have those little puff things for the
backpack like when you do it is that a flower what is it or could it be an
animal Sharers comment down below if you’ve ever seen a jungle plant like
that I have no idea what that is but let’s keep going looks like the path
goes this way oh there’s a chicken in a little beat chairs come on if you see
two babies and a big chicken that’s so cute oh it’s climbing up the
hill that’s so cute hi Oh looks like baby
otter yeah that is really cute like baby out
of it let’s stay focused we need friend part two yeah we got fine part two this
treasure map I guess the trail keeps going this way
so let’s go this way go down here watch your step it looks like it’s getting
super wet and slippery I only see one way in right now yeah so I mean there’s
probably only one way out is that a giant snake wait where we’re an
alligator you trauma the water oh it’s a tree it’s a tree that found the water as
we’re good we’re good it’s just a tree we’re good wait
abandon here nobody is here right look at that there’s an abandoned house up
there do you see that yeah I do it’s weird how there’s not a single person
down here in this jungle it’s a bunch of rope swing stuff whoa
how do you do those maybe you can like swing on it try it whoa Matt try that rope swing that looks
so cool oh okay maybe it’s not the best idea to try this
rope swing Stephen why is that one leaf moving and it’s just stopped as soon as
I pointed it out someone’s spying on us we need to go man someone could be in
those bushes someone could be in there could be a trap come on let’s go we got
to keep looking for part two of this treasure map it looks like there’s a
path right up here what’s good this way did you hear that
I don’t know what that noise is keep going even there’s a hidden trail right
there wait there’s a hidden trail there too
sure comment down below if we should go right or left which way should we go
what do you guys think let’s go right let’s go right let’s go right let’s just
try it come on okay do we still want to go right that’s what the shares are
commenting Steve we need a follow all right let’s go right let’s do it
whoa no the chicken right dick is a chicken where oh it’s this time we need
to go this way let’s play follow the leader you’re right it’s like the
chickens leading us or something careful on the bridge wait the bridge is super crooked maybe
we should go one at a time be careful Matt states–a there thought Rebecca go
first charis if the bridge is crooked you want
to go one at a time because it looks like the bridge doesn’t have enough
support ladies first grates go ahead careful
it’s tilt oh I thought its shake be very careful okay Matt go ahead make sure
yeah go ahead be careful the bridge is super tilted
you got another ok shares let’s go across careful careful careful it’s
super tilted hang on it’s starting to pour rain whoop whoa
yeah good thing we’re under these massive leaves right now is protecting
us from the torrential downpour look at how hard it’s raining what do you mean like look over there
well you’re right the bushes are moving careful careful careful
Oh with the super muddy and slippery who is that who’s that Matt be careful be
careful be careful Matt stay back they disappeared wait shares replay that
scene comment if you saw someone did you see someone yeah I saw someone where did
they go though did they go in the pond well there’s actually a lot of oh
there’s a lot of movement in the water right now
wait Matt you see something in the water a lot of movement whoa there’s the
questions Rebecca look this equation check this out look woah that’s a
massive koi fish yeah there’s a turtle whoa those are the biggest coral fish a
koi what’s a coral fish what well did you give this back oh the chickens right
there hello hello hello hello hello yeah it’s the same one it still feels like
somebody’s watching us you guys if you guys see anything comment below wait do
we still keep going though Rebecca no well we need to find part two of the
treasure map so we can get the card yet ok so then let’s keep going if someone’s
watching us we just got to get the map before them I don’t understand we’re in
the middle of this jungle where are we going to find a treasure map how are we
supposed to know where it is I don’t know we just need to look high and low
there’s gotta be some sort of clue around here that’s why we were dropped
off right yeah but where how are we supposed to find a clue somewhere look
it there’s like a offbeat path right here come and check I wouldn’t go down
there man wait guys what there’s someone what who is that wait
there is someone wait wait hello hey hey whoa wait to drop something just
something quick Mac go get him go get him go get it who was that look look
it’s part of the map it’s the second part it’s super part what is it now
looks like the Google Maps satellite version of the house that might be the
blueprints to the house Steven there’s an X right there what if that is the
treasure chest I think we need to go there first because that was part one of
the map and you’re right part two has another X right there we need to get
home yeah where are they Wow I think you know which way they went though okay I
think we need to get out of here that we have both the maps we need to get back
for a place yeah let’s go quick quick quick quick sure is there’s a lot of
mystery quiz on this to map we got to get back home to that island adventure
house as soon as possible let’s go guys come on let’s go we have no choice let’s
go come on get back anything okay they must work for the island adventure house
come on let’s go let’s go we do have a choice mr. abhart we have both parts of
the map can you take us back home wish is my command oh thank you
look the gates opening oh oh oh oh you’re right oh we’re here we’re here
we’re here we’re here we got back okay let’s get out of here come on let’s go
let’s go okay come on come on come on come on where’s the pink pink has to do with the
coconut remember the coconut that dropped it seems that color wait a
second what is that dry yet wait it’s washable paint and a four-digit code
what do you mean before did you kill me what does that mean I don’t know you
guys comment it below just in case wait a second open the math real quick
okay the X we got ahead to that room okay
okay quick go maybe the person in the jungle in there after that red X yeah
okay wait wait sure is that can either be wind at a palm tree hitting the house
or someone could be up here trying to get the treasure before us let’s go the
lights are falling okay check who is that what what where’s the ex
grace please it’s in the bathroom wait what
where’s the treasure then it’s time we seriously something here’s the treasure
chest I think so where though wait Matt and Matt lift something like that up
let’s head up look that up wait oh it’s a hidden room we’re at the spot we back
to the X isn’t down there the X is up there well if the treasure chest is in
there there’s an X there’s got to be something not you’re taller you can
reach that oh yeah almost reach it you’re the tallest you know open it open
it see if it opens oh alright you go up it’s like a secret you go up you go up
chair smash like button give Matt good luck he’s got to go up there you’re the
tallest person out there yeah we got to figure out what’s up there there’s an X
for a reason come on okay you got it I need a chair you know
these over come on Matt you got this yeah somebody hold this here okay maybe
I’ll be good hold it good come on Matt you got this right here right here squishy whoa super squishy okay okay
okay okay guy seems good out of this come on Matt
careful careful careful what’s up there what do you see what do you see
oh my gosh what do you see somebody go up there how do you say what it is yes
what camera okay what is it film it film it okay
okay Sharers click the card right here to go over to the math channel so we can
see what’s in that secret hidden rule click the card right there go whoa wish
us luck we got a few our what’s in there okay I’ll see you tomorrow until then
you know what to do stay awesome and share the love peace woo!

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