Scary Encounter at Abandoned Asylum at Night

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Scary Encounter at Abandoned Asylum at Night

Micheal: Oh, man this is a creepy path! Bryan: Oh Yeah. Bryan: This Is Nightmares Bryan: Down This Road Bryan: Oh my god. Bryan: Yeah, It’s a creepy road. Micheal: This is the stuff of nightmares. Bryan: Should we be careful about the car lights over here- Bryan (Continued): or does it not matter? Micheal: I don’t think it matters… Micheal: Damn, look at that! Bryan: That is scary looking. Bryan: Uhm… Bryan: This is like… Micheal: Should I drive around the…whole place first? Bryan: Maybe… Micheal: Let’s go this way first. Bryan: Damn, look at that! Bryan: Can’t see! Micheal: Look where we’re going… Bryan: This is barley a road anymore. Bryan: This is just- Bryan (Continued): A path. Michael: It’s like half over run.. Bryan: Look, a little house! Micheal: That’s fucking creepy… Bryan: Dip in the road! Michael: There’s something… Bryan: Hello? Micheal: It’s just a thing..! Bryan: Oh look, building! Michael: Dude, that cone that was sticking up, it was marking a huge hole that went straight down to like, a tunnel. Bryan: Really, like manhole? Michael: Dude, look at this, it’s like a tower! Bryan: Holy shit! Michael: Like a huge smokestack! Bryan: This is fucking terrifying at night. Bryan: For Real. Michael: This is going to be, terrifying. Michael: Look at the wind! Michael: We picked a windy night, too. Bryan: A windy, cold, night. Bryan: You wanna park, like- Michael: Yes! Bryan (Continued): in the brush? Michael: In the Cul De Sac. Michael: I’m gonna pull right up to this sucker. Bryan: Oh, and the doors wide open. Bryan: Look at the vines. Bryan: It’s missing the top piece! Bryan: Does that mean there’s no roof? Bryan: Holy shit look at the graffiti, we’re gonna fucking get jumped in here. *Car Locking Sounds* Michael: Car is locked. Michael: In we go. Michael: Into hell. Micheal: This is- Michael (Continued): Ridiculously Destroyed. Bryan: Uhm, where do you want to go first? Bryan: Is that a basement staircase? Micheal: Yeah Micheal: I mean, the entire freaking wall- Micheal (Continued): is missing to go down into it. *Metal pipe fell* Micheal: The hell, why not start with the basement! Micheal: You wanna lead? Bryan: Not really, but.. *Micheal Laughs* Bryan: FUCK! Micheal: It’ll probably be warmer down here. Micheal: Oh yeah, don’t slip! *Micheal slipping* Bryan: You say ‘Don’t slip’ *laughs a little* Bryan: What do you mean “warmer in the basement” it’s fucking colder in the basement! Michael: What, really? Bryan: What the fuck? There’s no walls! *Something getting pushed or kicked* *Broken glass or bricks crunching under his feet* Michael: I should’ve worn my boots for this place. * More broken glass or bricks crunching under his feet* Bryan: Jesus Christ! (Silence is bad when you’re somewhere scary) Bryan: The gating on the windows- Bryan (Continued): But there’s no windows left. It’s just, a hole. Micheal: This is probably, the most- Micheal (Continued): ravaged- Micheal (Continued): place- Micheal (Continued): we’ve ever been in. *Outside Leaf Rustling* Micheal: You know, I don’t even think thi- Bryan: Shh… Micheal: That’s just an animal. Micheal: No, this is not a basement though. Bryan: I heard rustling… Micheal: Yeah, well you hear a lot of rustling- Micheal (Continued): in here. Bryan: Yeah Michael: Another staircase… Micheal: There’s a chair in here, though. (Sit on it, I dare you) Michael: An interesting one… Bryan: It’s like a shitter! Bryan: You poop right in that hole! Micheal: A Hobo Shitter! Bryan: Well. Micheal: House of clowns… Micheal: Hope not! *Glass crunching under his feet* Bryan: What the hell are theese? Micheal: Fridges, maybe. Michael: Alright, you want to go upstairs? *Rustling Sounds* Bryan: Shh… *Silence* Bryan: Trees rustling from the wind… Bryan: Jesus Christ… Bryan: Fucking scary. Michael: You hear that? Bryan: It’s the Wind Michael: It sounded like a footstep inside of here. Bryan: I didn’t hear that… Micheal: Alright. Upstairs. Micheal: Just trees. Micheal: I’d be very careful of the floor, every step we take. Micheal: You guys may notice, every place that’s really destroyed like this, we tend to do it at night. To make it more interesting, Micheal (Continued): but it works, because it’s fucking terrifying. Bryan: This (There) is nothing in this room… Micheal: Let’s go that way though because it goes back towards the- Bryan: Yeah. Michael (Continued): main entrance area, and I can check my car. Michael: You know, I don’t know what the hell could’ve happened here, that it’s this destroyed. Michael: What? Bryan: I’m scared. Michael: There’s not gonna be anybody here. Michael: Woah, look at this. Michael: Look at this staircase out here. *Something getting crushed* Michael: OH SHIT! Bryan: What! Michael: There’s somebody there! Bryan: No way! Michael: Yes. Yeah, I can see their light. Michael: They’re out there! Michael: I swear on my life… Michael: Right there. (But I see no light at all…) Michael: Should I say hello? Bryan: Yeah. (Uh how about NO) *Flash light turned on* Michael: There’s somebody out there. Michael: Let’s go back to the car- Michael (Continued): this way- Michael (Continued): If it’s somebody wanting to talk to us- Bryan: Let’s go to the car, NOW. Michael: Oh yeah. Michael: Yeah, let’s go to the car. Bryan: It looked like a cellphone, right? Michael: Like a cell phone light, yeah. Michael: Should we just bail? Bryan: I don’t know. Bryan: Let’s see who it is. (NO why would you do that?!) Michael: There’s no other car here… Bryan: It was around this side… Michael: That was 100% a person. Bryan: But he had a phone! Michael: Why is there a person here! Michael: Like, what the fuck! Michael: We can’t keep exploring this place if there’s like some random person out there. Michael: That we don’t know what they’re doing. Bryan: Do you want to get in the car and drive around? Micheal: I don’t think we should Michael: I think I’m going to turn the headlights back on. Bryan: I saw his light- Michael: Just now? Bryan: No, I’m saying before. So you were not going crazy! Michael: I don’t know I feel like if he was a dude looking for us- Bryan: He would be here. Michael (Continued): He would’ve fo – He would’ve just came and talked to us by now. Brian: Which- Michael (Continued): You know, I don’t feel good about going back into this building if there’s some person that we have no idea- Michael (Continued): What they’re doing. *Silence* Bryan: Yeah, I don’t like the feeling of this. Michael: I say we bail. Bryan: Yeah. Michael: Just get out of here. Bryan: Probably. *Leaves crunching* Micheal: Where? Michael: You saw a light? Bryan: Hello? Michael: Hello? Bryan: I don’t like it, let’s go. Michael: Yeah, the fact that they’re not answering back- Michael (Continued): Let’s get out of here. Bryan: It’s too sketchy. Bryan: Like, they could be wanting to fucking rob us. Michael: Like, who the fuck could be out here. Bryan: Alone! With like no fucking car! Bryan: Fuck, that was WEIRD! Michael: Good thing I looked out that window to see the staircase. Bryan: Yeah. Michael: Yeah, we could’ve gotten jumped or something. Bryan: I had a bad feeling from the second I saw- Bryan (Continued): I would just fucking- Bryan (Continued): Destroy and.. Bryan: How wide open it was. Bryan: Like, Anyone could be in there. Michael: And there was. Bryan: There was someone outside. Bryan: What’s down there? Michael: Alright, well I guess this is going on the second channel or something cause that’s not a full video right there. Bryan: Yeah. Ha, ha! Bryan: Yeah. We got scared out. Captions Created By waynedudeProductions


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