RV Retirement Life in Mesa Arizona | Camper Van Life S1:E34

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RV Retirement Life in Mesa Arizona | Camper Van Life S1:E34

This week we get a taste of retirement
life in Mesa Arizona. Leo gets a special delivery and we all get spoiled
at the RV Resort. I’m gonna go get us checked in. Really
excited, this place looks quite nice. Yeah did you notice they have US and Canadian
flying high? I’m not surprised probably a lot of Canadian snowbirds come down here. The events calendar’s about the size of a
book. I mean they have everything going on here. There’s a haircut place,
massage therapy, activity rooms, Computer Club, various other club buildings here
and this is only one of a few other buildings over by where we are there’s
another jacuzzi or two jacuzzis over there a large pool a fitness center
showers card room activity room laundry and a baseball stadium it’s actually a
little overwhelming I don’t know how many sites are here with this place is
huge okay let’s do it holy cow this place is huge
yes it is Leo how are we gonna find our site but I
think we’re over in this area do you need directions
no the map was pretty clear okay go here I think there’s a it either ends
at the golf course or something we have to turn right and into lettuces
we’re on 49 nice and comfy alright I’ll be in in a
moment there’s Leo getting his morning nap on hey bud
a package this guy got a delivery from one of our patrons
Robert thank you very much ah cute hope awakens with each new dawn it’s
going to be a great day for you oh man Leo smoked duck that’s it for now
you just had breakfast didn’t how these he’s got bully sticks in there all sorts
of stuff Kayla thank you so much Leo loves it all
right I’ll give them another piece last one I have to say uh-huh it’s really
nice to stay at an RV Resort where the FedEx will deliver right to your site
it’s awesome hey good revisited uh we’re going to Costco I
don’t know where you go whew these places are for sale ooh
went their own way we drove into the Phase three section well this is very
well decorated I’ll just go back around we can take a
little tour okay I know Leo is not up for getting on our
bed but I feel like if he knew that the duct
rates were up there we left him alone he would somehow manage to get on that yeah we’re not just the best present ever but
I’m excited about the happy hour tonight there it seems like there’s some a big
event going on here every day two nights ago
there was a concert on the green we went to that and that was a lot of fun well
apparently that happens every Wednesday yes
and it’s BYOB it is so everyone came out in their golf carts found a spot they
were all drinking beer we met some new friends they invited us to the happy
hour tonight which is open to the whole park but we’re gonna go down with them
who are you gonna go to happy hour no he’s eating back relax he just wants to
find his deck chicken yes he does I gotta make a detour okay only because you have a problem I’m
just hoping there’s some in here this the only reason you go shopping with me you just got to go with your gut I get
my workout on well I walk I’m still trying to convince
Kate this is the way to go it is on sale or Costco run got spotted by a gentleman
at Costco who watches our videos it is and I got more beer no drone though just got our shopping done and it sounds
like half the hour is well on its way to being halfway through so we better get
over there quickly one thing I’ve noticed is the Canadians here love their
happy hour so Cheers and they love their cheese oh they’re
cheesie’s Hawkins cheesie’s I tried those for the first time the other night
those are what Cheetos should have been we close out the party some beer we’re
the last ones here we are there they go hey you wanna watch the read sure might
as well enjoy the scenery good it really got cold as soon as the Sun
dropped yeah I’ve got my packer Snuggie hopefully we can get a spot on the tram
and check out all the lights here and it’s supposed to be an hour and a half
long so it’s gonna be a long ride Cayla our patron the one who got Leo his
delicious treats also sent us a coffee and tea package from this company perfect timing and I’ve been cutting
back and she’s sent a note happy holidays with your go-to beverages
happy holidays to everyone watching this I didn’t expect to say this on the road
I have to take the garbage out to the corner it’s trash pickup tomorrow okay
I’m ready to go back to the gym back to the gym what about you bud no dear
doesn’t need to work out he’s looking good it’s much more difficult when the Kate
is filming me no pressure I hate cardio but Kate says I have to do
cardio good for you a cup of coffees good
oh let’s not forget to sit in the sauna today if you report Jim to ourselves thank you looks like we have a jacuzzi
torch folks as well all right how are you in the spa yep go change we’ll have my favorite old comedy bits
Danny Murphy said when I was a kid you wanted to kuzey you had to park the tub
next time it’s laundry day and cake chairs her tip or staying organized in
the campervan. This has to be Leo’s favorite spot in
the entire park. He loves hanging out in the shade. If you guys enjoyed this video,
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click up here above Leo’s head, right bud? We’ll see you next Wednesday bye! Can I
have a kiss? Thank you.


  • I've been following you for several months and appreciate how you give us vibrant
    scenic travel adventures and technical thingie episodes. I enjoy your banter. At 82, I vicariously travel with you in your hi-top van. I envy you that your van sponsor assists you in owning/ renting your efficient, charming van. I threaten my California daughter that I will end up, in a couple of years, in her driveway with a hi-top just like yours; don't expect to travel, but just to live near family in my "old age". Living now in sunny and lovely south Florida.
    So happy to feel… like I know you both.

  • The reason I went the 5th wheel, three slide rout was to stay in places just like this. I have no interest in boondocking with no amenities. Give me the pool, gym, library, laundry, full hook up, etc. I always say I’m an RV’r, not a camper.

  • Watch out for that there Mesa tap water. It is full of 10000X the safe heavy metal amount and will give you brain damage if you drink it.

  • Awesome coffee scene .. what’s a little detour, right Jo?
    Guys I love your videos, thanks for sharing.
    Merry Christmas to the three of you 🎄

  • Small world is right! My mom and dad happen to be snow-birding down there, in one of the 'mobile' homes, close to where you've parked. A little chance for me to see how things are down there. All the best!

  • Hey Joe, Kait and Leo. Hope this message find you three doing well. Man I can’t wait to be retired and do all the fun things retirees do. Those crazy Canadian and American retirees know how to have a good time. I also remember that Eddie Murphy bit about farting in the bathtub if you wanted a jacuzzi. Hilarious. Joe the first thing about having a coffee problem is admitting you have one and seeking help. 😂. I take offense to that Cheetos comment since I work for that company and Cheetos are my favorite. 😡 JJ 😂. Till next time guys, stay cool, keep posting. Go Russoites.

  • Wow everybody's into the Christmas spirit awesome Leo was very happy receiving those treats you guys have a merry Christmas Happy New Year and be safe😇🙏

  • Merry Christmas, what a great time, i will have to mark that place when i start my journey in 9 months. Ty for the fun and informative vids

  • Looks like a nice place!  We were in Phoenix for an overnighter on 12-3 and returned for a few nights on 12-13. We stayed down in Coolidge Area since we were heading to San Diego MCRD for my son's graduation. Anyway you have to check out the Mormon Temple in Mesa as they have an awesome Christmas Light and Nativity scene on display thru their grounds. (Their porta-potty trailer is the best I have every seen.. LOL)  Enjoy the weather and your stay in the area. (We are back in Texas, and its cold here, well a Texas Cold anyway.. haha)

  • Those were impressive lights. Merry, joyful Christmas and best thoughts and wishes for many good adventures and great memories in the making in 2018. Hope to see you next year! Shelley from San Diego.

  • I both love and hate those type of RV parks.  I love getting away from all the amenities that RV's can do for you in the back country. Even more extreme overlanding and then back packing further away from civilization.  However, I love RV resorts when your goal is to visit a city, resort area, or popular tourist destination.  Occasionally it is nice to spoil yourself.

  • I love it when people take coffee seriously like you do.
    I'm from Sweden and we are in a constant battle with the Finns when it comes to be the nation that drinks the most coffee in a year per person. Unfortunately we Swedes are right now in the second place, but our coffee standard is really high and has been like that for many years.😀

  • You guys have grown on my wife and I! We have become regular watchers and look forward to your episodes! We LOVE Leo and wish the best for him!

  • WOW! I had no idea you were going to a place like this – I should have returned to Arizona – but Helas, there wouldn't have been room for me in the van and I didn't see any hotels in the complex. I loved the decorations and lights! You'll have more of a celebration this year than I without Joe, Kait, Gina and Morgan. Wish I knew you could get mail and deliveries at this site.

    What wonderful viewers you have. How very kind and generous to send gifts to Leo and to you two.

    Wishing you and all your viewers a most blessed holiday season and a New Year full of only good things. Merry Christmas!

  • Welcome to Mesa! I'm a snowbird from Winnipeg…enjoy the desert! Just bought the Mavic…If Pro…if you get one, you'll love it!

  • I just happen to see your video of you at view point rv resort , my parents live there year round and my mom works in the post office and my dad works in the rental department. If you are still there I can have them contact you about some activities outside the park to do as well as some places to eat. We will be out there on 12th of January for couple weeks hopefully we can meet.

  • I am inspired by you and will do what I like to do. I am building camper to travel and make videos. And also building an app…. Hustling and making use of the time that I used to waste….

  • Leaving for Sun City Grand in a week. Moving back home after 35 yrs. in Wisconsin. Thanks for the vid. Gave me some perspective of how things will be. Although I'll be living in a house. Goooooooo Packers!

  • I think that's the most grey I've seen Leo. What a happy dog! Great retirement park. It's kind of like a resort for #vanlife folks!

  • It would be cool if you included information, like the cost per month and if there are different fee structures, age restrictions, etc.

  • Now that's the way to spend a winter!!! I have a number of friends that do head to Arizona for the winter. And boy … do they know how to decorate for Christmas!! Very cool!!

  • The only thing about RV resorts is that they are expensive . So if u stay a week or a month it is the cost of renting an apartment. Just too expensive for me. Plus gas being on the road. So I find places that r lo cost or off the grid.

  • Was so nice watching! Normally it's very young couples in vans but you guys are a little bit older and are doing it so happily and videos are so relax.

  • The owners of these type of parks in FL are making a killing off seniors. They charge $800 a month LOT RENT which includes basically not much other than use of a community pool and coin op laundry. They mow grass, but each manufactured home has about 5 sq feet of yard, many have no grass at all. This does NOT include electric or wifi or anything but trash and for some residents water (not newer residents). $800 X 400 units = $320,000 income A MONTH. I am in the wrong business!!! They are so close together they can fit hundreds in a small plot of land. Poor old folks have really old mobile homes, too old to move probably so they are captive there. Each year a mobile home is worth less and less. These were mostly from 1970s. No easy way to sell unless they found a cash buyer. No one making a loan on 50 year old trailer past it's lifespan. Shamelss park owners did not even pay to air condition the mail room, my package of supplements was ruined. The joke was they named streets "Oceanview" etc but the place was nowhere near any beach. It was mostly Canadian snowbirds who didn't know better

  • Most of the RV resorts in Mesa are like on-land cruise ships. If you don't like lots of socializing and interaction, don't go to one of these resorts.

  • Maybe I missed something here or you guys are the youngest 55-year-olds I have ever seen. I was checking out the website and it says this community is for 55+ citizens…how did you guys end up staying there?

  • Im retiring in Ontario Canada this year..As its -33 Fahrenheit windchill right now where I am I think Ill mange the heat just fine

  • Just found your channel.. I'm a disabled 46 yr old searching for winter refuge in the coming years. Thanks for the tour! The Minnesota winter this year is a killer.

  • One of my main concerns for RV camping/going south for the winter is personal safety. I'm a single, disabled woman that wants to travel around to find a nice place to sit out the winter… Do you know any statistics for crime? I don't go out walking alone at night and I practice personal.safety habits..but I still have fears.

  • You guys make great videos.

    Did you retire from the federal government, military or private sector and how did it affects your taxes, vehicle registration, health insurance, etc?

  • This RV park looks great. Can you two make a long video of your top RV parks? How often do you boondock?

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