Royal Family’s Favoritism: Prince Harry ‘Felt Abandoned’ In Prince William’s Shadow


  • Of course what do people expect? These are two brothers who are married. Even twins once married they go their own ways and only arrange to have some few functions together. They don't have to be following each other like in "Mary had a little lamb."

  • Well it’s to bad!!! The bald headed prince with a decorative uniform like a real general it’s so fake and looks likes going to attend a Halloween Party not even a masquerade ball. Princess Crocodile Tears that’s felling bratty let her get pregnant again after all its cheaper by the dozen. Princess Congeniality Tump Kisser need to contact Cindy Crawford for all the crows feet and ugly lines around the mouth and or get Botox injections she’s looking mighty old just like horse face Duchess of Corn 🌽 😂

  • I love the comparison of MM to Yoko Ono!!!
    Harry needs to put his big pants on and either suck up his current situation or ditch her!! She’s a vile
    manipulative grifter: and unfortunately she HAS changed the monarchy….for the worse.
    Anything she is told/asked to do, she does the opposite. Petulant bi**h!!

  • You reported this way too nicely and I will say it as it is: comparing Gary is he’s friendly to approach and more accepting to understand the press though he still has scars from paparazzi due to his ever loving mom Princess Diana of Wales. Meghan is comfortable with the press due to the EXPERIENCE of being a people person and actress and has probably help Harry to handle the press and not be so serious and let go of something’s because as a man unlicensed figure is not going to go away and just relax because it’s a way of saying that they’re interested as a person and not to get an ulcer about it. As for William the bottom line is that his a Royal Pain in the ASS! Stuffy and feels he desrves it all. Kate her being Royal by INJECTION ONLY!!! Is a stuck up conceited selfish wrinkle jealous woman. So glad that William had fresh Flounder and got a nice French piece of fish that was juicy.
    Deserves her right for being the two face hypocrite she is now darling Kate curtsy. Smile so all can see those wrinkles 😂

  • He is and he is jelous to his brother because his brother is happily married and happy family that's why he rush in married without true love inside his married.

  • So what grow up and move on you have now he cant hold hand forever ya both grow up and move on that life life is challenging that the way is boo boo boo you wanted like that be careful what asked for go be man prince harry and prince william that what you get life is doggone world luve it and move on god bless ya sisyer in christ go in peace and love

  • Harry always knew he had to find something to do!! He should have stayed in Army and continue his Service and Queen should find a position for Harry and his major problem fake Wife!! Africa or Malta would be wonderful place to put them and keep them out of PUBLIC DOMAIN!!!

  • More BS

    It was always to be expected that William and Harry would have their own households and live their own lives.

    Do Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward still live together? No, they don't. So, why expect William and Harry to do that?

  • It's alway about poor Harry ,how he was left out etc boring ,considering born into a very rich family ,every opportunity given still not achieved much except marry a tv actress .

  • Why can’t a man talk to a woman and have a dance with someone without the left wing press trying to print muck. I can understand why anyone would want to turn on our current lousy reporters. If you say yes, they would print that you said no. Or are MM and Clinton’s aid behind this.

  • Prince Harry has matured. He is now beginning to realize nobody in the RF has ever loved him. Only two people has ever truly loved Prince Harry – his mother and his wife.

  • Prince Harry needs to grow up and be an adult. Things are not always the way we want them to be but he could just be grateful for what he has! Which by the way is way more than most! Not a character I can respect!

  • Grumble grumble grumble with a soft-porn, Cable TV one-part SUPPORTING ACTRESS at his side.
    Is this ALL he could achieve with the very many advantages of his birth??? He has certainly inherited the Royal Moan from the elders – that's for sure.

  • Now Harrikle is a spare wheel to a soft porn CABLE TV actress, who treats him like her lap dog. HAHAHA!! Earlier he was 3 wheel to a future King & Queen. Real improvement in life – yes yes, WE so get it 😀😅😂

  • I don't believe anything from the internet anymore why would harry be jealous of William okay he's on line for the throne Prince Harry don't look like he wants to be king anyway and besides Harry is more famous than his brother any way all people talking about is him n his baby that man is doing his own things anyway. N his the favourite grandson anyway

  • Meghan has turned into a baby. He had a good life with friends and Kate and William. She is a royal nothing that's what bothers her she is a lower royal get used to it bitch

  • That women has broken up the whole family because she has done that to her family .she doesn't understand Family ?We all wait and see what happens ,he is never going to be happy because he is not happy in himself other people cannot make you happy deep inside .He needs to find his inner happiness .just my view Nobody has to agree or disagree.

  • What Meghan wants, Meghan gets. How ridiculous! She has brazenly swept into the Royal Family like the Star Member! I don't believe she acted this Imperial while she was dating Harry. She never said anything about Vegan during their courtship while eating roast chicken and other meat. Now she is vegan & plans to raise her infant vegan. Poor Harry. Did he even get a say in this decision? Miss Markle has no more business being in the royal family than a homeless person on the streets of L.A. all she does is cause trouble & discord, even going as far as to thumb her nose at the Queen! Being an American, she hasn't a clue about the rigors of royal etiquette & how to show proper respect. I can't wait til she has to curtsey to Queen Kate! That will BURN Markle up!

  • megan destroyed her own family, she will destroy harrys family too no doubt and when she is done with all of them she will just ghost them out and go on with her pathethic psycho life, she is the reasong why harriet has poison in his head, both hariet whimpy and menace mm should be cut off the ryal duties and throw them both in african dessert where they can have the privacy harry craves so much , mm will leave him in the middle of the desert when cameras are off, she loves being the center of the camera and spotlight, this con artist is poison ivy, an evil psycho who has a pattern.

  • This channel has to be run by a female, cause you hate Meghan like a scorned bitch, girl you need to get a life cause Meghan is driving you crazy

  • Good for you harry …. you are a big boy now …. with a baby of your own …. u r a super husband and will b a great dad!
    the staff loss is being played-up …. cathM lost staff too! cathM and will spent years skulking at ammer hall, on the pretext of normalcy for george …. so the frogmore shift is also being played-up

    will is a cheater, has a long history of it! well known, the future wales has a roving eye!
    Please, spare the drama!

  • Is that Harry's feelings or mm thoughts on "her" self ? She is a self centered, narcissist class climber who wants to be Queen?? Baby hoax, lies about her family, using media to promote herself, she's not what she pretends to be! She claims to be a white witch, but a witch is a witch color matters not! I say to her surrogate, what a wonderful gift 🎁 you've given this family ! I hope this baby is healthy and loved, God bless you!

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