Rosselló resigned — but what’s next for Puerto Rico?

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Rosselló resigned — but what’s next for Puerto Rico?

There is no one to talk about the next economic plan. They have to fill out the entire government to be able to resume these kind of activities. And, you know, the government— one of the reasons this happened is because the government had been put in this position of having almost no power because of the Fiscal Oversight and Management Board. They could suggest economic plans, but they
ultimately had to be approved by the economic—by the Fiscal Oversight and Management Board,
”la junta.” And they often sort of fought back in this
sort of theatrical way that was—you know, didn’t make any sense. It was, they were just playing a role, which
I think you can see a lot in the chats, too. They thought the whole thing was a joke. They would fight back and say, “No, we’re
not going to cut the pensions.” In fact, they were advocating for not cutting
the pensions. But in the end, they would always give in
to the Fiscal Oversight and Management Board. So—
And the vulture capitalists who profited off of the hurricane and the money that came in,
the money not actually going to the victims of Hurricane Maria, the frustration of the
people before. Right. Of course, this didn’t start 12 days ago. Perhaps the mass visual manifestation of the
protests— Yes.
—of the thousands and then hundreds of thousands. There were many protesting even in the streets
before. And even those who didn’t, the terrific
pain and discontent in Puerto Rico. Yeah. I would say you had a hard core of demonstrators
that go back to 2010, 2011, when Fortuño, who was the first governor who tried to implement
austerity measures, was really pushed back against by university students and labor unions. That formed a kind of a hard core of resistance
in Puerto Rico. And then, yes, the emotional weight of dealing
with the hurricane and not having electricity for months and not being able to take a shower
and worrying about your loved ones and worrying—having the demoralizing feeling that everyone wanted to leave, really, it came out in a burst of emotion. That was the huge amount of people who joined
this core of resistance, some of which was formed by people who were in this group called
Victoria Ciudadana, which is—the major figures are Rafael Barnabe, who you’ve had here
before, and Alexandra Lúgaro and Manuel Natal, who has done a lot of—he’s a state representative
who had done a lot of investigative research about both the Elías Sánchez and the Edwin
Miranda scandal. These people are advocating for a new politics
in Puerto Rico that isn’t just concerned with status, but wants to really deal with
the— Status being commonwealth, statehood or independence. Right, exactly—new forms of making democracy,
new kinds of politics for Puerto Rico. And they might emerge in the 2020 election. They are considering asking Trump to name
a kind of a government fund czar, which I think, to me, it harkens back to days of appointed military governors in Puerto Rico. This czar would probably have the ultimate
power, even—maybe even over the— it’s actually an interesting fight between the
executive branch and Congress, because Congress controls most of the affairs of Puerto Rico,
and the PROMESA act and the oversight board is a creation of Congress. So, all of that is very threatening, but I
do think that the people of Puerto Rico are really—you know, they’re together now. And they’re intent. There’s going to be another march today. They’re trying to show that they are united. And it’s going to be an interesting thing
to see what happens with this people power.


  • Puerto Rico has been a colony since conquered by Spain first, then since 1898 by USA. It’s time to decide for good.

  • stop telling lies to demoralize people who are not part of your ideology … you lie and slander people … Noan Chomsky's disciple commits crimes Glenn greenwald is paying hacker here in Brazil to break into authorities' cell phone let's trigger the national security law and have to be arrested here in Brazil or abroad the bill will arrive !!! we are not against the press we are against Marxist Leninist Zionist activists … leave our country alone with our Bolsonaro government …

  • Remember when all these dirty fuckers were blaming trump for the financial shortfalls and he said they were corrupt?…..

  • Puerto Rico is being set up for it's forced independence. Puerto Rico will now try to push to become the 51st state But will be rejected due to the $70billion+ debt and just plain racism. Puerto will be forced to claim its independence and sovereignty. I could be wrong though. But I'm very suspicious about wists going on in PR right now….

  • You people are too beaurocratic. If idiots like Rosello and TrumpF, people who commit crimes a leave a paper trail behind, can ran a government, anyone can.

  • "Different politics? Ha. Goodluck. W global warming from those old politics.. Seems different "living is the key.fix

  • The best way to end colonialism in Puerto Rico is to send all the descendants of the Spanish settlers back to Spain.

  • 1st Eliminate the Jones Act
    2 Relpace all staffs from their office begining by transfer the Squad to P.R.

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