‘Ricky resign!’: Protesters call for resignation of Puerto Rico’s governor amid chat scandal

Updated : Aug 30, 2019 in Articles

‘Ricky resign!’: Protesters call for resignation of Puerto Rico’s governor amid chat scandal

[crowd chanting in Spanish] [indistinct shouting] [whistle blowing] [crowd cheering] [drum banging] [whistle blowing] [indistinct shouting] -We are more and we are not scared! We are more and we are not scared! [fire crackling] [indistinct shouting] [whistle blowing] [indistinct shouting]


  • Dejen el show chorro de hipocritas que comentarios asi lo hacen todos. Su error fue no reservarse los comentarios.Ya basta de sangana y maduren no Sean cafres que la estan enseñando a el mundo que estan algarete. El es un cabron y no sirve como el siguiente que tome el mando. Y si el Segundo renuncio y el renuncia no va haber nadie chorro de idiotas usen la cabeza y en vez de pedir renuncia diganle que we ponga los pantalones y que empieze hacer cambios positivos

  • Freedom of expression, there was no crime committed. What I see is hypocrisy on the part of the people. If they are so outraged by that language they have to denounce all the singers of regeton first.

  • from the smell of frustrated fallopian tubes in the firs scenes..i think the PR governor might support trump.

  • Why does the media keep getting it wrong!!!! It's not about the bad language it's about the corruption!

  • No, don’t resign. The populars (PPD) in there drive the island to the bankruptcy, but the morons don’t revolt then because luckily for them Rosello won the elections. BEFORE ROSELLO WON THE GOVERNOR GARCIA SELLS THE AIRPORT AND I WANT TO KNOW WERE IS THE MONEY HE TOOK THEN. BESIDES HE LET HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE UNEMPLOYED AND HIRE PEOPLE FROM OTHER COUNTRIES.


  • Con el ejemplo del padre era suficiente pero no querian mas. Al que quiere caldo se le dan dos tazas. Ahoran cojan pu~neta.

  • Despues de esta voto por Independencia. No le voy a dar mi voto a los populares. Seria la misma mierda. Se les olvido de Anibal Acevedo Vila. Independencia es lo que se merece PR y EEUU.

  • Puerto Ricans take back your Island, your Home, your Dignity! Stop the Corruption! All Puerto Ricans who left the Island because of the corruption and mess return Home and reclaim your Home. Stop the Illegal Aliens who are taking over your Island to claim your Birth Right and take advantage of your wonderful nature. Many Illegal Aliens are going to PR and arriving in the US declaring themselves to be Puerto Ricans/American Citizens. Stop It – ENOUGH! You are a Great People – Not Kind Fools –

  • oooohhhhhhh wwoooowww Trump was right.smh … doesnt take genius to figure out MOST Latin countries are corrupt and yes even U.S. government from your local government to the very top.. its all corrupt!

  • I cannot believe this. His father was ALSO a corrupted elected governor and now him too!!! Unbelievable! We should've seen it coming!

  • The Domino Sugar company was founded by the first civilian governor, an American that seized the island’s sugar industry and lowered wages, using the military occupation force to put down protesters. When this governor was replaced he left with his profits to establish his own sugar company. This is the type of business lesson the US taught the islanders. US businesses are tax exempt, but islanders pay taxes despite the fact that they are US citizens but their businesses are not seen as American.

  • Everyone jumped on Trump when he criticized the Puerto Rican politicians…..he was right! Greatest President ever!!!

  • Puerto Rico ( a.k.a 'Ghetto Island' & 'La Isla Del Engano' & ' The Tijuana of the Caribbean' ) ) A TRUTH THAT MUST BE TOLD
    This pathetic miserable island is distinguished by its high crime, poverty and joblessness, which are far worse than in any of the 50 states. The island's economy, moreover, has fallen further behind the other islands over the past four decades. Bad inept government and very low moral and ethical standards of most of its citizens is largely to blame. They don't seem to understand that RESPECT IS SOMETHING YOU EARN, and that they as islanders have NOT earn it.
    Yet most Americans tourists are oblivious and unaware to the Caribbean island's problems.
    Puerto Rico is the bottom of the barrel in the Caribbean. Too bad, it could be a nice place…however, the high crime and drug trafficking  have destroyed it. It is dirty, overpriced and overrated big time !. If you want a nicer, safe beach and lower cost, just go to Florida. If you want a nicer Caribbean vacation, just go to about a dozen other destinations in the Caribbean.
    Puerto Rico has a population of 4 million, meaning 40 percent of Puerto Ricans are on food stamps paid by the federal government ! Many people in the island practice syncretism, the blending of traditional Christianity with African religions that arrived on the island with the slaves imported during colonial times this are done with SANTERIA dirty rituals are often seen on the streets and sidewalks ( Devil Worshipping and Ancient witchcraft  Only about 10 percent describe themselves as Catholic, once the dominant faith. NO wonder why they are so ignorant and have such low ethical and moral standards. A perfect example is Ricky Martin ( a.k.a. EL Mariconsito Rico ) the overrated singer/dancer, the Governor was right about him/her or whatever, he is a bad moral role model for his people and the traditional manly male culture, but since he is rich and famous he gets away with just being "…otro maricon sucio"…! ( Haiiiiy Bendito ! pa' la calle los pendejos maricones ! ).
    How prosperous is Puerto Rico?
    Not very, by any standard. More than 53% of the island’s residents live in poverty. The median household income in 2015 was $15,350. Puerto Rico’s colossal debt load — now close to $84 billion — has left it in a state of deep financial crisis. Its inability to maintain basic infrastructure made Puerto Rico highly vulnerable to severe hurricane damage that destroyed much of its water, roadway and electric-power systems
    Although the supplemental assistance cash is designated for eligible food items, it is widely acknowledged that participants use most of their allotted cash for non-food essentials, drugs and illegal gambling, now that is dumb !
    The smaller than Jamaica Island is filled with high crime, drugs, thieves and killers, way too many hard core criminals for such a small island and a fake witchcraft religion that has divided the population.
    Most US Hispanics stereotype Puerto Ricans as dumb, or with lower intelligence but.. as you can see there's some truth to it:
    The food stamp program has had a negative effect on the population they even admit they use the money to buy pot, guns and cocaine. The 'boricuas' of 100 years ago would be ashamed of the current crop of 'boricuas'. No wonder why most other Hispanics consider Puerto Ricans, lazy, dishonest, corrupt and heavily dependent on US Government handouts. Most other Hispanics agree that Puerto Ricans speak the worst Spanish language dialect in the western hemisphere, in fact they don't even speak good English either.

    Among other problems: rampant identity theft by P.R. immigrants – often from the 'welfare' island – who use stolen Puerto Rican birth certificates to obtain U.S. passports, Social Security benefits, and other federal services available to Puerto Ricans because they are U.S. citizens.

    In a recent sample of 8,000 passport fraud cases investigated by the State Department, 60 percent involved Puerto Rican birth documents purchased illegally for as much as $10,000
    Puerto Rico's annual income per person was around $12,000 in 2004, less than half that of Mississippi, the poorest state. More than 58% of the island's people live below the federally defined poverty line. That poverty rate is nearly four times the national average, and more than twice as high as in poor states such as Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia.
    Has anyone ever noticed how much ( false ) pride Puerto Ricans have? At the same time many Puerto Ricans are filled with Anti-American sentiment. Most Puerto Ricans see the United States as a symbol of Imperialism and a very oppressive country to their beloved little island ( smaller than Jamaica ). While many Puerto Ricans have spent time in different cities throughout United States, return migrants and their children are often ridiculed because of their inability to speak Spanish with the same accent and lexicon as natives and their poor English language skills, so the Dumb Puerto Rican is NOT a Myth. There is an old well known saying among the tourists : "HAiiiiy ! BENDITO que sucio esta Puerto Rico ! "
    Puerto Ricans are the most violent offenders in NYC, they are the poorest group in NYC.

    The Island of Puerto Rico is known as Zombie Island due to the all the crack heads. The wrongly imposed name of ' La Isla de El Encanto' this a Myth and a distortion of oversize proportions !, Puerto Ricans have been here in the US as long as Italians, Cubans, Colombians, Dominicans and other Hispanics and while Italians, Cubans and Colombians have moved on to the Suburbs, to upscale single family homes Puerto Ricans are still living in the projects in section 8 housing ghettos and high crime neighborhoods ( The Hood ).

    Well the logical question must be asked. Why would a prideful bragging irrational with an identity crisis people such as the Puerto Ricans constantly vote to remain an American Territory (Commonwealth )over the past 5 decades?
    The people of Puerto Rico vote every 4 years (during the same time we hold our American Presidential elections) towards becoming an American State, remaining an American Territory or becoming Independent.
    During the last two elections Puerto Ricans rarely voted to remain an American territory (49% of the vote) over becoming a an American State (48% of the vote). While the voting toll for Puerto Rican Independence was a mere 1%. If Puerto Ricans are such patriotic and proud people how is it possible that only 1% of the population wants to become independent from the United States?
    Keep in mind that Puerto Rico is extremely poor. As of 2017, the per capita income there is half that of Mississippi, which is the worst-performing state in the U.S. by that measure. Moreover, 50 percent of Puerto Ricans live in poverty. Thi territory has been incapable of paying its debt since 2017. Put it simply, Puerto Rico is an economic pathetic miserable sinkhole. The General Accounting Office has estimated that the added tax burden coming along with statehood would cause enormous job losses and damage the economy of Puerto Rico even further. What benefit would the American people get from adding to the union a bankrupt state with a tanking economy? NONE
    The primary language spoken there is Spanish.The number of residents fluent in English is less than 20 percent. That fact alone should give most Americans pause about whether Puerto Rico should become a state — people who don’t share a language will have difficulty working together at a job or sharing a common culture. Puerto Rico has demonstrated they only want our handouts, and none of the responsibility that statehood demands.

    Puerto Rico doesn't want to become the 51st state. It has held five votes on the question. Three times, the people of Puerto Rico said "no." The fourth vote was indeterminate. The fifth time, 13 percent of Puerto Ricans overwhelmingly said "yes" — but the anti-statehood party refused to participate because of the way the referendum was worded, and the vote was therefore practically meaningless. In other words, it’s unclear whether a majority of Puerto Ricans have ever wanted the island to become the 51st state.
    Americans don't want a bankrupt, mostly Spanish-speaking, left-of-center state with an incompetent government full of junkies and welfare leaches to join the union even when it’s unclear whether most people in that pathetic little island wants to join in the first place. It’s understandable, shameful and unpatriotic, that Democrats might put their narrow party interests ahead of what’s good for the country in backing Puerto Rican statehood.
    The answer is Welfare. Each year American tax payers send over $17 billion dollars to Puerto Rico in Welfare (social services) alone. These social services include food stamps, public housing (Los Caserios), and college tuition for Puerto Rican students attending American funded universities. To make matters worse Puerto Ricans do not pay any Federal Taxes. This means that American tax payers are getting back very little into what we are putting into Puerto Rico. As an American Tax payer we all have a difficult time sending our tax money to an island that constantly votes against becoming an American State. You don't have to be the smartest cookie out of the bunch but it's safe to say that there is not much logic behind this.
    What does the United States get in return for all of our tax money and services? The answer was the Vieques Marine Base which served as a strategic base in the Caribbean Sea. However, the United States lost the base when angry Puerto Rican protestors were claiming that the Base was a symbol of American Imperialism. Many of the protestors even burned American flags during their protests (yet Puerto Ricans rioted when American boxer Bernard Hokpins tossed the PR flag to the ground).

  • We can’t clean up our own island, but, we can protest along with the best of the brown people…..lol

  • So, now that he will resign, what do the people REALLY want? I have heard what they “say” they want, but do they really want the drastic change needed for a course correction? Do they really want someone that will tell them attitudes on the island have to change and so does the manyana attitude – let’s worry about it tomorrow culture – that permeates the island? Your educated bi-lingual class have mostly come to the mainland to work. They probably will not return because they and their kids have many more opportunities here, and the hurricane threat is not quite so bad. Plus, we can deliver aid to hurricane victims here much faster than we can to Puerto Rico – that will not change. You are a small island in the Atlantic Ocean – hurricanes will ALWAYS be a bigger problem for you and aid will ALWAYS be slow compared to the mainland.

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