Retirement Planning

Updated : Aug 30, 2019 in Articles

Retirement Planning

Contented. I want to say old. Fulfilling. Happy. I don’t know, maybe quite fun? Busy. Comfortable. Relaxed. Free. Wildness I’m going for *laughs* Erm… Erm… Erm… Erm… *Laughs* well…. I’d love to be retired now *laughs* I quite like the idea of being able to just do what I want. It’s not something that I’d think
about right now. It is quite scary. If I think about it it scares me because I think I should be making proper plans. It is a big transition. It would be nice to be liberated, to be able
to do things when we want. In a very real sense I’d make sure people know that I ain’t fizzling out, I’m actually going to be revving up *laughs* Erm… That’s quite a tough question. When I was young, I never thought about retirement. You don’t think about it do you? And really, you should to be honest. I kind of deliberately don’t. No, not really. No, I don’t even pay a
pension – I probably should. Not at this stage, no. We’re very much at the other end of the spectrum. A lot of people just think it’s so far away that it’s not an issue, but I think it’s a bit naive really to do that. I’m definitely thinking about retirement and
trying to put away money when I’ve got some. I’ve got a pension. You have to look at how much it’s going to cost you to retire and still do all these fun things. I’m excited. I have planned ahead. Sometimes people need a little bit of help don’t they? Certainly, if you were approached and you felt you weren’t going to be pushed into using products. A little nudge from time to time – just a gentle one wouldn’t be a bad thing. If they got to know me and understood that I actually want to rev up, not slow down… and they’d be able to show me ways of making that much more practical, I think that would be really interesting, yes. Anything else? *laughs*


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