Retirement is imminent!  Kizaki Jessica’s 50 Questions

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Retirement is imminent! Kizaki Jessica’s 50 Questions

It’s an absolute secret! Keep it private I When I’m stressed out In the middle of the night By myself 50 Questions Kizaki Jessica (Q.01 What is your favorite color?)
My favorite color is…! Green! You don’t believe me because I’m wearing pink? (Q.02 Favorite lipstick color?)
Favorite lipstick color is One of the coral shades, I like coral orange! (Q.03 How do you like to normally dress?)
On the days I’m not working, I like to dress casual Either denims Or dresses During shooting I wear clothes that emphasize my body proportions (Q.04 Do you put in any efforts to maintain your aesthetics?)
I loveeee eating food So I workout a lot to stay in shape I do this exercise which raises your butt I can actually do it up to 60 kilos! I put in the effort everyday! (Q.05 Any routines you follow on the days you have you’re filming ?)
I don’t have a particular routine that I follow, But I do drink a lot of water. (Q.06 Are there things that you always take to your shootings?)
Oh they’re countless! My own bath robe Slippers Body lotion Body shampoo And Plum! I really like plum I have a lot of luggage anyway (Q.07 How do you spend your off days?)
I’m one of those private people I like being at home So I do things that I can do at home Like make food or Watch movies or tv shows or Search and follow cute puppies on SNS That’s how I spend my day (Q.08 What are you into these days?)
I’m interested in Korean cosmetics So I ask my friend about them And buy tons of them! (Q.09 What’s a good habit of yours?) Hard to say… But in general I tend to have a good lifestyle I cook for myself And try to be optimistic (Q.10 Your bad habits?)
Oh I have too many! Passing out on sofa after coming a tiring day! It’d be more relaxing to take a shower first, But it’s difficult It’s something I want to stop doing! (Q.11 Do people have preconceptions about your work?)
People definitely do have a preconception! When you guys look at it There must be different opinions People think we do whatever we want And earn easy money But it’s actually Not like that at all! Please get rid of the preconceptions! (Q.12 advice for a future actress?)
I have lots to say! It looks like there are many successful people And might look cool but There are lots of risks Associated with this job You might not be able to do what you want in the future, Your partner might not like it And it can have many other complications. After giving it a good thought, And your certain you want to do it Then you can put your effort in. It’s not what it looks like. (Q.13 What would you be doing if you weren’t an actress?) I don’t know, what would I be doing? Before, there were many things I wanted to do Like being a director for example I’d like to work at a flower shop but I like dogs Maybe something to do with dogs I like cooking so maybe a restaurant I not sure! Will I be married? (Q.14 Role that you want the most?)
Role that you want the most? I’ve had many roles. I want to try a role where I start from the bottom and work to be successful Someone who doesn’t give up That becomes a star! But in the end, she would change Developing a big ego A story type Character is what I want. (Q.15 Actor you want to work with?)
Be on set together? Even if he’s not Japanese? There’s someone who I’m interested in Raphael! He’s a famous youtuber who wears a mask (Q.16 Describe yourself in one sentence?)
Describe yourself in one sentence? hmmmm Maybe something like Slacking off? Having my own pace! I’m a free spirit (Q.17 First memory ever?) Not sure how old I was but I was able to walk It was a rainy day After the rain, I swam in the puddle So I was scolded by my mom I put water inside my rainboots and Water Party Time (Q.18 Something you say often?) Hmm not sure.. That just now! Oh no! really? I think I use it often (Q.19 Number of adult videos you’ve filmed?)
Approximately… 160 films? I forgot how many To be accurate (Q.20 What you realized after becoming an actress?) There are countless things It’s not just fun things that are there, But lots of other work I noticed actresses really try hard (Q21. What do your fans mean to do? )
I’m not saying to please anyone. They like someone like me Which makes me extremely happy And it gives the motivation I’m really thankful for them And I appreciate their existence (Q. 22 Best gift you got from a fan?)
I have tons! There were some funny things, Things that I was unsure if I can take, And also hand made things Really a lot! Even letters They picked them out for me! I liked all of them (Q.23 Favorite movie?)
It’s too hard! Too many so hard to pick! From what I’ve seen recently The hangover! In japan, it was labeled as the worst hangover, I really enjoyed it Real man’s talk and R rated perverted jokes and comedy was good It was very entertaining (Q.24 Something you would say to yourself 10 ago?)
Time is precious! (Q.25 Anything to say to yourself 10 years later?)
Time is precious! You have to say it twice if it’s important Like how it sounds, in life, Time management is very important Time flies by so quickly I wanted to emphasize that (Q.26 Your hardest on set experience?)
Will it be okay if I say this? It was a time when I had to be a dog I’d become a dog and Bark while Running on all fours. I would bark around outside a house and Find my owner inside. It really was extremely difficult But at the same time, it was kind of fun (Q.27 Difference between early debut days vs now?)
When debuted, There weren’t mamg actresses that Were active outdoors I was part of EBISU MUSCUTS group That enabled me to become A idol singer from a sexy actress and Allows me to have a wide spectrum Because of that there are lots of New actresses who a clear goal They’re bery determined and Talented which impresses me! If I debuted now, I wouldn’t have even lasted 10 years I look up to them! (Q.28 Good thing being a sexy actress?)
There are so many! You can learn about female’s positions. Meeting other actresses and Staffs, We share many stories and Informations And hangout together Socializing with cool people Would be a good thing (Q.29 Hardships of a sexy actress?)
For myself, I love eating food so Its hard for me to maintain my aesthetics I have to be careful to not get fat after I retire (Q.30 Three things you want from a man?) Someone who i can respect Someone who Im confortable around Someome who is kindhearted I want to feel like im being loved (Q.31 What is a romantic gift?)
It’s very common but Rose 100 roses! Picking me up in a limo But for me I like guys who Are spomtaneous I will try to recieve them someday. (Q32. Thinga you can do to your loved one?)
Even in the middle of the night If i need him Some one who can Sacrifice his time? For now… I prioritize myself (Q33. Your ideal date course?)
I like being at home Going grocery shopping together Cooking once we get home Eating food while watching a movie Just chilling and spending time together (Q.34 What do you hate the most?)
Mold Dust I cant stand filthy things! I have to get rid of dust immediately There can’t be any molds I hate dirty places (Q.35 Where do you wash first during a shower?)
Head Body Face (Q.36 Tell me a secret) How can I tell you a secret?! I’ll only say it on here It’s an absolute secret! Keep it private I When I’m stressed out In the middle of the night By myself Ride my bicycle like no tomorrow That’s my secret Make sure you keep it a secret Act like you never saw it even if you do (Q.37 What would bother you uf you didn’t have it?)
Bath powder! I enjoy taking daily baths I use pleasant bath powders To lift the Day’s tiredness Ita my daily routine I cant live without bath powders (Q.38 Place tou visit often?)
Im not very active Supermaket? Im past 30 now My body isn’t the same I get massages often If there is a good place let me know I have tight shoulders (Q.39 Frequently used emoji?) This one! This one! Please take a look at it (Q40. If you can have superpowers?)
For certain it’d be Having the power to give happiness Ha! Yes! I feel happy! The recipient would like it right? (Q41.Any specialties?)
Just erotic things! NG? Cut? Should I still say it? If it’s my specialty it’s gotta be Jessica BACK! I’ll show you a bit So your thing would be like this like this This is Jessica BACK! I can say it confidently! (Q.42. I can say it confidently!)
You’re not going to get married? Please don’t ask! Just leave me alone! (Q.43 How do you want to be remembered?)
How do you want to be remembered? I’m easy to get close to (Q44. Country you want to visit?)
Oh there are too many! Egypt! Greece! There was never a worst Las Vegas, US Taiwan Hong Kong Korea And Thailand was good too I enjoy what the countries have to offer So I’d like to visit more (Q.46 preferred airplane seat?)
The isles seats! (Q47. something you consider important during your shoots?)
Being natural Not being too professional Not over exaggerating myself If it looks too fake, then People will get used to it so It has to look natural (Q48. What does retirement mean for you?)
Yes… I, Kizaki Jessica Will be retiring in December I’m so sad! New beginning? I think It’s a good thing (Q49.Something you want to do the most after retirement?)
There are lots! First, when I retire, I will eat all the delicious foods until I’m full! There won’t be a shoot the day after, I will eat until my stomach can’t handle it I also want to travel And get a licence as well (Q50. Favorite Japanese word?) This is the hardest question I think it’s the most famous You ready? o mo te na si
(For treating your guests with the utmost respect) It can even represent japan The Japanese people’s o mot e na si mentality is great I thin it’s a great word


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