Retirement Communities

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Retirement Communities

Hi everyone. This is Barbara Stephenson
with Windermere Kelso/Longview and today I’m with Jeanne the executive
director of the Canterbury Park. A retirement community right here in
Longview Washington. Let’s go take a look!! What do you think is your favorite thing
about living here? Having lots to do. I’m a doer! What’s your favorite thing? The people. It’s
like a big family. You have a family here and everybody really cares about each
other. Awesome. How long have you guys lived
here? Fourth year. How about you. Third year. No wait… Third year. We moved in at the same time. We were neighbors before too. oh really!!! Huh… Move with a friend! I
heard about a happy hour do you guys partake in happy hour? Yes, I do.
I have a couple of times and it’s good. Yeah good it’s nice that you have a
van that takes you, you know. Yes I was speaking to Mike down stairs and he was
talking about how much fun that is. Not only just appointments because a lot of us do
drive for appointments but for activities. Right. You have someone to
go with you. Now yeah be able to go with The risk I’m willing to take ladies and
gentleman. So if you were going to tell somebody what your favorite part about
living here is, what would you tell people? People are Happy!! Yeah?? ah Everything!! huh How
long have you lived here? We are working on our fifth year. . Maybe we should have the toast early so we can be ***. She wants to be drunk so we can really tell you. I am NOT slowing her down I’m just telling you. The people and the activities.
I hear the sense of community around here is really important. We are the neatest people in the WORLD!! Not a
biased opinion at all right? Noooo!! You know you’re from Longview when you “When You Grow Mold”
One that I remember as a child is You know you’re from Longview when the smell
of the mills just smells like MONEY!! And you wouldn’t live anywhere else!! Well thank
you so much for taking that tour with me of Canterbury Park right here in
Longview. If you are interested in buying or selling right here in Cowlitzl County
or if you would like your own personal tour of Canterbury Park, please give me a
call and I would be happy to set that up for you. Until next time…… you


  • Barbara, thank you for the video about retirement communities in Washington state. Love the idea of moving with a friend. It's so important to have deep personal connections. And I have always wanted a cornhole setup in my livingroom LOL.

  • Love the resident interviews. So sweet! Looks like a very nice community! Thx for sharing!

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