RETIRED AT 39 – Hard to believe this is my life now 🙏

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RETIRED AT 39 – Hard to believe this is my life now 🙏

– Hey, it’s Brian Rose. I don’t know if you can see these buildings behind me, but these are some of the skyscrapers from the city of London, and that’s where I used
to work as a banker. I did that for over nine
years here in London as a credit derivatives broker, and then I quit that to start London Real. And when you think about it, I actually retired at the age
of 39 when I left banking, because the past eight plus years, I’ve been doing what I
love every single day. It doesn’t really feel like a job. And while some days it’s
challenging and difficult, ultimately it’s something
I’m so passionate about, it’s changing the lives of so many millions of people around the world, that it’s not work anymore. It’s something that I just enjoy doing, I feel so fortunate to be able
to meet incredible people, teach amazing students, and that’s really what I want for you. And I want that for
everybody in this world. And imagine a world where we all were super passionate about what we did. Imagine like the quality of service, the quality of products, it would just be a complete game changer. And I know that that’s what we can get to, and that that’s what we can do. And so if you’re watching
this video right now, I implore you to really tap into yourself and say what is my passion? What would I just love to talk about? What would I talk Brian’s ear off about, if I had 30 minutes with him? That’s the thing you need to
determine how to figure out how to turn that into a business. And it an be done. It couldn’t be done about 10 years ago, but now we’re all interconnected
to the digital economy, and you can go out there
and find what I call your thousand true fans
out there in the world that love what you do, that wanna pay for your
services and your ideas, and create a business out of that, and then expand it to be something bigger. And that’s something that I just wanna be talking about a lot, and I would love to get your ideas below, if you could go ahead and type in, tell me what are you passionate about? What’s that one thing that you would like some help on how to
turn it into a business, and I will reply to you and hopefully, we can take some steps and get started for you to build this business, ’cause I think it’s gonna
make the world a better place, I think it’ll make you better, and hey, maybe you can retire today, when you go ahead an pull the trigger and start that business. So, that’s me, Brian Rose,
my thoughts for today. I hope you have good one.


  • What is your passion that you would love to build a business around? ❤️Let me know in the comments below!

  • I love your videos! I am still trying to figure out exactly what I want to do, I love helping people with the law of attraction and meditation. I would like to be able to afford to go back to school also for medical message therapy( I message my mom and bf & enjoy it) as well eventually. Those two things as of now make me happy

  • I just quit my job yesterday to live my passion. I'll be blessed if I can have 1% of the impact you have had.

  • If you really want to know… my passion is to awake/repair human sexuality, especially femine aspect (but not only), and I'm doing it mostly by anime-cosplay photography (in asian style), which is for me like total opposite of pornography – it incorporates beauty and femininity to sanctify femine sexuality by art, not to satanisticly reverse it and destroy it like pornography does.

  • I found London Real last week because of Jim Kwik. I love so much the content of LR. I'm exploring the channel. I want to own a company someday. I'm a student of mechanical engineering at the moment. Felt inspired by Nikola Tesla dreams of a world with free and clean energy . Greetings from Portugal 🙂

  • I love your passion and energy Brian. Thank you for adding such a positive contribution to the world with London Real and thank you for continuing to " live the example." Inspiration, when it flows through a person, is highly contagious and transformative. You remind us that as human beings we need Inspiration…not Medication. I am a Holistic Chiropractor who has worked with people for over 18 years and have spent countless hours developing my skills as a practitioner and as a communicator. But now I'm ready to play it Big. I am 45 and I feel extremely grateful that I get a chance to up my game and deliver more value to myself and the world around me. I have always loved your interviews but one really stood out that literally "woke" me up to the power of my shadow self. It was incredible to watch your transformation and unconditional acceptance of that energy inside and the way you harnessed it by facing it with Dan Pena was truly a masterclass in something we rarely do when we want to change. I feel like I'm starting to live my life with the breaks off. I hope to meet you one day so I can shake your hand and say thank you in person. Be well Brian

  • I am totally inspired by what you do I wish there was a way to connect with you and exchange ideas

  • I am passionate about bringing people (from all walks of life) together so we all can learn to be compassionate towards one another

  • I dropped out of college after 3 years taking up medical technology this semester, wasn’t easy for me cause always during that time I was thinking about doing businesses, trading and started some but couldn’t focus on them coz of my course and now I’m thinking of going back next semester and enroll in business and prioritize what I can with love.
    Thank you sir🙏🏾

  • lots of synchronicity ln my life lately..Jay Shetty yesterday and your video this morning! I'm passionate about psychology teaching and children and l love to write poems paint and travel as well. l think that art therapy suits me and ls my forte: my dream is to have a forest retreat where families could visit for a couple of hours and paint and write take photos together ln a therapeutic framework (group) as well as an online presence as Psybabe. This is literally my biggest dream and while ln the past l wanted it to be a private kindergarten today l see it more as a therapeutic endeavour. I'm going back to uni this year to finish my degree and then l want to do a Masters ln art therapy. This will take 3 more years altogether and I'm really excited for the future!

  • I want to raise money through my nonprofit to enable people who would never normally have an opportunity to hike/climb mountains and basically step WAY out of their box and open up a new potential life for them Re6

  • Hi Brian Rose….my passion is home decorating. I feel I  truly have a gift and I am creatively blessed to decorate on a whim and people love it! I have a YT channel, but I've not been consistent. I know this is my calling because everyone tells me so. I really want to hone in on this gift and take it to the next level. Thanks Lyn @doubledutydecor

  • Change education the world over.
    I want to give teachers authority to teach as they see fit, no agenda, no dumbing down, no fluff.
    I want to offer personalized instruction to every student where there are no grades, because success is measured by achievement of the goal. Every student can learn pretty much everything they set their min to. The problem is they do t have the right teacher.
    There us more than enough money for a great education fir all and fir the teachers to make a comfortable living.
    We just throw it in the wrong places

  • I would love to create a coaching programme that would take people from very practical every day like fulfillment to spiritual fulfillment. And then they can start their own coaching practice to help people do that same thing. But first, i think i should coach myself…

  • For most of us , the only way you are gonna find your passion is to stumble into it …. That’s why you need to “ get moving “ … If you are 25 , 35 , 40s , 50s or even in your 60s , and still don’t know what your passion is , it’s because you have NOT tasted enough stuff or tried different things yet by literally MOVING out of where you live … So , go explore the world first then you won’t have to worry about your passion …

  • My passion is health , fitness and helping people i want to help the world 👊👍💪😎😇😉

  • 3 things come to mind: travel, photography and health/wellness. Health is such a broad vast field, but I find myself reading, listening and sharing with others the topic of wellness. The idea of what you ate, what you think and physically active you are makes a difference. Love to somehow make a career out of the “mind-body-soul” healthcare movement with the travel, adventuring and photography.

  • Hey Mr. David Rose, my friend Patrick D. Lindsay has a passion of feeding world hunger. He has a drink that he wants to start a company called "Drink-A-Meal" (all natural drink) can sustain a human for 5 – 20 hours by itself. We would like to hear from you.

  • Giving people back to themselves so that people will remember who they really are even in their fiercest life situations I gotta turn that into a lifestyle and business

  • Becoming a professional consulting astrologer while travelling world and guiding people to toward their true calling.

  • I'd talk your ear off about personal development. My thoughts on life and its intricacies. Just like many of your guests, I absolutely love seeking the truth and learning more about myself, and the human race. We are absolutely amazing creatures and ALL of us can do so much more than what we do. Why do we place so many limits on ourselves? You're right. The world would be unfathomably better if we all just did what we were truly passionate about. We obtain the feelings we desire through drugs and other instantly gratifying methods, but ultimately get the feelings that we TRULY in our hearts feel we deserve as a result. The truth is none of us deserve less than everything good we desire and it's really not too hard to obtain. So why do so many think we deserve less?

  • The chainsaw & digger noise in the back ground give me a hard on. I have my own landscape business it's not London banker money but I love what I do & being athletic I love high energy hard graft.

  • How you make money off of a lie, plenty of people try and do the thing you do… you know what happens with them? They become homeless because I’m almost positive you have family money.

  • Aaaaahhhhhhh…a banker, of course. 🙄. Keep talking about passion buddy. Guys like you are responsible for skull-f***ing the macro-economy into such a volatile marketplace that people still struggle 10 years after the housing crisis. GTH dude.

  • I'm passionate about beautiful women. I've quit my job to follow my passion, but find myself homeless as I haven't any money to pay rent.
    Also the sole on my shoe is falling off. But since I found this video, it's become summer, so my foot won't get wet. This I take as a sign my luck is changing.
    Can you point me in the right direction?

  • . I m subscribed. GREAT VIDEO.

  • Four days or so ago I posted thoughtful comments that I cannot now see. Are they removed? Hidden? Lost?

  • Happy how your growing! I need in at dans classes. Can u help me? Ty I want to change the world and I can solve any problem. Graduated ranger school as a private. 40 now and need to save the world

  • I want to start multiple revenue streams with online retail and get into realistate.. my passions are these but music and traditional Algonquin bushcraft as well.

  • That's a hard one.. I want my money to make more money. Lets say I have £5000 a year what can I do? I buy 5k unbrellas for 1 and sell them for 2 to make £10000 on a rainy day? Do you have any better solutions?

  • Brian just came across you and your motivational skills are amazing your one person i would love to have a heart to heart with, iv came from nothing to being in the fire service but wanted to push myself nore so left and went into sales with no experience and now im top at what i do in my area but always strive for more and watching your videos i just had to comment, good on u for creating a life youve strived for 👍

  • As a Grenfell survivor, my goal is to see mob like organisations like K&C divested of its powers to get away with murder, and continuing to abuse those who escaped the inferno. And for the general public to know that the fight between Good vs Evil is happening right here and now, to acknowledge it and not brush it of as an inconvenient truth or incidental occurrence. Shatter those delusions and let's cure our societies of sadistic sociopath "leaders, " before they exterminate you too.

  • I love your videos and find you inspirational. I would love to start my own business so i am self sufficient , I’m still stuck in that place to let go and go for it, can you give me a little advice? Many thanks

  • You need significant funds to start a business idea and significant funds to support its protential failure. The real world isn't that easy or rosey I'm afraid.

  • My passion is photography, when I take photos, it's like if the time stops and I'm happy forever. I also love to dance, I would love to be a professional dancer and model. Another one of my dreams is to travel the world.
    I had all this dreams in my head since I was a teenager, and I came to London more than 4 years ago with all this dreams. But I have been procrastinating, and also too afraid of rejection. I think I have social anxiety, I have been working in retail jobs this past 4 years and I don't think they are the best jobs for me, I am also a highly sensitive person, and I struggled a lot sometimes, also with depression. I definitely know that working for myself would be perfect for me for many reasons but I don't know where to start or how to do it exactly.
    Thank you for you video 💗

  • Hi Brian,
    I’ve been watching London Real for the last few months. I would like to congratulate you on what you’re doing. Through your show I have discovered two of my now mentors for life and they are the one and only Mr Dan Pena and Mr Grant Cardone. Real estate has always been my passion and that’s my ultimate goal. At the moment I’m just a forklift driver but taking action every day to reach my goals. Through the path in reaching my goals I also plan to meet both those incredible gentlemen and number 1 on the list is doing the seminar at Guthrie Castle. I just hope Mr Pena is still doing them when I’ve saved the money to get there. Thanks for what you are doing and keep it up.
    Silvan from Australia

  • I'm passionate about earning money but doing as little as humanly possible. Let's be honest there is little hope for me.

  • I'm passionate about economics, nature and culture. How countries work together in the exchange of products, services and ideas. How every country has a unique culture and identity. That deserves to be shared with the world.

  • Passions: fitness and money.
    I'm trying to find a way to REALLY tie them together and turn it into a business that can help and inspire others on a high level. 🤔🤔

  • My passion is head injuries. I want to see how dumb I can make myself from when I was my most intelligent. I mainly use doorways to smash my head but I'm now moving onto rocks 👍

  • Theres too many jobs necessary to civilisation which nobody is going to be passionate about…but as Charles Bronson replied to Dick Cavett in interview when asked did he hate being a coal miner:
    "You got do something..You do it!"

  • Im passionate about many subjects.
    Comics and sci'fi
    Positive thinking overcoming depression and anxiety.
    Want to work with others on this

  • My passion is internet Radio and music, i would love to turn in internet radio into a business here in Holland and South Africa

  • You needed to retire dude you look much older than you are.guess you had a hard paper round.up hill.

  • Yeah it's all right with retiring from work,if you got heaps of money 😭😱😰😩, good for some, and bad for others,😵😕

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