Retire in Mexico feat. Jerry Brown Travels

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Retire in Mexico feat. Jerry Brown Travels

Hey guys! So we’re at this peacock
restaurant here (in Ajijic). And it’s hard to come up with words about this place because you
walk in and it looks like any other store front or restaurant front. And as
you walk back, the more you walk back, the bigger it seems to get! This place is massive! I mean, it’s like everything, just about everything that we found in Ajijic is sort of this tip of the iceberg thing. Where you think you know a
part of it but that’s really just a sliver. And so we’re sitting back here at
a table and this absolutely gorgeous garden with plants everywhere,
roosters running around, peacocks shaking their butt at you because that’s what
peacocks do. How do you cockadoodle-do? There’s so much vegetation and fruit trees. I see a lime tree, a
mango tree, a banana or plantain tree, and then something that looks like apples
behind us. And so many flowers. This place is absolutely gorgeous! And guess what else! We have a special guest with us here right now! We have
Jerry from Jerry Brown Travels, and his wife Lori. And his wife Lori. So we’re
gonna be swapping stories. May even swap some stories with these chickens and
peacocks that are greeting us at our feet. Probably, uh-huh. I was trying to let one
eat chips out of my hand and I was terrified. But he didn’t, he didn’t poke
any holes in me, so that’s good. Ah! [Laughter] [Laughter] I can’t watch! Hello! So this restaurant’s absolutely gorgeous!
You would come in here expecting to be paying a whole bunch of money for this.
But, most entrees hover a little above a hundred pesos in the 100 to 200 range. Yeah, which is probably the equivalent of the fancy-type restaurant that you might
find in Guadalajara. We’re usually paying about, for a lunch, maybe like 60 to 100
pesos, so this is slightly above that. Which is well worth it considering the
ambiance. We just finished our lunch here, and if I must say, that was like the best
freaking plate of chicken I’ve ever had in a long time! We’re sitting here with
Jerry from Jerry Brown Travels and really excited to talk to you guys! Will
you introduce your channel? Well, I’m Jerry Brown with Jerry Brown Travels. And Lori here! Thank you for asking us to collaborate with you, this is great! Absolutely. Well a little bit about ourselves, what our videos are, are a little bit
different than what you guys make, in the sense, our audiences are people that are
retired. Lori and I have traveled, how many countries have we travel to Lori?
Oh it’s more than 35. Wow! We look for Countries where it’s economical to
travel. For people that maybe haven’t planned well for their retirement are
looking to stretch their budget As much as possible. Yeah, they can stretch their budget, yeah. Maybe live on $800 a month instead of needing $4,000 a month to live on. So we’ve gone to places like Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Mexico we have a lot of countries to go to, and you can see them in our videos. It’s not a travel video so much as more informational. We’ll give
people ideas, let’s say on what we spend a month for eating. So this way, people ,when they go to a country, they have an idea. Real numbers, what they can spend there. You guys said something that I thought was pretty interesting
because we don’t mention this very much either. We talked about this before.
We’re not trust fund kids, we don’t have an unlimited budget, so we’re working
with, you know, just a little bit every single day, so we’re not able to go on fancy, elaborate, expensive trips. We’re a little bit similar in that way,
and that we’re sort of always looking to be very budget-conscious,
and show that you can travel and live in a different place, like Mexico, without
breaking the bank, or without needing millions of dollars. That’s important
because today a lot of countries are very expensive to travel. And so the
countries that we look at are much more economical. Thailand. We do have one on, we are from Hawaii, and we have some on Hawaii. But that’s a little expensive! Yeah. We enjoy, you know, being able to help people, being able to share our
ideas, and give them practical numbers on how to retire with dignity. And you know,
they don’t have to worry about going to McDonald’s and eating one dollar
hamburger as a diet. And by choosing countries much cheaper to live in, your money is
stretched out so much. You can come into restaurants like this beautiful place
here, and you can afford to eat. And you know I have to throw something in here since what we were talking about before. You can go to nicer restaurants like
this. Although you should come here with the mindset that it’s probably not gonna
be your five-star, fancy, gourmet restaurant with all the standards, or all
the customs that you’re used to. It’s great food, great atmosphere, but also
kind of have that mindset that it might not be exactly what you’re used to in
your original culture. Yeah, that’s a good point. And you know, the other thing too in traveling, Mexico
in this particular case, it may not be for you. We’re blessed with a lot of
noise here. Oh yes! Rockets going up. The orchestra of Mexico sounds. [Laughter] Yeah. Mexico is poppin’ Because of the culture shock and stuff
like that. People… sometimes they get discouraged, and they expect it to be
shangri-la. They expect it to be a resort Life all the time. But it isn’t. You
know, life isn’t that way. Mexico has its challenges, but of course we love it here!
And we project that across our love for the area. One of the great things about
living in Mexico is you meet expats. You know, like we have met here. And you bond with them. We’re actually closer with our friends here then we
are with our families. I hate to say that. Birds of a feather flock together. We’re a
different breed of cat. People that have the courage to leave their own country
and come to a new place to live, It’s scary, change is scary. So you’ve
traveled to so many different countries, So many different cities, and you settled
in Ajijic, Jalisco. Why here? Okay, so in our travels, we were looking
for an Ajijic. It had all the ingredients. Our playmates can speak English. And also we’re at Lake Chapala, it’s the largest lake in Mexico. Has the largest
english-speaking library, movie theaters, It has good health care. Also too, It’s only
40 minutes away to the International Airport in Guadalajara. From where we
live, we can walk to the lake, we can go to the library, we can go to movie theater, we can go the bank, and go to doctors. I mean with all in walking distance. So that’s
our criteria. With the right shoes. With the right shoes. [Laughter] Yeah, we do have cobblestones. [Laughter] There’s no skateboarding or roller skating around here. No, no, no. With the right shoes and the right steps. Yep. [Laughter] You have to watch your step because, why do say that? Because there’s a lot of dog poop here. Oh, that too! [Laughter] There are some stray dogs. But the dogs are friendly. They’re mellow, mellow dogs. You don’t have to worry about getting bit. We’re after a richer environment. There’s a lot of volunteer work. We volunteer at the orphanage here. So the community bonds together, even More so than in the States. Because
we’re all looking for new family. Most of the people that are in Mexico are world
travelers. They have traveled, at least. And the people that settle here are used to that. The ingredients to here just resonated with us. We’re now in the center of El Centro in Ajijic, and we have one last question for you. What would you tell someone if they’re thinking of moving or retiring to
specifically Ajijic because they Think it’s the place for them? Perhaps
they’ve never traveled anywhere else. That’s an excellent question! Ajijic is very popular. A lot of people know about it, but the important
thing we want you to know, there’s many other places in Mexico that are
beautiful, they’re great for expats. You’ve got the coastal communities let’s
say like Mazatlán or Puerto Vallarta, and they’re great also. You have inland communities like
Chapala even, which is only six miles away from here. And then you have like San Miguel de Allende. Where you’re living in Guadalajara. And these Are very important places too. So don’t
limit your search on just this part of Mexico, because Mexico is a very big
country! And you may want to go to Mérida on the East Coast. There’s many, many
places, so just keep doing your research, Keep doing your due diligence, and you’ll
find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Absolutely! Alright, awesome! Be sure to check out Jerry Brown
Travels. We’re gonna link to that below. If you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to both of our channels! And if you’re looking for more from
Tangerine Travels but not necessarily on our Channel, Jerry also has a video where
we did a cool little interview about what we’re doing. Be sure to check
that out. And! GONG THAT BELL! So you get notified the next time we put our a new video, And we will see you there. No, you need more enthusiasm! I think everyone heard that. [Laughter] [Laughter] Bye!


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