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he gets flattened by Congress Mueller is speeding up his investigation,
but it may not be because he’s going for the kill. It may be because he knows Congress is about
to slam the book shut for good on his witch hunt. The so-called “Trump-Russia dossier” produced
by Fusion GPS was paid for Hillary Clinton to investigate fake claims that Trump colluded
with Russia. But even though Fusion employee Christopher
Steele was paid millions, he couldn’t find any concrete evidence. Yet the dossier was still used as justification
to get a warrant to spy on Trump advisor Carter Page, and assist the investigation into the
President. But now, documents to be declassified will
undermine the Mueller investigation. From Western Journal: House Republicans are seeking to have emails
declassified that reportedly offer “damning evidence” that former FBI Director James
Comey and top Department of Justice officials knew of intelligence community concerns about
the reliability of the infamous Trump dossier, but still used it to help obtain a FISA warrant
to surveil the Trump campaign. The documents that will derail this phony
investigation include an email chain between FBI and DOJ members. These emails will be the key to revealing
that the FISA warrant used to spy on Trump was based on a lie, and members of
Congress will
finally be able to see the truth.


  • All the distractions are just things to keep the American public occupied so that Obama Clinton administration don't get prosecuted for their crimes to humanity

  • The witch hunt is being used to bankrupt top republicans and doesn't care about anyone else except themselves and are trying to make there crimes looked like it was Trump but who's been in power for how many years before Trump took office and before Obama there were 2 genders and after Obama there's now 72 genders so who caused the divide and who played identity politics Obama the Muslim Brotherhood insider who hates anything and everything about America and only cares about illegals and immigrants and terrorists and funded them all while heavily taxing citizens and destroying the military and I'm in UK and see this

  • "Mere" exposure does not constitute an arrest. And an arrest does not constitute a prison term. For the record, there are currently some likely CIA disinformation websites online; namely, "Defense Tech" and "Politics News HM". Be forearmed and forewarned.

  • Need to investigate just how much money Mueller funneled to his own bank accountS, in the US and in Switzerland

  • Did anybody see the envelope that fell out of Crooked Hillarys brochure at the Bush's funeral guess what it was,it her was her Indictment it's time to face the music also OBAMA and many others at the funeral got and envelope to.THE STORM IS HERE PAIN COMING.Guantinamo bay prisyis there future home and u to Mueller.

  • Why do they continue with saying only Carter Paige, but that also includes any incidental contact. So an example Paige either sends an email , text , or Phone call they use the warrent the wrong way! Any other American citizens has to have a separate request to unmask an American Citizen, but as it goes subject one talked to this person so instead of just inspecting Carter say the second contact is Dave well know they have another person which leads to say five more people they , then those five people they get ten more incidental content until they have the entire Trump campaign! The Gang of eight on intelligence Chuck Schumer who replace Harry Reid who also was saw the dossier and used it like the truth, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Mitch McConell , Richard Burr, Mark Warner, and who ever Devin Nunes took the place of, they are suppose to get a separate warrant every time they unmask any other American especially, The GOP nominee and they still added the president of the United States . So all the eight are the congressional over site for the Patriot ACT an act that something Obama said he would shut it down being that it would be the biggest invasion of privacy ever. Then he got his private briefing from the NSA which was the time Obama realized that compared to the file J Edgar had a very Powerful FBI director so after Hoover left they put a term limit on FBI director 10 yrs Now lets look at Mr Mueller his 10 yr term was up but Obama needed him to close the Uranium one deal by leaving the country with 3-4 oz of Enriched Uranium to give Putin a look at the quality of the twenty percent of the US's Uranium. So Obama keep Mueller as FBI director for an extra three yrs, then Hillary put the pressure on Obama to make Comey the Director. So Congress need a way to keep the patriot act that was put in to place for over site. So these eight people did one of two things Obama's team lied to all of them , but these are supposed to be the Elites that are so smart we can't understand. Or these Eight got the whole briefing the Truth and they didn't give their leader who might be President and sold out their country , it's people, and took a dump on our flag. When Devin Nunes is added he starts seeing some of these things that that are Happening to the President and being the only person with stones to pass up the money or power they were offering. We were all told Nunes was doing private meeting with the president when All these leaders ganged up on him and told the Propaganda Machine to attack Nunes saying he was breaking the oath he took. These Eight either were to scared of what Hillary was going to do to them, just to stupid to see all Obama was doing to stop Trump, so if they had any tastes from Obama and he promised them it would never get out because Hillary is a shoe in. To me that isn't a good reason to sell your President and our Constitution , and everyone that have fought to keep our flag scared. So Is this the reason 58 members of the GOP retired ? I am so tired of the Dems stealing from us, our trying to pull off the Biggest scam ever Look at Paris or CA who now any new construction have to buy solar panels to make sure you aren't using to big of a carbon footprint then fine anyone that doesn't comply. This was the scam the fine because we will never get the formula on how to justify the fine. So since Trump pulled out these to leaders are trying one CA they are trying to be the solar power company and the government that starts fining people. This is how Jerry Brown is trying to get CA out of its debt 2-3 trillion, France tried the same thing but their model first part was raising fuel taxes that would go straight to Macroon and either scam it or pay off Frances out of debt. The first Climate change accord in France the only country funding it was the US 20 T over ten yrs, and the stupidest thing was the accord gave China and India 20 yrs they were except. 3/4 of the worlds population and if you ever see the area from space the pollution Cloud makes CA cloud burns off by 11 am most days were India and China the cloud never goes away and to go outside people wear masks. So what an idiot proposal like we were the only country to have to fund for first 10 yrs, and then the EPA would start fining everyone so they could bankrupt our Country because Obama said term limits don't apply to him, he was trying to change our government to a socialistic country and He would be King with a royal family . He had gotten use to being king and spending with Bush 20 T that we know of but his good friend head of the treasury Tim Giencker who really knows how much dough they stole like the 150 Billion that was said to be in a bank frozen BS. Our entire government was so full of rats That maybe if Trump got everyone it might be a 1/4 of the DOJ and FBI, and maybe 200 people in the Gov Obama tried to compromise as many people as he could with that promise non of anything will ever come out. The dems and the RINO's are still working against us and trying to hide all the felonies the whole Obama family committed to do and never thought it would be realized. Please America wake up to all of us have been sold out by people from both parties like Obama used to give his entire team a monthly polygraph to make sure no one had leaked anything. I am telling you he was so comfortable be King and lying to us with a straight face. America all of us shouldn't tolerate the DEMS attack for three yrs of doing the worst things to america only has to do with power and money.

  • Mueller is such an American hero resisting the pressure and underhanded gyrations of the cesspool and the self centered and self serving bully in the crooked and bought politicians, the Russians and the White House. His report will likely save taxpayers billions in national debt blowouts by the current president if it the Senate has the integrity to implement it.

  • Mueller has spent tons of taxpayer dollars, caused a lot of undue stress on quite a number pf people, and wandered FAR from the original scope of his investigations while proving nothing.
    WHY should we, the taxpayers have our wallets raped in an attempt to remove a president that was elected by the citizens of this great country?

  • i can not beleive that this criminal is investigate others and permited to destroyed good mens lifes , what kind of country permits that bullshit to go on ,

  • You are full of yourself it is illegal to except foreign funds from foreign Nationals no matter how you try to spend your turkey web it's still illegal so you lied to somebody else who doesn't know the Constitution

  • so I guess if state and local community says it's perfectly legal to rape and murder then I guess that's okay to right that should be allowed so is using money from foreign Nationals it's kind of like raping the United States in your hat with your lies

  • You name it and Herr Mueller has been wrapped up within it, 9/11, WACO, Lockerbie, Jamey Bulger, giving Jeffrey Epstein a free ticket in The Sweet Connect, Uranium 1, FISA Abuse, wrong 3 Russian Spies, Suez, Panama 🇵🇦, Iran, Comey Conflict of Interests, Dumming down of Stockholm syndrome sufferers the Nesbitt Sisters, Clinton’s Corruption WACO, Grenada and other small Countries honestly the Corruption just goes on and on.

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