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HUGE B0MB ON MUELLER Since he began his investigation over a year
ago, Robert Mueller has discredited himself countless times. With no real evidence of collusion, he has
been desperately looking for any possible leads to make Trump look bad. And he just found his new lead, and what he
did next is truly a new low for Robert Mueller. Going after anybody close to President Trump
isn’t a new thing for Robert Mueller. He’s gone after friends, family, and his
political mentors. But all of the people he has gone after have
all at least loosely been involved in his political venture towards the presidency. His newest target, however, has not. Allen Weisselberg is the Chief Financial Officer
and Vice President of the Trump Organization. He has long been one of the most trusted business
associates of Donald Trump. He is perhaps the most valuable person who
works for Trump, and when he assumed office, Weisselberg was the only person who was not
in the Trump family who took control of his financial assets and business interests. Being described as the man who knows “where
all the financial bodies are buried” in Trump’s business empire, Robert Mueller
seems very interested in him. That’s why Weisselberg has been asked to
testify before a federal grand jury in the investigation of Donald Trump’s former attorney
Michael Cohen. Mueller’s interest in Weisselberg began
after his name was mentioned by Cohen in the private conversation he recorded, which was
leaked to CNN. That conversation did not uncover any wrongdoing,
but that doesn’t matter to Mueller. At this point it seems that Mueller’s one
goal is to create a media narrative that Trump colluded with Russia, and to do so, he must
create as much circumstantial evidence as possible. Questioning everybody close to him helps do
that. This is proven by the fact that Mueller’s
investigation into Cohen doesn’t have to do with the President colluding with Russia. The same can be said about Trump’s former
campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who is currently in jail for crimes unrelated to Trump. But despite those facts, when the media mentions
Michael Cohen or Paul Manafort, they always tie the two to Mueller’s Russia investigation. In the eyes of someone who only watches CNN
or MSNBC, they may have no idea that them being investigated has nothing to do with
collusion. It appears that Mueller is trying to do the
same with at least one high-level official in the Trump Organization. Weisselberg was not involved in Trump’s
presidential campaign, yet he is under fire from Mueller. This simply shows how desperate Mueller is
to find something on Trump. After running his investigation for over a
year, he hasn’t released anything proving that Trump colluded with Russia. The American people are finally coming around
to that fact, with Mueller’s approval rating being at the lowest level it has ever been. Only time will tell when his investigation
will end, but it seems that Trump might not even care about that anymore. In the past, Mueller had high approval, but
now Trump has a much higher approval than Mueller does. Do you think that Robert Mueller should end
his investigation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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