RESIGNATION LETTER | HOW TO GIVE NOTICE AND RESIGN |  Quit Your Job with the Template In Description

Updated : Oct 24, 2019 in Articles

RESIGNATION LETTER | HOW TO GIVE NOTICE AND RESIGN | Quit Your Job with the Template In Description

So would you believe I get a lot of questions about when do I give notice? If I’m leaving a job and maybe I’m getting paid more money somewhere else and maybe I just don’t like working conditions. I get alot of questions about how do I leave? What kind of notice do I give? Do I need to give it in person? Do I need to give it on email? Do I need to send a letter in and send it through the mail? So I want to answer that today. If you guys are giving notice for a job… So I’m going to go through all spectrums real quick here. Retail, blue collar jobs, Normally its two weeks notice. And that two weeks notice can be by email, that could be in person with a letter, theres different ways that you can do notice to give resignation. Now if you are in a higher level position, if you are a store manager or a regional manager If you have alot of tasks that are associated with your position that typically, it goes up from there so what would normally be a two week notice may go to a four week notice, you know a one month notice If you are very intertwined in the operations So those are usually for management positions, If you are an account manager Or again if you handle a large team or a large group of managers, it may be common courtesy to do a four week notice, but again common practice in America at least Is a two week notice if your planning to give notice and the other questions was, what do I say? So the good thing about being an adult, about being a grown person… When your a child you kind of sit there and say oh man I dont want to get in trouble for saying this. When your an adult you are In control of your own destiny you can leave a job for alot of different reasons You want to provide for your family. You want to make more money You want a better work environment You want a better career track. There is a lot of different reasons Why you want to leave your current job. You don’t have to tell your current employer all these reasons and if your unhappy with your current employer or the way they run things, you dont always have to go into that either. It could be as simple as saying I resign my positions effective this date for personal reasons and you can leave it at that so. You know some people do ask what if I have alot of issues with that employer should I list it all in the email? You could, um you know If you work in a place that you consider to be a hostile work environment (Entourage Clip – Ari Gold ) Your Fired!!! And your not happy there and you feel like they dont treat people with respect or they haven’t been taking your ideas, opinions advice seriously. You may find that the letter is just going to be a waste of time so again I cant tell you not to do it, but if you are thinking about resigning and you are thinking about listing all the reasons you want to resign. My boss sucks and all that. It may fall on deaf ears. You know. so you know the business and you know your the culture at that company so only you know whether or not it is something that is going to be taken seriously but I would just put in a two week notice and say personal reasons effective on this date and im out…..

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