Rededicate Yourself to Dharma

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Rededicate Yourself to Dharma

Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam
Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam | Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam
Vandhey Guru Paramparaam || I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis,
satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, sitting with us all over the world
through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, and two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha in
many cities, many countries, around the world. Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing:
Peethadeshwaris Training Centre-Salem, Hong Kong-Sirkazhi, High Point-North Carolina,
Gyaneshwor-Nepal, Port Washington-New York, Tallahassee-Florida, Tuen Mun-Hong Kong, Hyderabad-Gupta
Kashi, New York-Varanasi, Kastav-Croatia, Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram, Scottsdale-Arizona,
Hong Kong-Sirkazhi, Melbourne-Australia, Philip Island-Australia, New Jersey-Omkareshwar,
Houston-Kalahasti, Jorpati-Nepal, New York-Varanasi, Oklahoma-Somanatham, San Jose-Madurai, Kuala
Lumpur-Palani, St. Louis-Tirumala, Ohio-Prayag, Toronto-Kailasam, Nithyananda University-Los
Angeles, Nithyananda University-Paris, Nithyananda Nagar-Tiruvannamalai, Nithyananda Nagara-Bidadi,
Nithyananda Nagaramu-Hyderabad, Vancouver-Bhubaneshwar, Tiruvanmiyur-Chennai, Washington DC-Sripuram……………….. I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Today, a very important day for the whole
of Hinduism, the Sanatana Hindu Dharma, the day, the greatest reviver of our Dharma, our
Acharya, Adi Shankara is born. Even though it feels like a grammar mistake, I cannot
use “was” for any of these Acharyas. So, I am using “is”, even though it is a grammar
mistake. Adi Shankara, one of the greatest beings,
greatest Masters, the reviver of Hindu tradition, Sanatana Hindu Dharma, he was more charismatic
than the Buddha, but not greedy to be a separate cult. That is why he stood by Sanatana Hindu
Dharma. There are a few people who try to make themselves heroes just by saying “No”
to everything which is prior to them. But there are some people who can demonstrate
their unique contribution without saying “No” to whatever exists prior to them. The second
needs more intelligence. Shankara was charismatic enough. If he had said “No” to all the
prior things which existed before him, he would have become another one religion. He
has all the components to become a separate religion — charisma, intelligence, infrastructure,
ability to convince people, play with words, everything he had, and, ultimately, the ability
to transmit the experience. But his sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice: he just decided to
be one Acharya in the great lineage! He was so grateful to the tradition which made him.
I am not disrespecting Buddha. Just two days before I had so much of praise for Buddha.
Please don’t mistake me. But the stark realities have to be told to you. I don’t repent at all sending all these
Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, out of this hall with strong words: ‘Get out of this
hall! Apply chandan (sandal paste) and come back!’ I don’t repent. If I didn’t do
this, I am afraid, after I leave this body, you guys may separate yourself from Sanatana
Hindu Dharma, which I don’t want to happen! Just one step — having Kali inside the Ramakrishna
Mission — if they had decided, so much good would have happened to Sanatana Hindu Dharma!
I am not underestimating their contribution, Ramakrishna Mission’s contribution to Hinduism,
but just this one decision — having Kali also inside their temples and ashrams — so
much good would have happened to Sanatana Hindu Dharma! In future, I don’t want you
guys to remove Mahadeva’s deities from our ashrams and temples. That is why I insist
I take time, even though it looks very strong when I use strong words, ‘Get out of the
hall! Apply chandan and come back!’ I know I am training you guys to keep something very
valuable for Planet Earth forever! Forever! I am very clear, I will always be a reviver
of Sanatana Hindu Dharma, never founder of anything new. My deep gratitude to my Masters,
my gurus. I had the fortune of getting enriched by more than one guru, enlightened beings.
My gratitude to my gurus who made me is, I will ever remain as only the reviver of Sanatana
Hindu Dharma, never the founder of something separate, away from Sanatana Dharma. I want
all the Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars who are the owners of the Sangha to remember this:
You will all follow the minute details, understand? In any culture, there are core things, lifestyle
things, fashion things. For example, in the western culture, if I have to say Core things
— your belief about life, death, materialism, your belief about money, what for you work
the whole day, what you think as joy and pain — all these are core things. Then Lifestyle
— the number of cars you want to own, the number of houses you want to own, the number
of items you want to own, the way you want to be remembered by your friends and family
— lifestyle things. Then Fashion — the handbag you carry, the lipstick you use, the
shoe you wear, the tie you use — fashion. Understand, my disciples, you guys will follow
Sanatana Hindu Dharma in all these three levels — Core Beliefs, Lifestyle, Fashion. Our Core Beliefs are like major questions
we have about life — life, death, karma, renunciation, dharma, artha, kaama, moksha
— all these are Core Beliefs. Then Lifestyle — what we own, what we share, how we earn,
how we showcase ourselves — lifestyle. Then Fashion — this chandan, big-big rudraksha
malas, the sacred jewelleries, sacred clothing style. So, in all the levels, you guys will
revive. Your body should be a moving hoarding, billboard for Vedic tradition! Your mind should
be a moving billboard for the Vedic lifestyle! Your consciousness should be a moving billboard
for the Vedic core teachings, core message. These anti-Hindu media constantly harass me
and abuse me for all these rudrakshas, these marks. How many times, I tell you, how many
times, off the record, these media barons tell me, ‘Why don’t you be like other
gurus, popular gurus, gurujis and sadgurus, without having all these marks so visible?
You will be less criticized!’ Only mortals need to be afraid to become martyr! I am immortal
and will never be a martyr, understand! I am immortal and intelligent enough not to
be a martyr! I am not talking out of any arrogance or pride, please understand. I am very clear
about what I want to do. I want to make a fashion statement about the beauty and glory
of everything in Sanatana Hindu Dharma. The way we cook, the way we eat, the way we dress,
the way we reside, everything, let it be brought back to life! On this great day, Adi Shankara’s Jayanthi
Mahotsava….. It is not birthday, it is Jayanthi Mahotsava. Birthday is as per the English
calendar. Jayanthi Mahotsava is as per the Vedic calendar. Earlier, in our Sangha, we
used to celebrate both days — birthday and Jayanthi. Recently I banned birthdays, and,
for the last three years, we are celebrating only Jayanthi. Today is Adi Shankara’s Jayanthi
as per the Vedic calendar. On this great day, once more I commit and I request our whole
Sangha, whoever considers me as guru, all of you will commit and declare: ‘We rededicate
ourselves to Sanatana Hindu Dharma, to live Sanatana Hindu Dharma Core Beliefs, Lifestyle
and Fashion, in all the three levels. Core Beliefs, Lifestyle and Fashion, in all the
three levels we will celebrate and live Sanatana Hindu Dharma.’ I tell you, the period of the Trekker Gurus
is over! It is 1970s and 80s! No one is interested to go to these back-packer Trekker Gurus who
talk that all religions are one and the same. Then why don’t you get converted to Islam?
We are rid of one nuisance! No, there are some fools who go on saying! I am very clear,
all religions are unique. Don’t say “same”. Unique! I do respect everyone’s contribution,
but don’t go on saying all religions are same. If you believe that, then get lost!
We are rid of one weight! Be very clear, I wanted to make this statement
very clearly on this great day of Adi Shankaracharya Jayanthi: We will follow the Core Beliefs,
Lifestyle, Fashion, in all these three, the great Sanatana Hindu Dharma. And, today is also the Jayanthi of one more
great spiritual giant I personally regard as the second great spiritual giant, whom
I am going to introduce, a little one step more than Adi Shankara — Acharya, the great
Ramanuja! Today is the same day, Acharya, the great Ramanuja was also born. You may
ask why I put Ramanuja one step further. Please understand, an Acharya has certain responsibilities
and he is given all the powers needed to fulfil those responsibilities. Living in the body
for a long period and establishing what for he happened, also is one of the responsibilities,
which Ramanuja fulfilled very responsibly by living 127 years! He lived in the body
for 127 years! Who wants to live in this world? But he took the responsibility. It is not
that Ramanuja did not have the problem Shankara had. Both of them had the same problem which
I am having now. It is eternal! I don’t want to say Shankara did not have the power
to extend his life as he wants. He has! All Acharyas are given that free hand, understand.
No Acharya is asked to come back unless he decides. So, I can say, Ramanuja was more
responsible in that one angle. That is the reason I am putting in my personal feeling
Ramanuja one step more. Because, when you stay, you can stabilize! I tell you, even now, the number of enlightened
beings produced by the Ramanuja Sampradayas are more, because he standardized the whole
structure and process by living more than 127 years….126 years plus. If Vivekananda
would have lived twenty more years, he would have made a living stream of enlightened beings
on Planet Earth. It is very unfortunate that he has to leave the body….. (break at this point… audio…..) …..and completed the whole responsibility,
the way he created, generated, stabilized the system was so beautiful! Again, I am not
disrespecting Shankara, but I have to tell the stark reality. We can say Shankara contributed
in his thirty-two years itself everything! But, I naturally expect an Acharya to stay
for some more time, not just contribute. See, there are different levels of doctors — who
just gives you the prescription, who just gives you the medicine and asks you to take,
who opens your mouth and puts the medicine, who puts a stick and pushes the medicine inside
your mouth and sees to it that it is digested in you and you are rid of the disease! I was
brought up, enriched, strengthened by my gurus for quite a long period. When I was seventeen
only, they passed away, both of them left the body. From the time I remember myself,
I grew up with both of them. So, when you spend time with your disciples for these many
years, the kind of maturity you bring to the disciples, the kind of strength you cause
to the disciple’s consciousness, I am the witness….I am the witness! That is why I
am telling you, the Masters need to live longer period in the body. See, if you just want
to make an intellectual contribution, just writing books is enough. But, if you want
to make a living enlightened stream, the stream of living enlightened beings, then lot of
work needs to be done on the consciousness of the disciples. From Adi Shankaracharya we will learn to be
a reviver of the Sanatana Hindu Dharma. From Ramanuja we will learn to live in the body
for a long period! I offer my humble respects to both the Acharyas, and both Acharyas will
have shrines in our Bidadi temple. In all our major temples, both Acharyas will have
shrines. We are working on it. As a Sangha, on behalf of me, and as a Sangha, we bow down
to both the Acharyas, remembering them, honouring them, rededicating ourselves to them, rededicating
ourselves to them. We will stand as a reviver of Sanatana Hindu Dharma, and as a strength
for Sanatana Hindu Dharma in the Core Beliefs, Lifestyle and Fashion, in all the three levels.
We will go on aligning more and more ourselves to Sanatana Hindu Dharma. I know, many things
are lost. Even we are not completely pure, because, many things we ourselves do not know.
We are yet to retrieve. We will retrieve, recover, reinvent, revive all of them as early
as possible and make them as part of us to rejuvenate ourselves. I think, this will be
the real gratitude we offer to both the great Acharyas, Adi Shankaracharya and Ramanujacharya. Today is also the fourth day of Meenakshi
Brahmotsavam. Devi graces the Golden Palkhi, the Golden Palanquin. And, today is also the beginning of Agni Nakshatra,
where today is the day the unique sun energy lands on the earth. In all the Shiva temples,
the deity will be constantly having abhishekam. Means, constantly the deity will be showered
from today to next few days. Till 28th, constantly the deities will be showered, given abhishekam,
sacred bath. So, all our temples also should have that vessel where rose water or Ganges
water, sacred water is constantly showered on the deities. So, from today, we start that
ritual of Dhaara Paathram. There is a tradition also, when you put the Dhaara Paathram, means,
the constant dripping of water on Shiva Linga, you sit and concentrate on it. Your mind also
gets concentrated, dhaarana happens. Dhaarana, it is a very powerful technique to make dhaarana
happen. There are a few Masters who just say “No”
to everything which existed prior to them. There are some Masters who revive whatever
existed prior to them and align themselves to be an Acharya of that great lineage. There
are some who are completely confused, do not know what to do, and do not know what is their
stand. ‘Whatever gets money now, come on, let us do that! Whatever gets a little name
and fame, money, this prize, this reward, that reward, let us do that now!’ I am very
clear about my stand from the beginning. I want to be remembered as a reviver of Sanatana
Hindu Dharma, and I want our Sangha to work in that direction, reiterating our direction,
reiterating about our authenticity. This is what I want to do today on this great day,
Adi Shankara’s Jayanthi, Ramanuja’s Jayanthi. Today, in the Inner Awakening, we will be
working on our authenticity, and the process of completing all the incompletions. My only
request to the Inner Awakening participants: Please co-operate with the class by being
on time and all these. Because, we have so much to do! See, because we are in Varanasi,
we have to see so much and we have to do so much. Varanasi yatra itself needs separate
twenty-one days, and the Inner Awakening needs separate twenty-one days! I am doing both
in one twenty-one days! See, I am co-operating by cancelling all the Kalpataru Darshans I
have given to many cities. I have already started cancelling many Kalpatarus. I
am cancelling all the Kalpataru Darshans these
twenty-one days. I am co-operating from my side everything possible. And, especially
election time, whichever temple we want to go, first we have to study that there is no
political rally on that day, so that we will not be stuck in the traffic jam. So, so many
factors we have to consider and organize the whole program. So, please let us use the time
to its fullest extent, and the space of Varanasi, Vishwanatha.


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