Record number of 401(K) millionaires


  • it's not hard at all, to rise from lower class to middle class in the united states, so blacks and hispanics whining about racism in this regard, should STFU. that said, it's much harder to rise from middle class to upper class (millionaire level and above), and that is where being white places you at a significant advantage because the money/capital and wealthy connections flows among their people.

  • First off you gotta be rich to get that much from the 401k fuck you fund. .. I had 401k for 27 years and they fuck you left and right.. if you believe this bullshit then you are in the make them rich saga… you make them rich by having your money and penalized your stupid ass if you pull 1 dollar out. Learn math you retarded fucks. 401k is a actually company dumb dumbs. It's about make them a retarded amount of profit. .. you could save money by sticking cash in a crown royal bag with no penalty that pisses them off because you pull any of your money out that they ain't making money on. Grow up idiot

  • Damn those greedy bastards. How dare they save their own earnings in tax deferred investments. Bunch of middle class elitists "not paying their fair share" with these 401K loopholes. Probably all work for greedy corporations too.

  • twenty+ trillion in debt. Soon 30 trillion. The gubmint is gonna need REAL cash. They get real cash by taxes. Good luck.

  • c'mon, this is a statistically flawed metric… most people don't have their entire net worth in their 401k because they roll over when leaving jobs. People could have $30k in their 401k and $1 million in other retirement and non-retirement accounts.

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