Reaction: Protests for resignation of Puerto Rico’s Governor (July 2019)

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Reaction: Protests for resignation of Puerto Rico’s Governor (July 2019)

Hello everybody. Andrew Mercado-Vazquez here from the from the podcast Puerto Rico Forward and from PRF Review, the show based on the podcast. It’s 11:18 right now. And for the last 2 hours – 2
hours and 50 minutes – police and protesters in Old San Juan have
been clashing. And I want to talk about why. First off, the two accelerants that have really driven this situation to this point is, first off,
the indictment that was filed last week that I covered in another quick reaction
video (or “QRV”). I actually talked about it, so look it up
if you want, but really quickly: two government officials are involved – one of
the government officials by the way is actually from the state, so that person
isn’t even from Puerto Rico – and then you have four other individuals that
just have a contractual professional relationship with the Governor of Puerto Rico. They were basically indicted. There was 32 counts in the indictment,
it’s about wire fraud. Wire fraud conspiracy, money laundering, you have a
conspiracy of theft, really heavy charges being levied against these individuals,
and you also have a leak of about 880 pages worth of a telegram chat between the Governor of Puerto Rico, Gov. Ricardo Rosselló Nevares, and his cabinet members and his closest political allies and even advisors. Even people that
aren’t government officials were participating in this check. Four very
important pieces of information from this chat: First, there’s language in
there that lends itself to be understood as plans or desires to intimidate
certain individuals that think differently than the administration. You
also have a conversation between the Governor of Puerto Rico and another
government official actually laughing and making light of the idea of shooting
dead Mayor Carmen Yulín Cru, Mayor of San Juan. You also have high levels of
profanity use them against, or in reference to, a huge number of
individuals including profound profanity against the Oversight Board – Federal
Oversight Board – and most importantly, in my opinion, you have the individuals in
this chat sharing confidential government information with people that
aren’t even government officials. So, these are serious. These are serious
situations arising from the chat. However, I don’t believe that the chat and the
indictment are the reason why people are protesting today. The reason people
are protesting today is because the Governor of Puerto Rico has chosen to
ignore – outright ignore – the general demand of the people of Puerto Rico for
him to resign. For him to leave office. For him to accept the current situation
as it is and simply make way for someone else. The Governor of Puerto Rico has
refused to do that. He says that he’s going to stay in office no matter what.
So people in Old San Juan, what they’re doing is that they’re protesting because
they want him to be impeached, or they want him to resign. This is not a protest
that happens as a result of these two stories as I mentioned before. These two
stories are accelerants. The people of Puerto Rico have been angry and
have been frustrated, and have been screaming at the top of the lungs for
decades that they want a government that represents them, not a government that is
in place to administer the U.S. colony known as Puerto Rico. So I
believe that that cry, that outcry, has reached a very important point that has
been fueled and has been accelerated, as I mentioned, by these two situations when
the indictment which is an actual situation, actual actions by government officials and other people interaction with the
government in a corrupt manner, and then you have the chat that reveals the
personality of these individuals that are in charge of the executive branch of Puerto RIco. So the reaction of protest, I believe, is a reaction that you
could see coming from a mile away. But to be honest, I haven’t seen this
amount of people coming together for a common cause since the fight against the
the Navy to get out of the edge. At that point, thousands of people came together from different political ideologies to get
the U.S. Navy out of the island municipality. So this is a story
that’s developing. I’m not a journalist, but I do want to call everyone into
being aware of the narrative that’s going to be shaped in the mainland U.S. and being aware that it’s not as simple as simply “the chat” and “the indictment.”
This is the accumulation of years of struggle, years of tension, and years of a
desire to have, finally, a government that represents the will of the people of Puerto Rico. And to have an executive branch led by a person that denies to
request in the outcry, the demand of the people of Puerto Rico, to step
aside and allow for a different person to lead…I think has been one of the
most crucial points in having this type of confrontation and this type of uproar
happen. So as always, thank you for your time, thank you for listening, y que viva Puerto Rico.


  • I tell the Puertorican people to keep voting for the same Parties that bankrupted the country. They are to blame for being a bunch of Idiots.

  • Its so annoying to me that the US wants to have so much financial investment and economic control over Puerto Rico while not giving them any amount of support when it comes to natural disasters or anything else that widely impacts the lives of Puerto Ricans. But I suppose that's how colonial/capitalist/imperialist powers have always operated: privatize gains, socialize losses, extract social capital, deny social investment. F*ck austerity and f*ck politicians who want to make abusive, lopsided deals with US politicians/entrepreneurs.

  • You want independence. Well in a week you would look like haiti. You all have fallen so far from God. ..faggot parades now everywhere…when i lived there. It was about Jesus. No homos. Hurican maria was a warning. ..keep on being like the states. You will all Jesus. ..fuego popular

  • Thank you for this information. I've scrolled a whole page or two and haven't seen a single YouTube account from someone is a regular person who isn't a 'mainstream' news account to give some thoughts on this situation.


  • Anybody reporting the truth to the public is an Independent Civilian Journalist (ICJ). You are a journalist; just not a Corporate Journalist who further the American Empire's narratives (lies) for profit.

  • "I am not a journalist."
    Yes, you are.
    But I understand your confusion.
    It's because so-called "journalists" aren't journalists anymore. They're puppets.

  • I hope one day to see Puerto Rico be recognized as our 51st state (if the Puerto Ricans themselves still wish for it). Y que viva Puerto Rico! You deserve SO much better than what you've been given.

  • The people of Puerto Rico are PROTESTING against the Governor because of the CORRUPTION and theft of funds that were committed to pay off the debt. The people are PROTESTING against the Governor because of the way he handled the disaster during Hurricane Maria in which relief funds were mismanaged (stolen). The relief supplies were also stolen including BOTTLES of water that were left out in the sun on an island. Those BOTTLES of water were worth millions of DOLLARS. The debt and the lack of pensions are the main reasons why the people are PROTESTING. We here in Puerto Rico are being taxed out of existence by the government.
    I believe in protesting. But I cannot condone the blocking of traffic that prevents people from getting to work, hospitals or other appointments.
    I have a pre surgery appointment today and I cannot cross the blockade that is being manned by the protesters.
    My point is that the media is not telling EVERYTHING about the REAL reason that people are PROTESTING. The media is spinning the narrative of Text messages and chats over the CORRUPTION and graft issues of this Administration.
    People who work for the government of Puerto Rico are not getting their pensions. Schools that were in the districts of the opposition political parties have had been closed by the Governor and his party.
    He is just like his father who was the Governor years ago who stole funds and many people in his Administration were arrested.
    We have a sales tax to pay off the debt. Not one penny went to pay off the debt since the beginning of the implementation of the sales tax. People are tired of being taken for a fool. Tricky Ricky must resign.

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