Progressive Thinking – the First Step to Attainment | Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai

Updated : Sep 14, 2019 in Articles

Progressive Thinking – the First Step to Attainment | Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai

Things don’t make us happy or sad; But, our perception, our attitude,
makes us happy or sad. And our thoughts play an important
role in building this attitude; Therefore, how to purify these thoughts,
how to bring a revolution in thoughts; How to progress in your thinking? A zookeeper in Frankfurt
has noted this, The difference between humans and monkeys
is a developed intellect and thinking. But, even amongst monkeys,
there are 3 categories; 1) Gorilla type of monkeys 2) Chimpanzee 3) Bonobo, which is so similar to man All its actions resemble humans
despite being a monkey. The zookeeper from Frankfurt said, Suppose a gorilla is kept in one cage,
a chimpanzee in another, And a bonobo in the 3rd cage, And all the cages are locked. If the zookeeper throws a key in the cage, It is only after 30 minutes that
the gorilla registers it. It is that lazy, and the
intellect is not so developed. Despite having more physical strength,
it stays where it is; You don’t see any change
in the gorilla’s life. But when the key is thrown
in the chimpanzee’s cage, It immediately runs towards it, picks it up
with its hand, fiddles with it, looks at it, It tries to figure out if it is something edible,
or something to draw with, or what it is. And when the key is thrown in the bonobo’s cage, It immediately picks the lock with the key,
unlocks it, and runs out of the cage. This is because its cognitive
abilities are so developed, That, though the
bonobo is a monkey, Yet every time the zookeeper would
unlock and lock the cage, Its observation must be such, That though it does not know that
this is called a ‘lock’ or a ‘key’; Its intellect has developed
to such an extent, That it is able to do things
which may not occur even to humans. It unlocks the cage and runs away. You too can do the same. If you can develop, and use
your thoughts in the right way, Then you can be free from the bondage of birth
and death, through the medium of thoughts. That is why the Lord has said,
‘If you think, then you will attain.’ Finally, what leads
to attainment, is thoughts. Thus, ‘If you think,
then you will attain.’ You will not be able to
attain it by thoughts alone. But you begin with thoughts alone. And for the development of thoughts, Listening, reading, reflection and contemplation,
all play an important role.


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