Prince Philip Resigned From A Very Important Role and Passed Duty On to Prince Harry

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Prince Philip Resigned From A Very Important Role and Passed Duty On to Prince Harry

Prince Philip resign from a very important role and now he’s passed the duty on to Prince Harry Prince Philip has undoubtedly led a remarkable life He’s also held a number of important posts Since becoming husband to Queen Elizabeth II Perhaps due to his Advanced age Though the 96 year-old Royal is gradually passing on his official responsibilities And as it turns out One of Philip’s most notable roles has gone to Prince Harry That particular position In fact Is one that Philip may very well have treasure Given his own history of service in the British royal Navy Back before he wed Elizabeth He was even considered to be the best Cadet on his course at the Royal Naval College in Greenwich UK And when World War II broke out he duly went into action to serve his country In particular Philip was appointed as a midshipman in 1940 He would eventually rise to become first lieutenant on HMS Wallace Even though he was only twenty-one The time And that was despite the fact that During the war Philip found himself on the opposing side of some of his own family Has two of his sisters had married Nazi officer Furthermore World War II veteran Harry Hargreaves Whitaker Explain that the prince had been somewhat of a hero during his service Specifically Hargreaves told the BBC in 2003 That Philippa come up with the idea of placing a decoy raft into the water during a bombing raid in 1943 He did this it said In order to save HMS Wallace From the German guns And Hargreaves would later tell the Observer Prince Philip saved our lives that night He added I suppose there might have been a few Survivor But certainly the ship would have been sunk He was always very courageous and resourceful and thought very quickly You would say to yourself what the hell are we going to do now And Philip would come up with something Phillip then moved ships to HMS will Which side in Tokyo day at the time that the Japanese signed the 1945 surrender notice Twisted ending World War The following year Philip would ask King George the vi For the hand of his daughter in marriage And after all parties agreed to the match The wedding of Philip and Elizabeth took place on November 20th 1947 Plus as his custom Prince Philip wore his naval uniform during his wedding ceremony Indeed members of the royal family have warned their military outfits for important events for years Prince William had also donned his when Mary and Kate Middleton in 2011 For instance The Royals have a very good reason for doing this though Since the queen is the official head of the British Armed Forces And when Elizabeth became Queen in 1952 Philip gained a few new titles as well Admiral of the sea Cadet Corps Colonel and chief of the British army Cadet force and they are Commodore in Chief of the air Training Corps The year after the meanwhile He became Captain General Royal Marines the ceremonial head of the organization Fast forward several decades Spell anytime Set the royal family services do And association with the military Have continued well into the 21st century Tua Phillips grandson William And Harry Hazard for example William was a pilot with the RAF search-and-rescue force from 2009 to 2013 Well Harry had a nearly decade-long stamped in the British military until 2015 And it was Prince Harry to whom Philip would pass one of his most important roles Indeed on December 19th 2017 Harry succeeded his grandfather is Captain General Royal Marines The queen was pleased to give her formal approval to the appointment today as the Duke of Edinborough Accompanied by Prince Harry Carried out his last official duty is captain-general Announce the Royal Facebook page Specifically Prince Philip final Duty as the captain-general was to be present at a ceremony He received the outgoing commandant General Major General Robert Magdalene And his Major General Charles Stickley Area company them and all four men pose for a photo later posted to the royal family social media accounts The palace had previously announced in May 2017 That Philip was winding down his duties Having served as Queen’s consort For over 65 years And many people agreed That is retirement was richly deserved After all He had carried out over 22000 official engagements over his lifetime In recent years Spell Philip has had a few problems with his health With some preventing him from being present at major events On December 23rd 2011 Princeton He began having chest pains And so spent Christmas day in hospice And the year after that he missed the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee after once again being hospitalised this time For a bladder infection Perhaps because of these health issues Many people feared That the prince had died When news broke in May 2017 That the palace was calling an emergency meeting Instead No statement was released concerning his retirement In taking this decision The Duke has the full support of the queen it’s red Continuing Prince Philip will attend previously scheduled engagement Between now and August And after the announcement of his retirement was made Philip went straight to one of those scheduled appointments He had a meeting with the members of the order of Merit This being an award granted to those who have performed exemplary service in science Culture of the Armed Forces At the meeting itself meanwhile mathematician Sir Michael atiyah told Philip Said he was sorry But the Royal was standing down The princess response Well I can’t stand up much longer It was the perfect parting remark for a man who has long been famous for having a somewhat controversial sense of humor Conceivably though It was all so true That’s because Philip is fast approaching It’s likely then that he doesn’t have many years left of fact That reportedly worries Prince Harry In fact Philips Health maybe the reason Why Harry was so quick to ask Meghan Markle to marry them Prince Harry really wants Philip to be at his wedding Royal expert Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight in November 2017 Harry’s incredibly close to his grandfather Nicholas Winton Therefore The prince. It was a great thing To have the wedding sooner rather than later So his grandfather could be there And perhaps this bond between grandfather and Grandson meant that Harry was the Natural Choice to take over the role of Captain General Royal Marines It’s also a position That Perry now seems more suited to fulfil to After all he’s coming very long way since his teenage years At that time the British media nicknamed him the party Prince And followed his scandals with bleach But the Royals years in the Army seem to have had an effect on him Indeed Harry’s now I respected ex-soldier Charity worker and advocate for mental health support And his wife-to-be Are also very popular among the British pub And it’s likely But he’ll take over more and more work as his elderly relatives Including Prince Philip do eventually pass away Happy late though Harry seems more than capable What do you think Share your thoughts in the, Subscribe to get instant news update Prince Harry has Natalie Pinkham Since Mary and Meghan Markle Prince Harry has given former close pal Natalie Pinkham the cold shoulder since Mary and Megan According to reports Sky Sports presenter Natalie 40 who is said to have enjoyed I close platonic relationship with Harry Before he met the suits star Is reportedly miffed at the change in their relationship However the president Who was not invited to Harry and Meghan’s wedding last May Reportedly admits that Megan is good for Harriet she will tame his Wild Side Speaking to the Sun a source claims She is quite rightfully myth She has known Harry for years and was not only his drinking buddy What is confidant They were super close But it was purely platonic When Harry got together with Megan their relationship rapidly changed It just went flat and noticeably cooled off However they added Natalie feels Megan is the sensible soulmate who will tame Harry’s Wild Side According to the source Natalie thinks the cooling off in their relationship Could be down too overprotective courtiers at Buckingham Palace Natalie in the palace have been contacted Good for cumin Mother-of-two Natalie was said to have enjoyed regular meetups with Prince Harry over the years Becoming his drinking buddy and confidant However Harry who was once known for his wild nights out Has enjoyed a change of lifestyle of a recent. After expressing his desire To settle down with the family Harry and Meghan have enjoyed a whirlwind Romance Since announcing their engagement in November 2017 The pair married at St George’s Chapel in the grounds of Windsor Castle last May Before welcoming their first child Archie McFadden Windsor on the 6 made this month On Friday the Duke of Sussex has spent his first night away from baby allergy Taking part in a fundraising polo match in Italy and enjoying a good night sleep Professional Polo player Nacho figueres Captain Harry’s team Said the Duke had begun a very exciting part of his life with the birth of his son And after resting had been excited ahead of the match The player said the Duke had a good night’s sleep which set him up For the game Which Harry’s team 196 against the u.s. polo Association team led by professional Malkin Boardwalk Speaking about what the future holds for Harry Mr figueres said Being a father always changes you He seems to be very very happy I think this is a very exciting part of his life He was ready for it and I think he’s loving it I always thought Three would be an amazing father Because he has a great affinity for children 2 weeks is very very soon But I’m sure he’s changed The annual event has raised more than 6 million pounds for the work of sentebale since it was first held What do you think Share your thoughts in the, And don’t forget Describe to get instant news update


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