Priest Retirement Fund – Archdiocese of Los Angeles

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Priest Retirement Fund – Archdiocese of Los Angeles

fleeting thoughts time I was maybe eight years old but it wasn’t till I was 17 or 18 that thought no this is the way that I want to go and even then went to college and first semester this is no I gotta go to the seminary I’ll never forget who’s going to I thought we were thought fit basis this is the square peg go into the square hole never look back I am by their area Schmidt been a priest for 57 years you know I can’t think a holy name without thinking of father Schmidt and my family senator brothers and sisters and I think he must have performed at least half of the weddings and baptisms and just everything I don’t think I would be aware that there was a spiritual life if it was not for again my daughter wrote I’m so thankful to God for allowing me the honor to know is served with father Jerome Schmidt he was an approachable accessible generous enthusiastic shepherd I just would have to say thank you because as I say he got me back in the church and once he got me back and just ever stop we went to Haiti shortly after the earthquake and there was terrible devastation still things were just getting put back together and Monsignor Jerry wanted to see what things were really like in Haiti so he went to the schools we went to see the feeding of the children one of his pet projects is to help support hands together in Haiti father Jerry has been involved in missionary work in Mexico for several years who visit the sick the people that cannot commute to church the people that are ill or maybe dying that ask for priests we go and father gives him convenient we pray over them and we spend a little time with him when father Jerry’s there he normally takes over the services the mass and all the things that need to be taken care of by a priest when he first started coming here to help us out he was on the on Thursday Friday and Saturday Sunday but pretty soon he got a lot of things he got involved in the RCI program he got evangelization group he started supervising the lectures in English too and he participates with the in privity small English classes as well in plus the daily masses and also Saturday he comes in his confessions and then he goes at the vigil mass and Saturday in two masses on Sunday we have had several conversions here even this year we got a Jewish who became Catholic and because of he started hearing father Jerry and he got so excited so in the last sister video pick up ties father Jerry is a great blessing for for secretary and also and a personal way for my life too because it’s a mean as a Princeton he said I would brother he listens to you sometimes when I just get tired and he’s always ready to do more well I didn’t think I was gonna live till the 2000 which I’ve been 70 years old and so the next thing I look forward to now is heaven and I keep telling the people I don’t know why the Lord is keeping me here this long I’ve been ready to go I just find him by living the best way I can really makes for a joyful fulfilled life


  • It's hard watching these priests retire after living God so many years we are in Christ need to back up these people who worked all their lives serving others unselfishly always giving and caring .the need is great and God is greater then our biggest lewts keep them in our prayers at the very very least.may gpod bless and keep them both now and always .Amen

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