President Trump speaks on Ambassador Nikki Haley’s resignation


  • The Dennis Rodman of the US State Department "thinks the world of Nikki"? Ouch. What does the world think of State's Dennis Rodman act?

  • Of course the liberal press is going to find some nefarious reason why Nikki resigned. The fact is, 8 years under intense pressure is tiring.

  • Love the way they did this, but you can rest assure the Lib Dems will read something else into it lol. Well done Nikki, I thought you were an amazing lady and best fit for the job! I hope at some point you'll return to help Trump further put America back on the map to be the power it once was and has become once again, countries need people like you!

  • Another RAT Jumping off the Trumptanic… How many BEST people have left in donny couche's cabinet of LOSERS?? I am LMAO..!!

  • Good…she was part of the swamp and establishment scumbag needed to go now she can get on her knees for Rockefeller’s dictation.

  • I could never do what President Trump, and the rest of his people do everyday. It is a constant threat. I am former 11-B Infantry US Army. I feel sickened to think of the constant threats that come from within our own country to these people on a daily basis. I salute you as my commander in chief President Trump.

  • Nikki your a smart woman. you see the bad moon rising & leaving before the s#!t hits the fan an some of the stench gets on you

  • She is setting up to possibly run for President? 2020? She is just taking some time to relax because she saw how dispicable the left can be against republican contenders? She will have less than two years left after her job is finally done end of this years so It is a possibility I think.

  • Smart lady now if just all the senators and governors would follow in her foot steps and resign instead of being in office for a life time our country would be a better place.

  • Oh thank god I could now see people in comments who voted for Donald trump . This presidency sucks more than a rotten tomato. Make America great again doesn’t mean to undermine globalisation in 21st century . To be truthful US now have worst ties with every other country. Global trade can’t just run on one countries agenda and priorities. Today it’s like US is claiming for profits on expense of others downfall. And I wanna ask people here do they also think climate change is not real just like DJT ?? And yeah Good luck dealing with all the hurricanes and calamities Mr. Trump .
    I surely can’t stop here but I wanna listen to your sides first about the image of US in and out of your country in trump presidency

  • You can only lie for so long, in a little bit it starts effecting your health and environment in general , u gotta step aside

  • This has been one of the brightest of many bright spots in the Trump administration. I hope they can keep it up without Nikki Haley at the head.

  • I can see why Trump hates to see her go. Dignified, articulate, honest, respected by many of her UN peers, supports the President. She's great.

  • The world leaders were laughing at Donald Trump and she said America is more respected. Shame on you East Indian Nikki Haley. Donald Trump really thinks everybody is stupid. All he wants: A Woman who was a victim of sexual assault to keep quiet. Impeach Trump now and Deport him back to his country Russia.

  • Nikki Haley is awesome!! She's quitting because her job won't be needed …the time has come for the US to pull out.

  • This wretched horror Nikki Haley has single handedly traumatized our traditional allies to the extent that few will support us while many serve only to mock us. "The leader of the free world" President Trump when delivering an important U.N speech openly provokes both North Korea and Iran by advocating the threat of war while being held in contempt and openly laughed at. Sanctions have been placed on Europe, China and Russia. Signed agreements written to ensure peace with sovereign nations have little to no meaning. Soon this farce will reduce us to having Israel as our only ally…all is lost.

  • Poor gal, You gave the best of your own for USA. Yeah you are smart to make a good point. Give or hand over to some one who can carry on. However, I believe in HIM. Not you guys.

  • Nikki did a fantastic job ! Thank you for representing our Country through strength ! God Bless you and your Family. Can't wait to see how you represent America in your future work !

  • Haley is brilliant…While it's plausible, that, she may be leaving to earn more money, and she may have, already, received a lucrative offer.

    In mid-Nov., hopefully, the Dems will take over the House, and the Senate, and, then, teach Trump a long overdue lesson.

  • Great job Nikki! Praise the Lord for your service. Tremendous work accomplished! Get rest and a bright future ahead. Class, humble, elegance, intelligence, hallmarks of traditional conservatism.

  • It's time for President Trump to take World Leadership on Climate Warming Change. Dear President Trump you are the most powerful leader in the World. We expect you to take World Leadership and end the use of fossil fuels. Your leadership is crucial in ordering the total end of the use of fossil fuels. The people of the World expect your leadership to end the use of fossil fuels. We encourage you, we support you in taking the leadership to accomplish this goal NOW!


  • I loved Nikki and she did a great job and I'm sorry to see her leave. All the best wishes for her and Donald, another GREAT AMERICAN and PATRIOT. The name Trump will be held as game-changing name for the entire world.

  • Nikky Haley left suddenly after the fool trumps disrespectful rants against professor Ford and the praising of the attacker Kavanaugh ………………………
    the 6 months notice comment is bullchit , if that was the case the liar trump would have had a replacement right now !

  • Nikki is so beaaaautiful. She's got the perfect smile and boy do I love the way her brain works. We shall miss you Nikki. Thank you so much for your excellent work and service to the USA. You are amazing.

  • trump says the economy is the best it has ever been FACT is Obama's was higher
    trump promised a wall built out of others cost..trump trying to force Americans to pay for his wall
    trump separated families at the boarder..said he didnt do it the Dems did..
    trump said N. Korea is not a threat,yet as he said that they increase production of nukes
    trump insights violence towards the media
    trump has openly bullied others, be-little them
    trump said "DRAIN THE SWAMP"..yet it is his top officials that are being "DRAINED"
    trump says his on video inter view is "FAKE"..more than once…
    trump says he didnt know he bedded those woman and paid to cover it up..
    trump said he wants Americans to stand with palms out front cheering the N. Korea…(FOX NEWS inter view)…….
    trump said "if you plead the 5th,you must be a crook,some of his top officials are doing that
    trump says the DOJ(that is investigating him) should be only on his side and if not, he will fire them and run it his self…
    there is a dozen and with only hundreds to go I'll stop here…why are you "PUPPETS" following such a low life?….you are all just "PUPPETS"…..

  • Under Obama, the gross domestic product never surged beyond beyond 3%. But with Trump, we now have the best economy since the year 1969.

  • Ok I’ll just laugh here broke we’re gonna take aaaaaaaalllllllll you’re money from you so you will start over when you’re term is over. You are so poor now too

  • Nothing surprising, this is a 2 year plan, now the heavy gun is coming into UN to sweep the globalists out of USA. UN is in USA because we keep out enemies close.

  • Another crook taking kickbacks from wealthy supporters, another Trump rat abandoning ship free airplane rides on the tax payers dime .

  • Your time at UN has been fantastic and while i fully agree with your reasons we will nonetheless miss your presence. Best to you and wish your future the finest wherever you end up.

  • Few people, including this blogger, even remotely considered
    that the first female President of the United States can be, would be, a
    Republican, however, from where I now view Nikki Haley, she is currently hitting
    and singing all the right political notes, but in keeping with current marketing
    trends, she at 46-years of age will have to start dyeing her hair for further serious
    consideration, otherwise there can be little or no hope in her candidacy.

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