President Donald Trump Should Consider Resigning, Says Spiro Agnew Attorney | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  • Umm aaaa Donald Trump should resign I think . This guy has more hair on his head then he has brains in his skull . Ugly as sin as well

  • Historically, people like Trump, walk backwards,no matter how much the road narrows and corners them,they don't turn around,they dig in,they end up in holes and have to be dragged to justice.

  • Trump won't resign, he's not done f*cking this country up, and fleecing America. Corruption is his way of life, and Americans were dumb enough to let him do just that. lmao…

  • Donald Trump you need to resign most of the Americans are mad at you, I'm mad at you and sooner or later these Georgians will not be on your side anymore so, leave us alone. You're a horrible man and a selfish president and you're a stoburn sick man and you're a cancer to the USA and you are also a liar about america and a mean evil empire because I don't care about you and Brian kemp and y'all could kiss my butt because this is not where y'all belong. Modesty, I don't care about it either. Y'all people in the government need to fire this guy or you're going to be shut down with donald trump. Donald Trump you are not the boss of the people in America and Georgia, let them choose for themselves. I hate you donald trump and I hate you Brian kemp too.

  • Even if he resigns he still has charges against him that will continue to move forward. The orange suit could very well happen.

  • Remember so far Trump has 52 law suits towards him in State and Federal courts in 17 cities, and part includes Putin and Mueller isn't go to pull punches and Trump is afraid of Mueller. Makes me very happy. Hopefully he won't be able to brag how much he's worth when it's not true, he says 10 billion well it's only around 5 million. My point is he may have to go bankrupt again for the 7th time. another thing you must take note on he had to borrow millions from his siblings but if that is not enough he borrowed millions from 70 different banks and now he has no clue how too pay it all back. Put it mildly he's soooooo fuc*ked…..

  • Only Goin get worse . Im not going to toss him a life jacket. He has no pride he will never resign. So look out donalds taken a punch of you down with him. This is what cowards do. Watch your backs boys and girls.


  • The President should not resign because then the American people will never know the truth about this entire affair. Either the President or Mueller or the press should go to prison.

  • i am a centre-rightist, but trump is not/never a good representation to us.
    he should resign, at least give freaking mike pence the presidency, he is much more mentally stable.

  • Awww Spiro agnew the first of the aggressive right wing Republicans. These ppl have nothing to do with true conservatism and or Christianity. But…that's trumps largest voting population. Not this Christian..not this constitutionalist!!!

  • as you guys work to change National interest how's that going for you!! the more you guys talk bad about the guy the more we like him!!

  • A year later and Trump is still going strong . He's the original "teflon man". When will Democrats give up & just concentrate on preparing for the 2020 election?

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