POPE RESIGNS! Gangnam Style Prophecy Fulfilled!

Updated : Sep 02, 2019 in Articles

POPE RESIGNS! Gangnam Style Prophecy Fulfilled!

I’m out of town today. I’m attending my niece’s wedding. I just received the very bad news off the internet in my
motel room that Pope Benedict is resigning. This is a tragedy, really. It indicates that the
False Prophet is about to ascend the throne of Peter. This is a fulfillment of the “Gangnam
Style” prophecy where the man in yellow is defeated by Psy who represents the Antichrist. I
believe that prophecy comes from Enoch. I’m almost certain the
next Pope will be the False Prophet. His major duty will be to reveal the
Antichrist. He will also okay the mark of the beast. Evidently, the Antichrist had to get
rid of Pope Benedict before March because, as you know, the
mark of the beast is a part of Obamacare and it will be
necessary for a Pope and that is a False Pope to okay the mark of the beast. All this is
prophesied in the book of Revelation. It is prophesied
in “Gangnam Style”. It’s also prophesied in that video “Stuck”. I believe all of these are prophecies from Enoch and they are coming true and I
will have more on this later. Thank you for watching.


  • I totally agree. I believe that the Beast will be able to ban torah-believing people from buying and selling. As it says in Revelation 12:17 and 14:12 the Beast will intentionally hunt and oppress the people who believe in Jesus AND keep God's commandments, meaning that the average Christian will not be Satan's main target.
    Sure they'll irritate him, but they won't be the prime threat to Satan. Those who follow God's laws are the greatest possible threat to the Devil, for he hates God's laws.

  • In the Gangnam Style prophecy, Pope Benedict (man in yellow) is defeated by the Antichrist (Psy). That prophecy was fulfilled by the pope's resignation. However, my interpretation that the red car which the Pope drives off in signaled martyrdom, was faulty. Of course, even that part of the prophecy may yet come true.

  • Mr. Tarplay I hear a kind of nervousness in your voice and it is enough to be nervous after all the things we hear about the anti-christ. Yes there are two beasts like you said and I can't see Obama as the anti-christ even though I think that he isn't a Christian but most likely a Muslim or some other non believer. We all have to be very strong for what we are all going to go through and we need God's help to get through.

  • The False Prophet is the beast from the earth; the Antichrist is the beast from the sea. They are not the same person. The False Prophet leads the One World Religion; the Antichrist leads the One World government. These are the two beasts which are cast alive into the lake of fire in Revelation 20:10.

  • Pope Benedict does look sick and I agree with you where the last Pope will be the false prophet. Mr. Tarplay this "mark of the beast" has to do with world government and that the Vatican along with the UN will run the world both financially, militarily, etc. Mark of the Beast has a lot to do with your thoughts and your actions according to what some people have mentioned as well. Take care and we all have to be strong.

  • Hello again. In 2009 I've dreamt Pope Benedict will leave office.Take a look at my new video called Parrish's Pope prohecy is coming to pass. Thank you sir.

  • I read this in washington post news now "The retirement creates the bizarre happenstance of having two popes — one former, one current — within the walls of Vatican City. Although Benedict is expected to keep a low profile in retirement, Lombardi suggested he would remain a vital figure in the city-state. " Could this mean what you meant by having two popes: one good one and another evil one?

  • Unlike the other 111 popes, Petrus Romanus is not numbered. Some believe that it's because he will not actually be a pope, but that he will assume the duties of the pope due to something that prevents the conclave from taking place.

    I heard that on February 28, the cardinal who will assume the duties of pope during the time of sede vacante is Tarcisio PIETRO Evasio Bertone who was born in ROMANO Canavese, Italy.


  • I forgot one other thing. Unscramble the letters in TARCISIO to get the name of a betrayer that we're all familiar with.

  • 2 Thessalonians 2:1-17 speaks of the AC to be putting an end to daily sacrifices and seating himself on in the temple of God, the temple pieces are all ready including the red heifer but the third temple needs to be rebuilt first and only then the man of lawlessness to be revealed.

  • The temple which the Antichrist enters into is the Church. The sacrifice which he takes away from the Prince is the Eucharist, NOT some kind of animal sacrifice.

  • people who believe that "the 2nd pope after John Paul 2 will be aligned with the AntiChrist" seem to forget that the same text claimed Satan's 7 year reign would be 2000-2006

  • You need to learn how to quote Scripture accurately. Jesus said: "no man knows the DAY or the HOUR”. He did not say you could not calculate the MONTH or the YEAR.

  • Since the bible says not to be a hypocrite, I sincerely hope you don't use medicare if you think 'obamacare' or a plan to give everyone access to healthcare somehow an evil thing.

  • Everyone has access to health care now. What is evil about Obamacare is that it forces everyone to pay for contraception, sterilization and abortifacient drugs. These things are not health care! They are an abomination in the sight of the Lord.

  • I totally agree with what this gentleman is saying…the ecclesiastical masonry is, one way or another, responsible for pope benedicts resignation…..these are the end times

  • Revelations the pope shall resign and his reign will be short 5th trumpet is that a star shall fall from heaven today a meteorite hit Russia!

  • who demaned the romans to kill jesus ? the phariess jews. who are the Phariess today they are called zionists. do Jews believe in Jesus ? NOPE

    so who is the antichrist … Revelation 2:9

  • i dont see it as a bad thing, the end is very close look upIve waited my whole life for this and now its very very close
    thank you

  • So it's not PSY you are refering to? You're saying that the man in the yellow suit is going to be the next pope? I hope you know that man's name at the least and not just pointing your finger at a stranger in a yellow costume.

  • Fear not these coming days for they must be fulfilled that our Savior, Yahuwshua may come! Rejoice for the time is short and we will be re-united with Him.. be strong, persevere, and give thanks… HallejuYah!

  • You are repeating one of Satan's greatest delusions of the end times. Watch my video: 'Mystery Babylon's 4 Locations Reveal Her Identity".

  • Mr. Tapley, last Feb. 15, 2013 a meteorite hit an area in Russia. It looked like the beginning of the Apocalypse. What is your opinion on this phenomenon? Thanks.

  • Why did you name this "Gangnam Style"… Isn't that apart of that retarded song? or is there another definition to it? links if possible.

  • Like I told someone else on here, Who cares? Are you gonna be able to stop it? No. The only thing this video crap does is that if nothing happens then you made yourself look like an idiot.

  • @justin reese He didn't say PSY is the antichrist, he said PSY represents the antichrist in the video. He's just suggesting that like most of the celebrities, Satan is just using him as a puppet to pass on and plant demonic messages in his videos. What is being suggested in the video sounds feasible. Do you really think that the most watched video on youtube and most popular song in the world wouldn't be plagued by Satan's symbols and iniquity?

  • It's actually crafty of Satan to do this too. It would make sense to use Beyonce was a tool to highlight all the themes in Gangnam Style, but he used an outsider from a different country that wasn't as popular as he was before his big hit. I think Satan did it to trick Christians into believing his music is harmless. It worked too, because its the most popular song on youtube and the world right now..

  • I know we're in the end times and that the antiChrist will soon hit the scene; however I don't see any value in this. Even if you're right, there's no benefit. If you're wrong however, how many thousands could potential throw it ALL out the window?. It's fine to say, "My opinion is…", or "it' appears to me that" or "my guess is that…" but to declare "thus saith the Lord" not only makes you look foolish, but damages peoples faith.

  • You seem to think my job is to convince you? This is not true; my job is simply to warn you. What you do with this information is entirely up to you but, if I do NOT warn you, then your blood will be on MY hands.

  • im confused popes mm well im now frightened to death no way ill take the mark looks like i may be a martyer m or be an angel

  • Look, put it this way, you better start eating what you can and get and enjoy allll the sleep and freedom you can…it's about to be a long ass trip…

  • Of course, Satan is no match for Jesus; that's why it will be very humiliating for him to be crushed by a teen aged Jewish girl.

  • @TheArchangel46 i agree with you i dont why catholics pray to mary using the rosary when jesus said pray to your father in heaven and him alone jesus is GOD and he knows everything thats happening because he is the one doing all of this since he is the creator and the bible predicts the outcome so jesus doesnt need weapons since he is already victorious nothing will stop him

  • To understand Mary's role in end times Bible prophecy please watch the following videos: "Catholic Prophecy From Mary to Pope Peter ll", "Number Prophecy in Daniel 4 With Improved Visuals", "End Times Prophecy in the Book of Esther (2 parts)", "Antichrist is a Loser, We Will Defeat the Beast", "Fourth Prophecy" and "Response to Jonathan Kleck, part 2". Jesus is our "Commander in Chief" in defeating the Antichrist and Mary is His "Five Star General".

  • Quite so, as we now know Benedict will continue as 'pope emeritus.' Can't agree on these events being tragic. Indeed tragic so many deceived individuals, but Jesus' soon arrival is a most blessed, anticipated event and all these things must occur before that blessed event. Malachy Prophecy says nothing about 'good' pope.

  • The last true pope (NOT the next one) is Petrus Romanus who is a good pope because he "feeds his sheep". No bad shepherd in scripture feeds his sheep.

  • The next validly elected pope will be a good one. He will have to flee and go into hiding and the evil, homesexualist vatican infiltrators will put one of their own on the chair of Peter. He will pretestantize the catholic church and true believers will have to have underground masses. Thus as Daniel fortold: The abomination of desolation in the high place.

  • You predicted that Benedict would be killed as a martyr, not retiring from his position. Prophecies need to be specific, clear, and at the end of it all, 100% correct in what they predict, not "close enough." Also, prophecies have to predict unforeseeable events, not things that are inevitably going to happen (Benedict not being the pope one day). Saying that there will eventually be a new pope is like saying that the mail will be delivered next Tuesday. This is not a prophecy in any capacity.

  • Jonah prophesied that Nineveh would be destroyed in 40 days. However, the people repented and God relented. Was Jonah a false prophet? No, because Nineveh was eventually destroyed.

  • The mark of the beast comes after the rpature during the tribulation, so if you are saved by God you won't be here on earth to receive it.

  • My Gangnan Style prophecy videos have nothing to do with the video you are referencing about Nostradamus.

  • hey sir can you explain this comment from your "There will be two popes"
    how come?is this in the bible?

    as i know the last pope is a beast.
    and on your video about obama's on fire
    you said there that Alicia Keys mentioned woe 5x,
    as i heard it its not 5x its more than 5x i forgot the exact number but its not five im sure about it 🙂

  • In the Book of Revelations, it says that when the earth is destroyed, people will say "Babylon is fallen! Babylon is fallen in less than an hour!" Babylon is already fallen…

  • I'm very happy for him,that he's attending his I think Nieces wedding. But what makes him so sure that because the Pope is resigning means the next 1 is the false prophit? And how in the world can he determine that that video Gangnam really predicts coming events?

  • The "gangnam style prophecy"? Are you serious??? Read the Bible, not your intuition! What are you doing???? Didn't you read that "Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation."
    2 Peter 1:20

  • You're right! True prophecy is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Watch my video playlist: "The Gangnam Style Prophecies".

  • POOR WILLIAM! HERE YOU RESEMBLE SOOOooo MUCH THE PROPHET DANIEL! How many times Daniel got weak and sick to the point of death and had to be strengthened by the angel Gabriel, in order to endure what he had seen in vision. I believe Our Mother gave you the familial distraction of a Wedding, in order to assist you with the news. GLORY BE TO GOD!

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