Pope Benedict XVI Resignation Linked to Sex Abuse Scandal?

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Pope Benedict XVI Resignation Linked to Sex Abuse Scandal?

the pope’s resignation is linked to us
to the sex abuse crisis according to mayor maxima copa director uh… alex
give dani and this is interesting because we
mentioned when i met when we talked earlier in the week about the pope
resigning at being the first poke to resign uh… in six hundred something years
around six hundred years i said you know i can imagine wanting to get out look at
the whole pedophilia crisis that’s going on alex give me says that it’s two-day it’s
very strange it’s two days before ash wednesday because of the way the conclave works
and he’s no pope will probably reside over easter sunday mass you wonder if there is another issue to drop now he did the documentary mayor
maxima culpa silence in the house of god and it’s a ritz about some of the carrot
wave of accusations against the catholic church and he is just being very
straightforward here and saying this is about the sexual abuse scandal this is a doubt of the cover-up and this is about getting himself out of
the way essentially i’d just i’ve no reason to contest this
because it was the first thing that came to my mind is this evidence not really but it’s
certainly not a surprise to me yeah uh… you know what he is eighty
five years old uh… the health issues i can understand
this pace maker are their talks of cancer which i served as or not true but
uh… you props just don’t do this remember
that in his earlier capacity when he was cardinal rats in your report was
provided the sixteen th he was responsible for ordering all
reports of sex abuse to go through his office of the congregation of the
doctrine of faith where he ran uh… here and that office from all one two oh
five yeah i just i wouldn’t be at all
surprised the sexual abuse in molestation by priests is is bad enough
by far but dick persistent cover up and and uh… hiding and shielding of
the abusers isn’t really a double scandal that is
really wrapped into one and i think it’s getting you the attention that it
deserves yeah i don’t know if we need to link this to anything i mean we know
what he did uh… i think he’s despicable human being and uh… it who knows he’s probably just getting up
for things they repent let’s take a break will be back after
this i want to talk about uh… bunch of other stuff including your voicemails
and we’ll preview tomorrow’s show this to a lot happening it’s way too early to change the channel or stop the
podcast or from your computer off whatever it is
today how david technician headed happened and how


  • God Bless you Pope Benedict XVI, you were an inspiration to me and my Catholic brothers and sisters. Let the Atheist mock you, you will be seated in heaven in God's good grace, the Atheists will be tortured in the pit of hell.

    I wish you the very best with your future, you truly are a man of God.

  • The REAL reason Benedetto dropped out is so that Ron Paul could be elected Pope! He is the ONLY candidate with enough gold to restore the Vatican to its former luster.

    Unfortunately, his campaign isn't gaining traction because the msm is ignoring him again and distracting the masses with BS like those fake meteorites and the 'Blade Runner' murderer. Plus, the College of Cardinals is controlled by the Jesuits, so the election is probably already rigged against him.

    Vote Pope Ron Paul the 1st!

  • You clueless Midweekpolitics hosts do some research before putting other peoples presumptions…. itccs org have a read schmucks.


  • Becoming the first non-Catholic Pope will count as one of his miracles for his eventual Canonization. Oh, wait — he was already Canonized by his supporters. I guess that just makes him all the more qualified!

  • The past Popes looked just as unhealthy. They stayed in position until they died of old age an illness. Ill or not it does not end the fact that the current Pope was a Nazi and has covered up pedophilia within the Catholic Church.

  • Hey I wanted to give you a suggestion. You have a beautiful face and good body structure. If you worked out a little bit and held the show in your briefs, you would have millions of members worldwide. Just sayin, hope this helps!

  • Nah, no pope has resigned for poor health ever to my knowledge, the previous resignations all had political reasons. Out of hundreds of popes, this pope has access to the best health care humanity has ever had yet he cant perform his duties until death? He resigns without notifying the Curia and leaves the papal throne empty over the most important festival in christianity? Nah, this is a scandal, I bet we hear something very bad come out of the Vatican before the next pope steps in.

  • Mattthew Bailey, I'm with u on this. I am a christan i don't judge anyone by their religious belief. But I have to say i'm aggre with u

  • True, I bet he's faking, he didnt seem that frail a year ago, he was walking and bowing and waving. Now all of a sudden he's so frail he needs a platform to carry him around and can barely hold his head up. Even if he is frail that shouldnt matter. They were still wheeling John Paul II around and sponging the drool from his chin right up until he died.

  • The Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church: Two things my future kids will never be a part of (well, I'm an atheist, so no church, but yeah…).

  • He'd have to be really arrogant to resign over the sexual abuse, I mean, have an ungodly, cartoonish villain, no place in reality sort of arrogant to resign over the abuse. The only possible way would be if he was the one to have done the abuse first hand, and even then it sounds too unlikely, too da vinci codey, for someone like that to blackmail the pope.

  • And I say "arrogant", because it would mean that that one incident, whatever it is, is the deal breaker. All of the mistakes up until now, that's nothing, it's whatever that was that is the last straw and he must step down to protect whatever image he wants to preserve. He can't expect to work after, or even need money, he'll be covered, it'd be to protect an image/legacy, despite being the pope blamed for much of the child molestation controversies, despite being the only in 600year to resign..

  • OF COURSE the resignation is because of the pedophilia charges! ..You think he would just quit from being treated like a King until death because of "old age"!?

  • It's been reported that Ratzinger was implicated in himself sexually assaulting little boys when he was a priest in Germany and that the German Ministry of Justice gave him the option of either resigning as Pope or facing prosecution in Germany for those assaults. These allegations might be entirely bogus but given his complicity in covering up other priest's rape of young boys it certainly makes one wonder.

  • The church has fallen considerable since I was a kid. I used to look up to priests, now all I see is a pedophile. Sad but that's the way it goes with huge organizations with unlimited power and the use of FEAR to control the masses.

  • Like everything in life, it's never just one thing. of course the sex abuse scandal plays a role in the pope no longer wanting to lead.

    If you want an interesting story, look up "the last pope prophecy". It's not about whether you believe in prophecy, it's about whether people in the vatican believe in prophecy, and how they act if they do.

  • This is such a joke. Let the man retire dignity. I love the show but the rampant Catholic bashing is ridiculous. If you look at the facts your next door neighbor is more likely to be a child molester than a priest. The media wants you to believe otherwise…

  • My first thought on hearing he was stepping down was that someone caught him sneaking little boys in to his quarters . And that someone was going to blow the whistle on the entire illicit acts consuming the Vatican.

  • This is plain wrong. I dislike this men, but I understand why he is going to quit. He has seen what happened to Pope John Paul II, a men he has work with for many years. And I think he simply did not want to end like this, which is understandable.

  • I agree with Louis. This despicable bastard is trying to distance himself from the pedophilia that seems to be inherent with the role of priest in the Catholic religion. Ratzinger is a piece of shit.

  • You're wrong. The "height" has yet to be reached. It will get much worse. The Catholic church is a vile institution and will be exposed as such. I hope the 1.2 billion that believe in that bullshit are torn down by the fact their "faith" is proven wrong in my lifetime so I can gloat.

  • But they shouldn't be free to abuse their kids with a torturous dogma. Bible thumping one's children is the worst form of child abuse.

  • It is nowhere near 1.2 billion. People are losing their faith every day, it is just so high because they count all the people born into the church and subtract the number who have recieved last rites.

  • it is pretty obvious why they turned a blind eye on the kiddiefiddlers, it is because they are running out of priests. Time was, back when I was a kid, every church had one priest, the larger ones had two, saying three masses a day. Now, they have to commute between churches, and they are all from the third world. There are not enough priests, so they have to keep the bad ones they have.

  • He did not resign because of the sex scandal, he resigned because of a recently published book called "Edelweiss Pirates: Operation Einstein" Which depicts a German Hitler Youth group called the Edelweiss Pirates which reveals the true early. despicable Nazi life the Pope lived.

  • Catholic priests, boy scouts of america and other big organizations like this who preach high moral standards are totally dispicable. Peoples want for a god justifies these dispicable acts so they turn a blind eye. People who continue to support these groups are just as guilty.

  • we have. They don't speak english well. I went to my nephew's confirmation, and the priest guy sounded like the a cross between Stephen Hawking and Apu from the Simpsons.

  • I say, if the Vatican wants to pretend to be a country, let's treat them like one. Freeze all their assets, institute strict economic and trade sanctions (don't sell them food for instance) until they open up their documents for U.N. inspectors and agree to turn ALL the suspects over to the Hague for prosecution. If they don't comply, we give them the Saddam Hussein treatment. I'd like to see how the Swiss Guard stands up to the 82nd Airborne Division.

  • Not ot mention "The Popemobile" Apparently the Pope trusts science more than his god. Of course, if his god is real, and I were in his shoes, I'd want to delay any meeting for as long as possible.

  • But Benedict was the man in charge of handling the sex abuse problem. It would be like finding out that the Secretary of Education carefully orchestrated a cover-up of elementary teachers screwing kids, then electing him President. However, this has gone on for centuries, it's hard to know when the worst was, It's just that finally got exposed, during the previous pope's reign.

  • He is a criminal conspirator in the mass rape rape of thousands of children. Now some states (Ireland surprisingly one of the leaders) are getting serious about going after the church and this man. I think it is clear that the church does not want their top, supposedly infallible leader, being summoned to Dublin, or the Hague, or anywhere else for trial. This whole thing is a despicable shit sundae, and Ratzenberger is the moldy cherry on top.

  • I find "faggot" to be an offensive word, but at least apply it properly. Apply to the hordes of sick men in robes buggering little boys, and not to the people who hate them for doing that.

  • You mean he isn't the real Sith Lord? The resemblance is astonishing. I just figured he survived Vader's attack, escaped the rebels, and came to live out his days here on Earth. I bet anything there's a red light saber somewhere in his chambers, and those robes he wears – suspiciously like Jedi & Sith garb…

  • The point is not the % of priests who are molesters – I agree most are perfectly nice people. The point is that there were a lot of them and Ratzinberger was in charge of covering up their crimes and moving them around so they could keep doing it. He has no dignity. He should be allowed to retire to a cold, damp prison cell, shared with a large, horny man named "Bubba". Let him see what it was like for all those little boys to whom he tried deny justice.

  • Better day to be an atheist – similar things are turning up in other churches, like the Church of God in Christ, and others. It's a good day to stop listening to anyone who tries to tell you he has the word from a supreme moral authority, and start thinking for ourselves…in my opinion.

  • lolz ironic smear job by the hateful looney left considering liberals invented child porn and worship internet predator perverts like Anthony Weiner

  • Before he was the Pope, Ratzinger was Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which is the same office that was in charge if the INQUISITION.

    Everyone involved with the rape of children inside the church should be arrested and prosecuted( including the current Pope).He may not have physically done anything, but in moving these predators and not reporting them to the police. he is an accomplice after the fact.

  • You're very naive to believe that they are going to try him. Also, he is only guilty of cover up and neglect. He is not a war criminal who ordered the murder of thousands of people. Also, Ireland is not able to "summon" him, because he is the Head of State of a different country. What they need is an international warrant, and nobody is going to issue one. Also, this is not the responsibility of ICC. This needs a special Tribunal. The reality is that no one is going to punish or try him for that

  • I never said they would try him. The Vatican would never turn him over. However, they would not even want the embarrassment of having some government make the demand to extradite him for trial – especially if he were still the Pope when it happened. And there are some governments pissed enough that they might do that.

  • I don't believe Ireland would've tried him anyway, because the country is still deeply catholic. This would be political suicide for the governing party.

  • I doubt it myself, but then, they are prosecuting priests and Bishops, and I never would have believed that before either. Believe me, I know Irish Catholics well – just look at my name. I can't go to a family function without being hip-deep in them, even after all this…

  • How would you defend a ANY official that covered up decades of child rape and held the rapists unaccountable and knowingly ALLOWED further abuse and destroyed so many more lives

    Ratzinger was in charge of investigating and punishing these men and preventing further abuse and instead protected the rapists and facilitated years more of rape after rape after rape. He should be in jail.

  • So what? First, far more teachers are religious than atheist. Second, the schools (unlike churches) tend do their best to remove and prosecute offenders when they find them – they don't generally protect them. There is no hopelessness inherent in atheism – religions just teach that nonsense because A) that is what they have been taught, and B) It's a good way for the "shepherds" to keep the flock from bolting. Criminals are everywhere too – that doesn't excuse the Mafia.

  • But sex abuse INCLUDES child rape. Sex abuse is a more general term, which would also include things like molestation. That's like saying, "stop calling it math when what you're really talking about is geometry." It's just a stupid thing to say.

  • In breaking news, a Vatican spokesman has announced that "the primary reason the pope is retiring from the papacy is so that he can focus all of his energy on covering up the rape of children without having to be distracted by the day-to-day responsibilities of being a pope which include fighting against sex education & condom distribution in AIDS-ravaged Africa, obstructing progress for women's rights and spreading immoral lies against the LGBT community."

  • back in the old days, they handled it in the same way, they normally gave the offenders another job. But that was when there were PLENTY of priests, and they could give them administrative jobs where they could not get to children. But after the 60s priest numbers declined, sharply, and so more and more they shifted those priests to other schools and churches.

  • I agree. But my point was not about the definitions, but rather the usage of broad terms like "sex abuse scandal." I don't think we should coddle the masses by sugar-coating our language. The term "sex abuse" can be used to describe things far less horrid than child-molestation. We need to be more specific. Children getting abused, molested, touched inappropriately, whatever, is child-rape. Period. Although, to be fair, my original comment was hardly enlightened enough to get my point across!

  • So why do people call it rape when it happens to a grown woman, but call it "sex abuse" when it happens to children at the hands of a priest?

  • Yes, but what I'm saying is we should use precise language with more consistency when referring to horrible acts like this, rather than sugar-coat things by using general, soft language.

  • As a person raised in the Catholic Church, who left the church because I got acquainted with rationality in my early 20s, I urge any practicing Catholic to watch "Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in The House of God", the documentary that David is referring to.

    If you still have any respect for the Roman Curia (Catholic hierarchy), after watching that film, you are as delusional as they come.

  • I'm not guessing. The school SYSTEM is not religious, but the teacher population fairly well reflects the US population as a whole – about 80% to 85% religious. Also, for any teacher accused of child predation there is little to no protection. To the point where the have been several cases of teachers careers ruined simply by accusations which later turned out to be false. School do not keep known predators, and hide their deeds – churches do that.

  • True, but in the end since we are talking about children, legally they cannot consent legally to sex. We call it statutory "rape" when someone who is underage is engaging an adult even with consent. And there's not really threshold of when abuse starts to become rape if the child thinks its ok to do what the abuser says. Calling it child rap is categorically correct in this case. Frankly I think we should follow Doug Stanhope and call it KID FUCKING, because that's what the intent always is.

  • Interesting – does little to support your case – but does some. However, you will note that in cases where districts settle these cases, it often still involves dismissal of the teacher. Note also that the article never discusses the evidence against the teachers in these cases. Was it an accusation, or was there something more? In the case of the church, their own records show that they KNEW this was happening (no doubt) and worked to cover it up. The schools are trying, just not succeeding.

  • I never said it was a non-existent problem. The problem that I said was very small to non-existent in public schools, is one in which officials from top to bottom know for a certainty the identity of child predators in their ranks, and strive systematically to cover it up. It is too often not taken seriously enough and. I'm sure, occasionally covered up within an individual school. Often, there is not enough evidence to take solid action. That was not the case in the church. Continued…

  • Pt 2- We had such a case in my middle school. My friend's father in fact. However, he was a deacon at his church, a "pillar of the community", and a highly respected teacher. When a few rumors swirled around, and one child made an accusation, he was warned to be careful to be sure his behavior was always appropriate, but there was no evidence, so nothing could be done. Eventually they got evidence, and he was prosecuted. The church had evidence and hid it and allowed it to continue – different.

  • Yes, as I've said before, I am sure there were SOME cover ups. The clearest thing that stood out to me was the lack of any specifics in that article. They talk about many of the cases being settled, as if it was established that the teacher was guilty and they settled anyway, when generally you're talking about an allegation where the school can't prove wrong-doing and so finds it safer to settle the case rather than admit liability or possibly ruin an innocent teacher's life. The church knew!

  • You're just not getting it. There are some cases in some schools where this behavior is covered up. There are many more where it happens, but there is no evidence, there are also many false allegations. The Catholic church had thousands of cases they KNEW were legit, and had a carefully orchestrated cover up of ALL of them run from the Vatican. There have been no priests turned over for prosecution, and no excommunications over this, and they are STILL trying to cover it up.

  • Just believe it if any one engaged adultery forget about child abused then he will definitely go to hellfire .
    I don't understand what kind of religious people they are .

  • I'm not understanding how these very old decrepit looking white men aren't scaring the crap out of these little kids in the first instance.

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