Pope Benedict Sought Immunity for Sex Abuse Crimes Before Resigning

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Pope Benedict Sought Immunity for Sex Abuse Crimes Before Resigning

the pope let’s talk about the po because
you-know-what this is kind of obvious what i’m about
to tell you are suggested when we found out that the pope is resigning but it was a little bit weird because
pope as a resigned for six hundred years and amidst all of the child abuse in
pedophilia and cover-ups that are that are happening it would seem logical to me that it is
somehow connected and now we have a bunch of different sources suggesting
exactly that if you take a look at addicting info is reporting on this as well as uh… the ccr is reporting on
on those you’ll see uh… my estimations lewis may not be that far-fetched with regard
to the post resignation please continue uh… it seemed to that with the
resignation announced by the pope that uh… the timing was a little off
because we now have learned that there is a
meeting scheduled for a few days from now on february twenty third where
joseph rap singer also known to many as uh… pope benedict the sixteen th is
going to meet with the italian president georgia napolitano to basically beg for immunity against
prosecution four allegations of child sex crimes and
cover up of those child sex crimes as reported by the international tribunal into
crimes of church and state you can google them and they claim that this is
what is taking place the reason that pope benedict the sixteen th may have
resigned on february eleventh is you ready for the slowest cracked that that it can receive the word one week prior they european government would be
issuing an arrest warrant the pope’s here it is crimes against humanity because of the sheltering of pedophile
priests though the letter was allegedly received on february fourth exactly one
week before the resignation and now we can’t ignore the timing of
this if we believe that the letter is there and and we believe the reporting that on february twenty third of the
pope will be meeting with the italian president to ask for immunity we have to
assume the resignation is connected it just doesn’t make sense no other
explanation makes sense i’m gonna agree with you think that’s
probably what’s happening here and it’s just as we predicted it’s possible but the pope may not get
off that easy the international tribunal into crimes of church and state is
calling upon the italian president today nine helping uh… rap singer saying do not collude with criminality and please don’t cave i don’t know what’s
going to happen he has been a vatican technically uh… a sovereign country well that that’s i started doing
research and this is where it is interesting pope benedict decision to
leave in the vatican after he resigns who may provide him with security as
well as privacy and it could offer legal legal protection as well from attempts
to prosecute him in connection with these widespread sex in these cases
around the world which he is alleged to have i’ve been involved in the cover-up of and church sources and legal experts are
saying it is absolutely necessary that he stays in the vatican and if you lived anywhere else we might
have crazies filing lawsuits or a magistrate might arrest him like some
other former heads of state have been for alleged acts while they were head of
state i think it is a very very clear what is
going on here uh… we could believe that this is all irrelevant speculation combined with
incorrect allegations of letters and meetings and all that stuff but it’s fitting together to perfectly
to believe that there’s nothing here in a time don’t you think uh… i’m not going to make the claim
that he resigned because of these issues but i will say that these issues are going
to be resolved of promos like over the next pope so we can still criticize the vatican
and the church hierarchy for that as per the specific reasons why this pope
resigned on a really now i mean when you’re the pope you are
expected to leave the vatican when you resign you are no longer
expected to leave the vatican and i think we’re really wants to stay in the
vatican for these reasons and uh… as usual you know when i look
at the church all i see is that fraud extortion and pedophilia that’s pretty
much it lewis’s is very very upset with the second so i mean this is a serious
issue for you know me he would really do seem disgusted with the persistent cover
up of what’s been who were who wouldn’t be here and i wouldn’t be


  • The UN should arrest him in the Vatican if they have to. He should be imprisoned for the rest of his natural life, so should all the other pedophiles from the chruch.

  • watch the documentary Forgive us our sins the most the catholic church ever actually paid for pedophile priest was 250 dollars even though they had millions of dollars all they had to pay was a couple of hundred dollars

  • In breaking news, a Vatican spokesman has announced that "the primary reason the pope is retiring from the papacy is so that he can focus all of his energy on covering up the rape of children without having to be distracted by the day-to-day responsibilities of being a pope which include fighting against sex education & condom distribution in AIDS-ravaged Africa, obstructing progress for women's rights and spreading immoral lies against the LGBT community."

  • If the Pope had a gun, then he would have been able to fend off all of the children who sexually assaulted his celibate clergy.

  • Don't blame me. I'm not a Catholic mobster funneling assets to the Pope. Besides, the Vatican only collects dues so they can use clean money. They have enough dirty money to run a nation.

  • The ITCCS is a kangaroo court. Search out the one man show that runs the ITCCS Kevin Annett. This is the same guy/court who wanted to arrest the Queen of England because she according to him "participated in the mass killing of Native American school children in Canada". The man is a lunatic and it is beyond depressing that he is continuing to get free publicity for his as far as I can tell con job to get donations for his fake court. Do some research and actual journalism people!

  • Genocide in Canada – Even the Official Whitewash now Admits that Thousands of Children Died … but when will Criminal charges be laid?
    Posted on February 19, 2013 by itccs

  • i'm glad u throw in the word allegedly a lot in this report… i suggest you look into this group called the "International Tribunal of Church and State"… I did a basic google search for them and what they are is a protest group not connected in any way with any kind of international court or justice system… no names by the way, they could be anybody of any type of political or religious view…

  • personally i think the pope is resigning because he realizes he's too old, too senile, and/or too sick to do the job anymore

  • Another theory is to do with an article on the Guardian , that is to do with a homosexual scandal-
    "A potentially explosive report has linked the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI to the discovery of a network of gay prelates in the Vatican, some of whom – the report said – were being blackmailed by outsiders."

    Be interesting to see what comes out, whether this theory or another theory such as the Guardian reported one.

  • You guys rarely jump the gun this badly. Please don't sell out your credibility to enrich your membership and ratings. Don't become another example of media sensationalism.

  • The 48 page submission by 2 German lawyers on the Popes alleged crimes is on line to download – the allegations are illustrated with specific examples with names locations and dates – whats not clear is this immunity allegation – its difficult to see how the Italian PM can authorize that its far more likely that the Pope will see out his days hidden away in the Vatican

  • I agree, but:

    And I, am in no way an apologist for the RC church.

    I have read the three charges, but David and his staff are not so subtly inferring that the Pope himself was a pedophile. (IMO)

    All of the RC senior hierarchy have shielded members of the church when convicted of molestation. This Pope is no different.

    The furor and outrage over the "condom" issue is real but intrinsic to the churches doctrine. One would expect the churches stance.

    This Pope's public policies are not new.

  • The Pope has facilitated the abuse of children by covering up and relocated known pedophiles – the worse cases to countries with no extradition treaty – even now he is claiming diplomatic immunity to prevent 65,000 abuse files being reviewed by Interpol – what concerns many is that the conclave knew after his informous letter to all bishops in 2003 demanding that abuse alegations be channeled in confidence to his office and not the civil authorities and still elected him Pope

  • 600 years….how uch more evidence do you need. He is sheltering a pedophile protector from Boston at this very moment….!
    I was raised Catholic….they are WRONG WRONG WRONG in their treatment of children in every way possible. Ask any Catholic raised in their schools what it was like to be educated through brutality? Ask me….i will tell you horror stories and none of that has surfaced to the mainstream as of this day .

  • They are no different than any other organization run for power and profit. And trust me when I tell you I am the product of more abuse in 12 years than you could ever imagine…..and not sexual but physical and mental beyond your wildest dreams. Beaten and humiliated for 12 years …..!!!! Fear every day of my formative years and trying to get an educations from a bunch of frustrated LUNATICS .

  • I agree that justice needs to be happen. But Kevin and his fake court do nothing but trivialize the abuse. The man is a con artist who has been scamming victims out of money for a while now and it is upsetting to see him hijack this for his own personal gain. His country that has issued the orders is a 500m long and 6m wide ditch, created by a bureaucratic problem at the borders between the Netherlands and Germany and is called the Eurostaete.

  • And the fact is the ITCCS is not an organisation it is a man Kevin who as far as I can tell lives in a basement. There is no one else but him his common law wife and whoever he can sucker into giving him money.

  • ' "… Pope John Paul II named Ratzinger as the Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, formerly known as the "Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office",…'

    In this office he was responsible for handling such abuse allegations, who else were they going to send them too? John had hand picked him.

    I am sure many of the 65,000 (claimed) abuse allegations being reviewed (not investigated) by Interpol happened during John Paul's papacy, or before, not on Benedict's watch.

  • They have been booted out of every courtroom in Germany and the ICC did take the case in 2011. It has been floating around a while. At the end of the day he will remain at the Vatican. He may not recieve justice in this lifetime but he will have to answer to his maker. This is like I said Kevin Annetts attempt to get more money for his kangaroo court of which he seems to be the only member of.

  • You want to know why he did that. I can tell you this it has to do with the fight the Church has been having since the time of Henry II. King Henry II got into a fight with Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury, over whether he had the right to try clergy in the secular court. Becket said that only the Church could judge the clergy King Henry II said that wasn't enough since the penalties often did not fit the crimes. In the end Thomas won but this fight has been happening for centuries.

  • I'm talking about the specific allegations made in this video. I'm no defender of the Roman Catholic Church, but I get annoyed with innuendo pulled out of someone's ass being peddled as news.

  • Any rational person would report abuse to the police & social services without delay – in Ratzingers 2003 letter to all the bishops it expressly instructs bishops to make all reports to his office exclusively – it just beggers belief that an office in the Vatican is deciding what happens when a child is raped in another country or if the authorities even get to be notified – often a pedophile would simply be moved to a fresh pastures

  • We don't care about the history of the churches squabbles or even the fate of this monster – what is needed is the church to come clean and co operate with the authorities so victims can be helped and culprits be removed from office and be put behind bars

  • And I am telling you that this has been an issue since the 1100's. Especially as it will require a change from within which is happening think the Pope retirement is to might part of the commitment to the change. In May of 2011 the Cardinal William Levada issued the new guidelines which were a start. However given the entire issue springs out of 900 years of how the church handles things it is very relevant.

  • Trev, I have enjoyed the chat but as I said before, I am an atheist (an ex-catholic), who is not trying to justify the Pope's behavior. But this Pope was not substantially different from most of the preceding Popes. (IMO)

    As to your last comment, when previously did a priest or bishop report child abuse by his peers to the police? A rare event if it ever happened. So much for your rational person, "without delay"….

    He's the Pope. He does what Pope's do. Disgusting yes, unique, no.


  • I exclusively speak in giant mouthfuls unless I am explaining how I speak in mouthfuls, in which case it's only half a mouthful.

  • Im with you on that, i have no respect for the pope or the church and their persistant cover ups, who in their right mind would. Its been going on for centuries… time to stop.

  • When a father molests his child for years and its proven that the mother knew but just turned a blind eye, she is also implicated in the crime. So, all the millions of people who support these pedifile protecting popes and their corrupt organization are as guilty as they are. Its just a big pedifile pyramid club.

  • So the the representative of the maker of the universe is a ex nazi paedophile? Sometimes I'm convinced I am living in some bizarre movie…

  • I am disgusted by the Catholic Church, I have family members that still support this vile religious cartel, they are no better than the Mafia.

  • Could you send me a message with the link to this documentary, I was looking but can't seem to find this, only religious bullshit, like Ray Comfort and the like. Thanks.

  • I tried to send it but you tube wont let me send it says you are not a member.Look on Deliver us from evil as that is one as well.I watched it on netflix not sure if there is a free sight to watch it.but clips are on here.

  • Pope Benedict made a deal with the Italian government to get out of prosecution for Crimes Against Humanity. In my view, the Italian government is an enabler, allowing these crimes to go unpunished, and to top it off, this prick will live out his life in the fucking lap of luxury in the Vatican, a palace built by the ignorant sheeple that support these pedophiles…they are to damned dumb to see the writing on the wall.

  • In the past before the internet I guess the church probably said it was all lies and of course followers of the church believed it,I am probably wrong but that would be the only thing to me that makes sense how they got away with it.

  • Check some European news sites, they will tell you about the deal Benedict made to stay out of prison. He's disgusting, a criminal, and should be prosecuted as such. In my eyes, the Italian government has NO INTEGRITY WHATSOEVER by allowing these crimes to go unpunished…I hope Rome burns to the ground, and they can use Benedict as kindle!

  • whats interesting is that NOT JUST THE VATICAN is guilty of ALL OF THIS, not to make the crimes any less worse, but this is the COMMON METHOD of how ALL WORLD-SCALE politicians and people of power are ALL KEPT UNDER coNTROL/BLacKMAIL by even HIGHER WORLD POWERs, it's the same game they are playing WITH ONE ANOTHER , yet another case of the pot calling the kettle black here because yes the church has been infilitrated butTHE WORLD POWERS AREALL GUILTY OF THESE SAME EXACT CRIMES, the plot THICKENS

  • Never trusted Benedict. His eyes tell me all I need to know. Would be nice to live in a world where everyone paid for their crimes.

  • all popes are the same, you think that the other popes and the newer popes knew nothing? it was all hidden this has been going on for centuries

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