PLANNING TO RETIRE BY 34 || how a love for reading can change your life

Updated : Sep 10, 2019 in Articles

PLANNING TO RETIRE BY 34 || how a love for reading can change your life

You wanna know what I used to think of people
who liked to read? I used to think they had no life. But I am a changed man. And it is all thanks to my dad. Nate, I’m busy. And this bookshelf. Recently, I set myself a goal. Wanna know what it was? To be retired at 34 like this guy! What a legend! That seemed a little far-fetched. And some of my mates even laughed. Not happening. You’re deluded mate. But then I discovered reading. Books from legends like Tony Robbins, Gary
Vee, Robert Kiyosaki and most recently, Napoleon Hill. Now, I have learnt a tonne of things: like
the 3 keys to a breakthrough, how to invest (“thanks mate”. “no worries”), how to run a business, and
how to think and grow rich. You literally get decades of wisdom, insights
and experience from an old brain, and you get to download it into a young, more handsome
brain. Now, I read 45 minutes each day. It helps me feel to feel pumped, revived,
energised and inspired to make my dream of retiring at 34 become a reality. And through the lessons and strategies I have
learned through these authors words… I know I can make it happen. Hey, if the names I have mentioned don’t make
much sense to you, then shoot me a message and I will show you how a love for reading
can change your life. Yes, I know, this video has been absolutely
ridiculous. But I really hope you found it entertaining. I just wanted to get the message across that
reading is just so valuable, so interesting, and I really recommend it for everyone. If you’re currently reading something, please
drop it in the comments, I would love to know what you are up to! Also, if you are looking for some recommendations,
also, chuck it in the comments, I will share some of my favourites with you. Alright, don’t forget to like this video,
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do it. I’m Nate Philips, signing out.


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