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Personal Finance & Retirement Planning Tips : When to Contest a Will

This is financial adviser, Patrick Munro,
talking about grounds for contesting a will. Individuals that are related to someone that
passes away, can oftentimes step forward at the time of death, and upon hearing the contents
of a will, can challenge the will, and say that they were an important factor to that
individual, during the time that they were alive, and therefore, they are entitled to
proceeds of the estate. It’s important for an individual, before they pass away, to have
an ironclad will, that is executed with an able bodied attorney,who is very, very well
versed in the law, and that will squash the possibilities of someone stepping forward,
and challenging the will. Normally, will challenges are done in the area of individuals, that
were celebrities. People in recent memory, are James Brown. When he passed away, there
was a lineup of individuals that wanted to challenge his will. In more recent times,
Howard Hughes will was also challenged, and in fact, is still in court, over that as well.
This is Patrick Munro, discussing challenging wills.

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