Person Living Inside | ABANDONED HOUSE – Belongings, Beds

Updated : Oct 20, 2019 in Articles

Person Living Inside | ABANDONED HOUSE – Belongings, Beds

I apologize for the the cell phone footage but I just randomly found these apartment buildings that’s abandoned no i didn’t even plan on exploring but I couldn’t pass this up so let’s take a look and see the damage oh this really smells bad gosh and I got my air max on looks like somebody’s been living here this is a light cover with urine inside smell is so strong and over there in the corner there’s toothpaste deodorant water yeah somebody’s living here so weed bowl toilet paper oh god this is really bad wonder what’s in sacks with judging by the smell i can tell us nothing good I do not want to go any further it looks like there’s mud and I do have two hundred fifty dollars shoes on right now counter what that but as you can see it’s stuff all over the place walk around ok we have a scale think it can go in this way here we have more urine absolutely disgusting more urine and even more unfortunately I can’t go any further and this will end our explorer but Oh god I wonder what happened ok and I wonder what’s all these sacks like so weird mhm ok Thanks for watching


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