Perfect Gifts For Your Older Parents

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Perfect Gifts For Your Older Parents

Kari Henley we are back if you’re
tuning in I am here with my buddy Joy Loverde author of who will take care of
me when I’m old and the complete eldercare planner she and I are working
on a few fun tips for you on holiday shopping for your parents our first
video here was a little tea up of how we know that our parents have got
everything there is I don’t want anything else
so Joy is going to talk to us now about how to look at gifts of your presence
not present you wrap but being present together so joy how can we get gifts of
presents to our parents this year well there’s a lot of really fun ideas the
idea is to make it an ongoing time where you can get together with parents and
people that you love who have absolutely everything already so one idea that I
have is this thing about you’ve heard about fruit of the Month or candy of the
month or wine of the month why don’t you make it you for a month you show up on a
monthly basis with just deciding what you can realistically do together with
your parents you might even make this little little booklet and say okay pick
one what would you like to do this month and then just put it together for 12
visits they would so look forward to seeing you at that time and they can
even get creative and tell you what they want to do right so you for a month
that’s one idea the other thing is I like the idea about going to the movies
with with our parents and people that we love who already have a bunch of gifts
so taking them afternoon if the movies but I’m not talking about going to the
movies theater rent a video show them necklace show them rented videos on your
computer and sit around your computer and watch movies especially good for
people who have a tough time getting outdoors and if the weather is bad you
don’t even have to worry about it love those two awesome easy to do pretty
inexpensive don’t work I do how many times have we
go into other people’s houses or a book club well instead of having the book
club at somebody else’s house why don’t you have a book club at your parents
house so this way your parents may or may not want to read the book what they
get the advantage of having company over maybe once a month and that’s something
that they can participate in and Nick and they can be a part of the
conversation or not but the idea about having people over at the house can be
just a warm and wonderful feeling and something they can look forward to on a
regular basis love that one and I think you have one left that’s gift of your
presence but also maybe teaching a little something important that you can
all benefit from that’s right now this is an idea about computer lessons and I
know that might sound scary because how in the world do you teach someone how to
be on the computer but actually it’s quite simple and it can be quite
engaging now that doesn’t even have to be you it
could be it’s your child would be the grandchild
so think about regular ongoing computer lessons for your parents or your
grandparents they love knowing about the internet world I know I’ve seen it
firsthand thank you joy you are a joy and we’re all trying to bring joy to
each other on this holiday season was Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or
whatever you celebrate to find a way to bring a gift of presents to the ones
that you love thank you so much for those tips joy and we are gonna pop over
here in the next video and talk about another type of series of gifts that you
could offer to your parents and loved ones around the gifts of validation so
join us over the next video we’ll see in a minute

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