Paul Simon Opens Up About Final Tour And Retiring | TODAY

Updated : Oct 25, 2019 in Articles

Paul Simon Opens Up About Final Tour And Retiring | TODAY


  • I've written a few songs lately and thought…"That's better than I usually do" so funny a great musician put my hunch into words yet again thanks Mt Simon!

  • Mr. Simon seems worried about America. Maybe he could give some joy to many people, set a good example against the fights that some seem to search and show some kind of collaboration together with Mr. Garfunkel.

  • I love Paul's new album In The Blue Light. These remastered favorites are excellent. Especially Questions For The Angels. Paul please don't ever stop making music.

  • A Spanish channel has infringed the copyrights of this broadcasting. Please sew him for the following reason: he is always stealing original stuff and posting the orignal stuff – like this – by using his name. Please take a look at this channel and to close this channel down:

    Paul Simon Interview from Today Show October 17, 2018 via @YouTube


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  • "the more you get your ego out of it, the clearer you think." spoken like a true master. Long Live Paul Simon.

  • Gosh Paul why dont you and Artie go see a ball game together, time is to short and precious to waste. Forgiveness brings peace to ones self.

  • Oh Paul I love you so much but don’t get any replies from my messages. It just shows there is a massive difference between music stars and ordinary people. Oh how I wish I was in the famous circle 😟

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