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– We have actually tracked down the abandoned tree house again. (gasps) Whoa, look at that, Ollie. Isn’t this so cool, dude? This is where we get to
stay the night tonight. Is there something out there? (suspenseful music) I think it’s coming from the trap door. ♪ This is our life, let’s live it ♪ ♪ Live it forever ♪ (gentle music) – Hey, guys.
– Hey, guys. Welcome back to Daily Bumps. Where we vlog life’s up and and downs. How are you guys doing today?
– Good. – [Bryan] Good, what are you doing today? – We’re packing.
– We are. We are packing and we just
hanging out in the boys’ room. Be sure to click that subscribe
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because Ollie came to me and he said, “Dada, I have
the greatest idea ever.” What did you tell me, Ollie? – I wanna sleep in an
abandoned tree house. – That’s right, Ollie says, he wants to sleep in an
abandoned tree house. If you guys have not seen that video, we actually found one, huh, Ollie? – Yeah, I wanna sleep in that one. – Okay, you guys, I’m gonna have a link in the iCard and in the
description down below if you guys wanna watch
that video, it was crazy. – Look, there’s an abandoned
tree house over here. An abandoned tree house! – [Bryan] Oh, Finn’s
gonna go check it out, and explore it too. – [Missy] Oh, my gosh, I
hope it’s not like old. – [Ollie] Whoa. – [Bryan] What? – [Ollie] Do you see what this does? – It has a trap door leading down there. I think we’re gonna see if we can find it again
and stay overnight. So, we had to pack all the essentials. Finn’s got them right now,
you are so cool, dude. – We got our sleeping bags. – [Bryan] That’s right, so Ollie and Finn both have their own sleeping bags. And then, we also have some– Oh, you guys remember this backpack? Click the thumbs up button if you guys remember this backpack. Is there anything crazy in this backpack? Oh, no, oh, no, nope, nothing
crazy, just some stuff. – Books and my clothes. – Oh, Brave Little Camper,
that’s such a cute book. Yeah, we’ll bring that one. We’re gonna need food for this trip. So, let’s grab the bag,
grab the sleeping bags, and let’s go raid the pantry, and see if we can find some snacks for our overnight camping trip in the abandoned tree house, okay? – Yeah, okay.
– All right. We’ve got all their gear,
and look at Finn (chuckles). Finn’s got the backpack. Thanks for all your help, Ollie. – Let’s find some snacks. – [Bryan] Yeah, all right, Finn and Ollie. Go ahead and raid the pantry. – Some Pop-Tarts. – [Bryan] Oh, Pop-Tarts,
what about some marshmallows? Oh, muffins, yeah, grab some muffins. – Guys, what kind of snacks do you like? – Yeah, guys, let us know
down below in the comments what are your favorite kind of snacks that you like to bring
when you go camping, or you stay the night at a friend’s house? My favorite snack box is that one because that one has
all of the chips in it. Do you guys wanna see
the plethora of chips? ♪ Ah, ah ♪ (Finn giggles)
♪ Ah ♪ I love me some chips, so I’m definitely gonna have to bring some Doritos. Whoa, should we bring that blaster in case we see a monster? – And this sword and this shield. – That’s perfect, okay, boys,
here, put those up here. I hope no monsters show up. And I hope nothing happens at three AM. All right, we are finishing
getting it all packed up to go on this overnight trip in
the abandoned tree house. Now we just need to go
find this tree house again. You boys ready? – Yeah!
– Yeah! – Okay, you guys, we have
actually tracked down the abandoned tree house again. As you can see, it’s over here. I knew we were gonna stay
for over 24 hours this time, so I hooked you guys
up with a porta potty. Here it is, you guys,
the abandoned tree house. Let’s go in, I am so ready
to like, stay here all night. Finn’s doing great, look at
him walking across this bridge. Here is the tree house, here’s the window. It looks basically the same, as when we left it.
– Rah! – [Bryan] Whoa, this is so cool! Do you wanna camp out
here with daddy and Finn? – [Ollie] Yeah. – [Bryan] Does that sound fun, Finn?
– Yeah. – [Bryan] Are you excited, Ollie?
– Yeah. – [Bryan] Bring the
sleeping bags in here, boys. You’re gonna need a
place to sleep tonight. – [Ollie] Oh, yeah, we are. – [Bryan] All right, drop
them down right there, cool. We got all of our food in this pack, so we’re gonna be sure
to hang it in the corner. Ollie, you know why we hang the food in the corner?
– Why? – Well, we have to keep it up off the ground in case any bears come by. We don’t want them to be able to reach it and eat all of our food, huh? Although, by this time, if
they are inside the tree house, like it doesn’t really matter
where the food is, right? (Bryan laughs)
– Yeah. – While we are getting situated to stay overnight in this
abandoned tree house, Ollie and I thought we would give a couple of shout outs, right? – Yeah.
– Yeah. Okay, so on Twitter, we posted the vlog of our abandoned water park. If you guys have not seen that video, we thought we would just
exploring a ghost town, it turned out to be what, Ollie? – A water park. – So, if you guys have not seen the video where we explored the
abandoned water park, I’m gonna have it linked in the iCard, so you guys can go check it
out ’cause it was so cool. But a huge thanks to a ton of you on Twitter who actually retweeted it, so we wanted to thank you guys right now. Right, buddy?
– Yeah. – So a huge thanks to Siera Clark. – Magic Unicorn.
– Valentina. – Jamie Kane. – Cobie.
– Wendy Kelley. – Charlotte Peacock. – Laila.
– Yes. And thank you, Jade Ryley, Grace Lewis, and thank you to Clay Frith
for retweeting the vlog. You guys are amazing, and
if you guys don’t know, we actually interact with
you guys a ton on Twitter. So, if you’re following me on Twitter, following me at bryanlanning. And let me know that you’re
a new follower on Twitter, and I will tweet back to you guys. All right, Ollie, the sun is going down. We should probably get
our beds ready, right? (Ollie groans) (laughs) You don’t wanna go to bed? Well, don’t worry, Ollie,
because we’re camping, so we’re gonna stay up all night, and share ghost stories, okay? – Okay.
– Okay, all right, you guys. I am setting up the
boys’ beds for tonight. We’ve got the fox, we’ve
got the puppy doggy. And I think I’m just gonna go ahead, and I’m gonna take one for the team, and I’m gonna sleep on
the little couch tonight. I know, I’m such a hero. Smash that thumbs up button if you think I’m such a hero for sleeping
on the couch tonight (laughs). But honestly, it’s a very small space, so this is gonna be a
hard challenge to compete. 24 hours, overnight, in
an abandoned tree house. It’s gonna be pretty cool though. We do have to be careful though because there is a trap door
right here in this tree house. I don’t know if you guys saw this when we showed you guys a tour of it. But you can actually unlock it, and you can actually go down there. It’s really kind of creepy. But we are gonna try and
keep this thing locked, so we don’t see anything too crazy. But you best believe that I’m gonna be checking this place at three AM. I’m gonna be up, I’m gonna be alert. I’m gonna be looking out the windows. I’m gonna be making sure
that nothing is coming. And I’m gonna make sure
we’re safe (laughs). No, but really, I think, honestly, the boys are gonna have a blast hanging out here tonight (laughs). So, we were doing a little exploring near the abandoned tree house, you guys, and look what we found. There’s actually a nest
here with baby birdies. So, Missy just showed up to get the boys all ready for
bed in the tree house. – [Finn] Baby bird! – [Bryan] Look, it’s a
baby birdie, look at him. Babe, isn’t this crazy? We actually found this place again. And look how nice it looks, we
cleaned it all up and stuff. – I am gonna be home in my
bed, nice and cozy and safe. – [Bryan] Yeah, and we are gonna be here, probably cold and scared at 3 AM. All right, come on,
Ollie, let’s go, buddy. We gotta get you all cozy, ‘kay? Isn’t this nice, baby?
– This is so cute. – [Bryan] We got the sleeping bags set up. Finn, it’s not time for bed yet, silly. – And props on the porta potty, Bryan. – I know, right, I thought of everything. – [Missy] It’s jammy time. – [Bryan] Jammy time, all right. Mama’s pulling pajamas out
of the monster backpack. – I picked you guys out extra fun ones for when you’re sleeping. Monster jammies! – [Bryan] Oh, yeah, okay. – And dragon jammies! – [Bryan] Nice, and maybe
we’ll see something cool if we wear our cool jammies. So, Ollie also has this lantern for when it gets dark tonight. – So, see this? – [Bryan] You close it,
and you just open it, and it turns on?
– Yeah. – [Bryan] That’s awesome, huh? Whoa, that’s cool. Gotta get your jammies on so we can stay all night in the abandoned tree house. – It says, “Eat, sleep, repeat” (laughs). – [Bryan] Eat, sleep, repeat. Ollie is getting in some exercise real quick before the sun is finally down, and we have to go to bed. Tell me if you see anything.
– Daddy! – [Bryan] Another
really, really cool thing about the abandoned tree house
is it has a little garden. Although, check this out, you guys. It looks like this garden
hasn’t been used in forever. Look it, over there,
there’s actually like, a bunch of weeds and
stuff growing through. Such a shame that this
tree house is so abandoned, and now it’s getting some love from us. Finn, where’s Finny? Oh, there’s Finn, hi, Finn! – [Finn] I wanna go to sleep. – The boys are getting so excited to stay all night in the tree house. It’ll be just a nice
way to like, disconnect. We don’t need to watch any videos, we’re gonna read books,
we’re gonna eat snacks, and we’re gonna chill in the tree house. Like a couple of men, just
hanging out in the tree house. (gentle music) Wow, look at this view, Ollie. It’s so cool getting out here
and exploring nature, huh? It’s seriously like such
a perfect night too. (chuckles) This is amazing. – [Ollie] The sun’s going to bed. – [Bryan] It is going to bed, huh? – Yeah.
(gentle music) – [Bryan] (gasps) Whoa,
look at that, Ollie! – [Ollie] It’s all lit up! – I know, so we actually
just put some lights on this abandoned tree house. When we go to bed, we actually
have a little bit of light, and it’s not completely dark. Isn’t this so cool, dude? This is where we get to
stay the night tonight. All right, you guys climb
in the tree house, okay? I’ll meet you in there. It’s like Christmas in summer. Oh, you got a flashlight,
that’s gonna come in handy. – I can’t believe that we’re
staying the night here. – I know, all right, boys. Do you wanna head inside,
and read some books, and get ready for bed? – [Finn] Yeah. – [Bryan] Yeah, boys, let’s head in. Double checking everything,
make sure we’ll all good. So, we even found some lights that we’re actually left here. Look at those like unicorn
lights, so we turned them on. We actually installed some
little locks on the doors too, so that we don’t have to worry about intruders in the
middle of the night. So, we got some locks, that’s nice. All right, boys, let’s climb
into these sleeping bags. – Where’s mommy? Mommy.
– I know. We’ll see mom in the morning, okay? – Okay, dada. – [Bryan] Finn’s got his shoes off, he’s climbing in his sleeping bag. No, you’re sleeping in the doggy. Ollie’s gonna sleep in the fox, okay? All right, you wanna switch sleeping bags, and sleep in the doggy instead? (chuckles) He’s like, “Okay.” You’re such a good big brother. All right, lay down, buddy. Night, night, boys, I love you. – I love you, too. – All right, lay down, okay? Lay down, close your eyes,
go night night, okay? I got my pillow, I got my
blankey, and I got my lantern. And it is now time for bedtime. So, I think we will see you guys bright and early in the morning. And hopefully, there are
no bumps in the night. Night, guys.
(gentle music) Okay, you guys, it is now three AM. Finn just woke up at like, 2:30. I am so tired but look at this. We woke up exactly at three AM. So, now we are going to check, and see what is going
on outside, right, Finn? Do you think something’s going on outside? Should we check?
– Yeah. I think it’s a monster,
I hope it’s a monster. – Don’t say that, buddy. Did you hear that though? Is there something out there? Is it come– I think it’s coming from the trapdoor. We locked this, it’s unlocked now. That’s crazy, is something down there? Let’s see.
(eerie music) Oh, my gosh, did you see that? (gasps) Oh, my gosh, what? Ollie, what is that, what
is happening right now? This is the weirdest thing that’s ever happened at three AM. Okay, boys.
– I wanna see. – [Bryan] You wanna see, okay, ready? (eerie music)
– Oh, my gosh! – Hello?
(monster grunts) Oh, my gosh, okay. We are definitely locking that. That was the monster that
we found in the attic. – [Ollie] Yeah. – That has to be a prank, hang on. Boys, you stay here, okay? Of course, I told the boys to stay there, and here they are (laughs). You guys wanna see what’s down here? – [Ollie] What is it? – Hello?
(eerie music) Is something under there? Oh, so I can actually get look at– Okay, yep, yep, that is definitely– (growls)
Oh, did he just fart? – [Ollie] Did you just fart, monster? (monster laughs) – Oh, he’s laughing, he’s laughing now. Okay, that is definitely
the weirdest thing to ever happen to us at three AM. I think, right, Ollie? – [Ollie] Monster. – [Bryan] Okay, yeah. We should definitely get
back in the tree house. Come on, Finn, go, go, go. – I think he’s a nice monster. – [Bryan] Okay, but we should definitely still get back inside. – [Ollie] Okay, dada, let’s go inside. – Go inside. You guys are so funny, oh, my gosh. Okay, definitely locking these doors. That was so weird (chuckles). What time is it right now? It is 3:05 AM right now. That was so crazy, wasn’t it, boys? Let’s go back to sleep. Okay, I’m sure nothing else
crazy is gonna happen, okay? I am so tired, so let’s get more sleep. Okay, boys.
– Yeah. I’m so tired, you have to go to sleep. – [Bryan] Yeah, let’s go back to sleep. All right, shut the
lantern, good night, boys. – [Finn And Ollie] Good night, dada. – Hi, guys, so I had to put on a headset ’cause it’s still really dark out. But I have to go the bathroom so bad. It’s like, so creepy. Okay (sighs), all right. I can do this, I can do this. Okay, this is gonna be interesting, guys. But you know I’m always
up for an adventure. (toilet whirring) I really had to go. (rooster crows)
(Finn yells) Good morning! Good morning, guys! That was so cool, I can’t believe we just stayed the night in
the abandoned tree house. Thumbs up, you guys. Because that was so crazy, right, Ollie? – Smash that thumbs up button. – That’s right, smash
that thumbs up button ’cause we just slept all
night in this tree house. That was seriously so much fun. I actually got a really
good night’s sleep. Did you guys get a good night’s sleep?
– Yeah. – [Bryan] I mean, apart from what happened at three AM, right? Yeah, Finn’s ready (laughs). You guys, it is 6:10 in the morning. Isn’t that crazy, boys?
– Yeah. – [Bryan] What? – Mommy’s here. – [Bryan] Hello, come in, who’s here? – Good morning, boys. – [Bryan] Oh, it’s mommy. Come on in, babe.
– How did you know? – [Bryan] Are you here to see how our night in the tree house went? – Yeah, I was so worried about you guys. – [Bryan] It went pretty good. – We did it.
– I’m so proud of you. How’d it go? – [Bryan] We stayed here all night. We did have some weird
stuff happen at three AM. – (groans) That’s kind of creepy. – [Bryan] Yeah, but I think we’re ready to get out of here though. You ready, Finn? – [Missy] Let’s head home. – Thanks for watching, guys. Hope you enjoyed this video, if you did, be sure to give it a big
thumbs up, subscribe. And we’ll see you manana. Tickle, tickle, tickle,
tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle. Say bye.
– Bye boop. (energetic theme music)


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