Opuszczona siedziba Himmlera, czemu SS szukało tam czarownic? – Urbex History

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Opuszczona siedziba Himmlera, czemu SS szukało tam czarownic? – Urbex History

Welcome to the next trip, for sure you have heard stories in which the Nazis dealt not only with the war, but also with strange research one such study was carried out by Himmler looking for stacks of documents to acquire their mythical knowledge it all happened in this building where there were millions of documents, welcome inside There is a mysterious palace in Poland palace with a dark and interesting history it is here, on the orders of Himmler, the head of the SS and the Gestapo, that a set of mysterious books was created you will ask what these books and documents were about and for what purpose they were collected we’ll explain everything in this movie, at this moment I can tell you one thing documents related to torture, witches and ways of inflicting death the plan is this, we’ll show you where the witches have come from and why Himmler was interested in them so much but at the beginning I would look for a place where Himmler could have his office and the place where he stored his documents we will have a difficult task after 1945, there was an orphanage, so these rooms had to be rebuilt we’ll probably find a room where his office is, but we will not know it’s his but we are looking further Look at this door a long time ago, there was a wooden castle in this area later a brick castle was built the wooden castle burned about 18th century and then a stone castle was built I am interested in this niche, here is the descent to the basement yes? let’s check what’s on the ground floor, then go down to the basement and finally to the top ok I found an interesting room, there is even a swastika -you found the Himmler’s room? – i quess so and as for the swastika itself, local residents let their eye go someone was cleaning up here Himler there must have been a mess guy You know who could be in office here most of the time they had to be homeless here known nation, to meet in whole Poland Himmler, if he was in office somewhere, it was at the very top another room what is it, ping pong room? here is table for ping pong there must have been a common room here here is a fire hose if someone wanted to escape the window Anyway, it looks like someone is climbing this snake local acrobats this resort is huge I found what interests us most on urbex I found toilets that are in very poor condition there was a very strange story with him at all after leaving this building, they had an owner for a moment, then they could not get along classic Polish history To fully feel the mysticism of this place and to understand this story, let’s move to the early 30’s then Himmler liked this place for his headquarters what is the connection with witches Himmler appointed the Ahnenerbe institute, dealing with a pseudoscience aimed at proving the superiority of the German race this institute dealt with history, anthropology and biology after several years of activity, he began to be interested in freemasonry as well as witch trials Himmler said “Stop” at the moment he appointed the H-Sonderkommando unit H comes from “Hexe” – a witch in German they are the ones who analyze and collect documents there are a million such papers in this palace all in the subject of spells, rituals, etc. we’re going further because in a moment I’m puking it stinks a bit we have to pick up small tastes this corridor looks fine most of the flavors we catch are, for example, those tiles on the wall or an old heater here but it all comes from the time of the orphanage the orphanage was here for a long time yes it was… food seemed to be served here breakfasts, dinners, suppers I do not know if this is not a can of some servers one hundred percent, you can even see the components here, ladies sat and spent food no, look at this… instructions for cleaning equipment in grocery stores here was a shop of course, that was the way the goods were displayed here, and the shopkeeper gave everything here it certainly was so, see that even the windshield resisted most of the glass is not covered, so I surprise the object with condition here is an fridge it’s huge for sure it’s a fridge, you can see after this insulation there are some documents here the document was prepared electronically some bank, date 2003 imagine the year 1945, when the children’s home was not built yet, there were stacks of documents everywhere there were about a million volumes here during the war it was the seat of Himler, in places where they can store folders all collections combined with the subject of witches imagine a stack of documents with a million pieces, these are tons of paper imported from all over Europe not only from Poland and Germany You see here is the kitchen and the passage to the store in which we were just a moment ago how much of the equipment has remained everything in good condition this hood is metal, it’s weird that nothing has been stolen yet half full, half empty… did you see that umbrella? and how huge is it? this is the hood something has stood here, even a hole left If I stood here, it would probably take my camera in you would all be hooked 🙂 -for the head – like in cartoons… -this windmill is sad -no one was watering it this linoleum is also a souvenir from the previous system did you see this? a freight elevator it stopped a floor below I wonder if you can move it by hand it stinks terribly, but it feels drafts feel musty by the way, you can feel that the window is open below without electricity, we can not run this elevator i don’t think so we will move the earth and the sky everything to move the elevator think what a fate it is in the place where the secrets of witches were later, the children lived, then everything was abandoned terribly strange, this place has a strange atmosphere but it’s just the guys coming continue you know what’s here? basements returning to the documents, it may have been stored in basements I think not because they would be damp are you going first? I feel like I’m going down the old bunker, here the light should be it probably was that the wires went through here we visited a lot of abandoned places, shelters, etc. but going down to this basement, I immediately know that it is ex-German just after the style of building they have left their mark here after the style of building and the history itself it can be seen immediately maybe there will be some swastika somewhere there could be something under the paint it can be hard at this point I was scared of myself: D I thought it was a wall if I saw you, I would also be scared to tell you something even more horrible? follow me… inscription on the wall: “let them land light” “” Rip “etc .. subtitles from 1999 -where is the year? -check behind the door here is 99 promiles -procents? -promiles… (Polish names) i don’t know what is mean but we did not find any information on the internet that someone had an accident here here is Ave Maria.. the late prystaj… probably the children were making fun there is an passage? i don’t know, let me check 🙂 Konrad yanked the door someone was saying something we are next to you now 🙂 (homeless on the stairs) good, then we go further I’m old, but I have good hearing we enter the next room see, old shades are preserved fortunately, no one has stolen or destroyed them destroyed furniture, probably from the orphanage time there are some artifacts left what are the rooms? here furniture and shade are dismantled so very interested… look at this… amazing.. Look at the chandelier this chandelier can come from the time of the himmler although no one would leave it I would not be surprised at all something amazing… this hall is huge we are perfectly in the middle of this palace above the main entrance in 1945 after passing the Red Army, the Germans flee from these areas they leave behind tons of documents related to witches with their spells and secrets whereas everything remains here local residents see only, soldiers in trucks who ajar, and leave everything what bolder residents, after some time enter the building and check these documents it does not last long, after the appearance of the new authority, the security office arrives and take all the documents everything has been exported to the university in Poznań, and remains there to this day if you are interested in the topic, you will find these documents in Poznań At first I thought that himmler had his headquarters in a room with a large balcony in a generally accessible hall? it was about entering the room where there is a lot of splendor how do you imagine that in a private office everyone would pass by him? and his headquarters would be next to a toilet? ok but look at this these are just suppositions, so neither of us must be right each of us can choose one room and everyone has the same chance to hit I thought about one more thing, but move to the right because you are not in the squad they both moved xd if there really was a document repository here these documents could not be in one room all the rooms in the palace had to be filled with documents some rooms had to be separated only for documents write in a comment, in which of these rooms could be the Himmler’s office seriously… You think something was stuck here F, F and X as if there were sabers here here could be some tapestries, but the communist authorities did not like such things, so everything disappeared the tapestries hung on the walls -i mean sculptures -hobgoblin’s 😀 this is the last place where I would like to have an office feel the attic Do you know what this attic reminds me of? Heinrich Himmler’s office yes it is…. and so seriously reminds me of the hospital from Legnica it was identical that attic was bigger here you can go upstairs -do you go upstairs? -the higher the more you miss -it’s someone walking there? nice view… wait the second… I went all the way on one breath I thought there was something more interesting here, and it was just a bake here is going down identical attic as before it’s attic what can be interesting here we can come down here I have come to a conclusion, but this is just my opinion with which you do not have to agree these documents were in most rooms, this building was later rebuilt due to the orphanage it’s hard to say where the Himmler’s office was, each of us has a different idea we are waiting for your offer in the comments the guys are still on the roof, and we’ve only been left with cellars oh boy.. -see the washing machine -Industrial it’s from orphanage time… it’s huge.. in the middle we would fit in here is something interesting too old mangle I thought so when I was little, my mother went to a mangle for sure it’s mangle… look at this another washing machine… but look at this… washing machine that loads from the top nice one.. it’s heavy… no wonder… -it will not be soon -unforunatly… do you feel that we are in a place where himmler ordered to archive documents about witches? yes it was… Imagine the greatest military strength in Europe force that swept across Europe, but nevertheless the commander-in-chief of the Third Reich, had some reason to look for documents about witches if you do not look at it, the Germans had a light bacillus in search of supernatural things especially himmler had a good time at this point among other things, that’s why he created Ahnehnerbe which, for example, was sent into the world in the search for a holy grail -among others to Australia -and whole world… t was not the same cell that found the remains of German soldiers in the Antarctic? it was in Indiana Jones 🙂 we will check off the record and let you know we are slowly finishing exploration of one of the many Nazi secrets there are still many secrets, we invite you to our urbexhistory_official instagram profile Please do not hang up and not to miss the next episodes, subscribe to our channel and press the rinbell -it’s most important -we finish and end charts are displayed


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