NYPD Retired Detective new case discussion. #Dutyron #LawEnforcement

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NYPD Retired Detective new case discussion. #Dutyron #LawEnforcement

good evening YouTube good afternoon good
morning depending on where you watching home Duty Ron A Retired NYPD Detective back here with a live
video checking in with everybody hopeful all as well in YouTube land hope
everyone’s doing well great to see everybody hold on got it
hey Doc sexy first one in the building good to see you thanks for joining thank
you for joining hi how are you welcome in Francis good to see you
Trevor in the building Winky whispers everybody’s checking in Wow awesome
thanks guys thanks for coming hi Joyce how are you so I’m gonna wait for a
couple more people to come in I’m gonna share the video hi Margy hey door Margie
hi Kim Katie good to see ya Catwoman Katie I hope
everything’s going good for you today hope everyone’s go everything’s going
good so hello Anibal good to see you how’s my signal everything good you guys
can hear me good hi Lauren Lauren good to see you thank you for joining hi
Karen thank you for coming in thank you for joining everything is good all right
cool hi Daphne how are you all right looks
looks good I look a little red I don’t know why but it’s just I guess just the
camera for some odd reason I don’t know what’s happening but I look very red thank you for joining hi Aaron good to
see you the bull everybody’s here I’m gonna
share real quick no sunburn it’s just I don’t know why it’s weird I’m looking at
it here too it looks red can’t say I have okay all right no worries
you you just you just do what you got to do Winky do what you got to do I hope
you feel better I hope you feel better hey what’s going on over in the Kingdom
of Saudi Arabia great to see you so I’m gonna talk briefly about a case
and I’m gonna cover tonight let me put it okay that ends it right there that
ends the whole thing I put it in black and white and that ends the whole issue
now you can’t tell that I’m all red it is it’s the lighting there’s a red brick
wall in front of me so then maybe that’s what’s doing it
hello fitness good to see your mother vintage Duty around right now vintage
duty run black and white it eliminates all all the questions so tonight I’m
going to cover probably 10:00 p.m. Eastern I’m gonna cover a murder-suicide
that occurred up in in here in New York City my own Police Department that I
work for for for two decades handled the case and I will be I will be covering it
tonight it just happened yesterday on Wednesday so it is a breaking case very
very unfortunate and said you know involving husband wife and a small child
the it is a brutal case so if anybody sensitive to it I would recommend that
you you don’t you don’t come you don’t come and watch it’s a very violent
murder suicide very sad I’m just sharing right now I’m just sharing on a public post hi
Jonah so yes Prince Mark Sawyer Roger says
agreed doing bad things not smart hi Katina welcome in good to see you I
am in black and white today I’m in black and white got the
notification just updated duty Ron calm Thank You Joshua I appreciate that
officer Mac good to see it thanks for joining puppy love
Jana Jana thank you for coming in wishing Black Rose nothing but the best
obviously all right so I’m not gonna be live long so you don’t have to share you
don’t have to if you don’t want to I’m only gonna be here for about 10 minutes
so no worries Winky you do what you got to do I just want you to be better
that’s all I want is I want you to get better so 9:00 10:00 p.m. Eastern 10:00
p.m. Eastern a guy in Jackie thank you for joining thank you for coming in
Black Rose I’m great to see you Black Rose I hope everything is going well for
you today hope it all goes well so I am in black and white hey guys
so this is gonna be a case that is very brutal it’s very it’s very gruesome the
details but I feel a need to cover it because it has to do with domestic
violence it’s got to do with the domestic violence item I’m not going to
give away where the crime scene is I’m going to give it all up tonight so
you’re gonna have to tune in so I’m not giving a lot of it away
Kaitlyn thank you so much for joining so hi wildlife welcome in let me just share
onto Twitter not given that either Lauren or jeez wow you’re trying to
really get me trust me you’re gonna want to tune in say more good to see you
Salaam to my Muslim brothers over in Saudi Arabia and throughout the world
it’s it’s it’s a it’s a real doozy of a case and it’s horrific for the
responding officers to have to deal with and it’s just starting so we’re gonna
see where this goes in the history of this
and thank you for sharing everywhere thank you for that I appreciate it
has anybody seen hello Barry McBride thanks for joining skywatcher Sandra
thank you for coming in anybody seen the new stickers for super chat I freaking
love them I’ve been giving them away I’ve been giving them out on to some of
my broadcasts that I’ve been on too violent there you go Veronica that’s why
I put the disclaimer out that’s why I put the disclaimer out if you’re
sensitive to very violent stuff please don’t tune in I know what you
meant by precinct I knew I knew what you meant a very interesting new case I’m
interested in finding out the the family dynamic and what was going on Lauren you
did your best to extract the info from me but I didn’t bite soul for music 79
welcome in thank you for joining thank you so much for everyone being here I
can’t see how many people are watching my counter says four on my iPhone I
don’t know why I think we have more than four people here because I am talking to
more than four people there goes Barbara Smith with the with the super chat thank
you for that sticker that’s what I’m talking about Barbara I love the way
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49 in in in the chat thank you thank you thanks for joining thank you for joining
mummy thank you maritza so so good to see you so it’s a brutal murder suicide
basically what I can give you is a husband and wife had marital issues no
domestic violence history but marital issues where they were supposed to go to
divorce court today or yesterday I believe it was I think it was yesterday
Wednesday they were supposed to be in divorce court her family got nervous
because she didn’t show up and thank you for that 499 super chat that was the
sticker up there I love those stickers I’ve been giving them away to as many
people as I can just because I like to see him I was using
the $2 denomination the $5 there’s a $10 there’s like all different levels of
these stickers and they’re so cool so there’s one up there so thank you so
much for sending that I love them I think it’s a new thing that great a new
great thing that YouTube was doing is trying to change things up a little bit
and make it fresh so it’s pretty cool Black Rose see you later love and
respect there’s a ton of people here I I wish I could see thank you to everyone
who’s here thank you so much to everybody who is here my phone is um is
acting up on me it just says for I have a four up there and one thumbs up so she
did not have a temporary order protection that’s the interesting part
about this case is there was no history Linda good to see you thank you for
joining that’s the interesting thing about this is there was no violence
history there was no domestic violence history but they were scheduled to they
were working on getting divorce and they had a five-year-old daughter but um but
the the you know the kicker is is there was no indicator of violence so
everybody in the whole neighborhood was shocked a pole Peck drywall thank you
for so much for joining good to see you Paul thank you for coming in I’m just
discussing very quickly thank you for the 9/11 apparel link from waking Winkie
whispers one of my one of my favorite moderators on my stream I have quite a
few of favorites there goes another one nibble and black rose 11 always great to
have you guys in here but there was no indicator of any violence and you know
you wonder you wonder what goes on in someone’s mind to snap and essentially
wipe out his entire family this this family was wiped out in just one clean
sweep you know happened in a very short period of time and when the police were
sent over to do a wellness check to check on the the family they discovered
a gruesome scene so I will tell you this it involves a
decapitation it involves a complete severing of the head which is very a
disturbing and I’m going to tell you that right now tonight’s broadcast will
not be for the weak-minded it will not be for anybody who cannot handle a true
Gore this is a scene a crime scene that is you know not pretty guys but it needs
to be spoken about domestic violence and family violence is a serious situation
and I will be covering that tonight so yes the daughter is he wiped his family
out ladies and gentlemen he wiped his entire family and including himself so
uh murder-suicide we had two homicides we have two homicides and a suicide so
um I need to just put that disclaimer out there to each and every one of you
that it’s not going to be a pleasant broadcast but it needs to be spoken
about and talked about here on YouTube so at the end of the day folks I don’t
pick and choose the the cases that are cover right I feel that I want to talk
about cases that are current and sometimes that are in the past but this
is something that needs to be out there in in the forefront we need to we need
to talk about all aspects the first responders this is all part of mental
health crisis in America and throughout the world you know you have first
responders and the paramedics and all of the medical
workers who had to come on to the scene you had the crime scene detectives who
had to process this case 10:00 p.m. Eastern will be my broadcast I will show
you some early news clips hello Nona good to see ya Nona six one
seven good to see you thank you for joining
Mooka fitness thank you so much for that heart the broken heart my heart feels
the same way thank you so much I immediately
immediately feel for the obviously the family
but I thought of immediately the first responders because I had you know 20
years I had a 10-year one whole decade of patrolling and these kind of jobs as
we call them these kind of calls are you know they have long lasting impressions
on everyone who is involved in it no police reports no domestic violence no
temporary order protections this came out of nowhere and I am Judith’s good to
see you I am curious to hear of the details as they unfold we do not have a
lot of details right now Volk a VOC lab thank you so much for coming in welcome
good to see you thank you for joining thank you for joining the chat I should
only be live for another five minutes but this is just a quick quick
notification on tonight we don’t have that yet I don’t want to I don’t want to
spill the beans on everything Barbara Smith good to see you thank you for
joining let me scroll back I was a community activist for many years and I
definitely will join us tonight Barbara thank you make sure you share it out on
to your social media thank you thank you retired Irish detective good to see you
I love the retired Irish detective a screen name because that could mean any
one of my friends who I worked with that could be anybody that I know
check back tonight 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time look for duty Ron’s broadcast 10:00
p.m. on the East Coast if you’re on the west coast that’s three hours behind you
and then you could do the rest of the math you said you’re yourself PSA –
Daria’s Desmond good to see you my brother from another mother
I believe down in the down in the southern district North Carolina so
great to see you there is one of my retired detectives who I police officers
and detectives that I worked with while I was on patrol this is a guy who his
whole entire family is law enforcement so everybody please welcome my good
friend the retired detective retired Irish detective he is a co-worker and I
could call him a great friend he is a great great super super guy super cop
was out there doing God’s work with in the early 90s so welcome in des him
and his family and brothers and you know a whole long line of law enforcement and
his family it is 3:15 here on the East Coast 3:15 so if you guys aren’t
subscribed to my friend retired Irish detective he is a fellow co-worker of
mine out of PSA to you guys show him some love and much respect to you my
brother thank you for joining so tonight 10:00 p.m. on the East Coast
make sure you set your reminders I was gonna make it guys what do you think I
was gonna make it a premium broadcast but I think I’ll do alive what do you
guys think premiere broadcast or live a live stream I’ll wait
if you guys want a premiere broadcast put the 1 if you want a live stream
press the 2 in the chat so this way I know what we want do we want it as a
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hi Jenny Jenny welcome in thank you for coming in thank you ok it looks like
we’ll go at live we’ll go at live we’ll go at live okay Trevor had to put a
bunch of twos in and a lot of people just typed in lives ok so live it is
will be live at 10:00 p.m. I’ll give you what I got and I got to tell you details
are gory they are sketchy at this time there is not a lot of info out but I do
want to get it out there retired Irish detective again show my good friend we
used to call them the des mister des mr. des is in the building one of my retired
NYPD brothers in blue good to see it jasmine entertaining lots of hugs to
jasmine entertaining good to see you thank you for joining in on the duty Ron
live stream so Kim it is it is that’s why she wants me to do the premiere to
keep you I got a I got a cater to my audience
I got a cater to my audience so 2 means live one means
a premiere so I’m gonna do a live I’m gonna do a live so here we go here we go
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barbie who else Judy is in here Judy’s in the building thanks for coming in
Judy not new but I’m in New England I’m in England not New England Arizona says
Jasmine entertaining hello hello Winky Winky she has 64 viewers excellent guys
so tonight’s case is going to be gruesome be ready for if you are
sensitive in any way Arizona says Barbara Smith thank you so much for
coming in appreciate you appreciate you um Hawaii Linda oh no she’s just saying
hi to Lou and Linda good to see you so if you are sensitive to that type of
stuff you can tune out or you could watch little pieces of it when I show
some of the clips of some of the news reports you might want to just you know
consider tuning out if you’re sensitive to this but I you know listen I need the
mothers and I need everybody out there to watch this type of this type of case
New Mexico thank you for coming in Land of Oz says says wow life in Kansas I
need I need people to understand that we don’t live in a perfect world and these
types of crimes go on around us and sometimes we become numb to these things
and that’s why I like to cover these cases so we can try to in get into the
inner works of what goes on and what’s makes these people tick you know and if
there is any type of signs that we could look for going all going forward in the
future to keep ourselves safer I want to visit them and I want to visit them so
there’s not a lot of things that I shy away from I have everything from soft
crime cases to right in the middle and then I have these extreme crime cases
that we do have to cover and it’s something that is important for the men
and women and the families out there to educate yourself on possible signs to
look for and what could you you you could look for in a family dynamic that
would make something like this happen so that is the situation Lauren
cut it out you tune in at 10:00 p.m. Eastern and you’ll find out welcome
Jenny angel thank you so much for being in here guys
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so guys I’ll see you tonight at 10 p.m. we always have a good laugh in here bye
mama aims by Jasmine entertaining by winky whispers you stuck it out the
whole time guy and Jackie I want to show you my jacket is my NYPD jacket there’s
my jacket you police Barbara thank you so much thank you you warrant squad
police I’m just being silly now whoa I got close I want to work homicide Lauren
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jacket so yes Katina I will see you tonight special thanks to all my patreon
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my brother always always much respect for you and everything that you’ve done
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rope we got to the end of the finish line unlike some of our other brothers
rest in peace all of my great fellow PSA 2 alumni and PSA 2 members and members
of the NYPD who have perished from 9/11 from service from being shot and killed
the line of duty arrested peace Kevin Gillespie Frank Macker II to mention a
few and all of my great great people it was so sad to see al Rocco pass away –
in his retirement and I was at that funeral and it was you know like a PSA –
reunion so you know much respect to all my brothers in blue who made it to the
finish line Winky there’s the sticker I love those things
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ginger locks mom double peace for you bye guys
I want I want to stick it I’ll send you one tonight awesome I’ll see you later


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