NYC’s BEST Hidden Secret ? ABANDONED Military Base in Queens ๐Ÿ˜ฑ (Fort Tilden)

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NYC’s BEST Hidden Secret ? ABANDONED Military Base in Queens ๐Ÿ˜ฑ (Fort Tilden)

So it’s definitley the most exciting thing I’ve done in a while We are climbing a ladder to an old pill box Defending the Atlantic From… the Germans Members of the Barrio What’s going on.. It’s Jon and we are inside of Fort Tilden right now.. An Abandoned Military in Queens.. Right on the Atlantic For the first time.. On this channel We’re going to be doing a little bit of urban exploring And my friend Jacob Carlson is going to be showing us around.. A lot of the secret little areas here.. He’s made 3 seperate videos I’m going to show you a different side of New York A side that I think a lot of tourists probably never would know about.. Let’s check this out.. Look at this place We are in an old warehouse I’m going to bring in Jacob to tell you what’s going on This is an abandoned warehouse.. i’m not sure what it used to be But if I had to guess.. I’d guess it was a service depot for vehicles.. Based on all of the garage bay doors We’ve got Tal here from the Traveling Clatt And it’s both of our first times.. exploring this abandoned warehouse I’m a little bit creeped out.. I don’t know .. I don’t usually explore this type of thing in New York How are you feeling right now? It’s pretty tame.. I’ve been to a few abandoned places Not a bunch It’s pretty tame It’s just a lot of graffiti but.. I like how cool it is And that it was just free to come and enter The graffiti artist left their spray cans here Since Jacob’s been here before He told us that this old stair case That we’re walking up is safe We’re going to go check it out right now.. Keep your head down a little bit here.. Yeah See how old everything is up here Super old radiator Got heaters.. Even the outlets and stuff like that are really old It’s very cool You can see the city to.. You can .. see Manhattan I have a good sense of what’s safe And what’s not And what’s.. legal And what’s not I would definitley recommend coming out to Fort Tilden Checking it out We’ll show you some other stuff that’s a little bit.. More tame And easier.. and more accessible For this kind of stuff I would stay away from this Again i’m more experienced I’ve been in here And been invited before If you haven’t.. just don’t do it Okay.. for informational purposes only.. We are on our way to the old military installations.. The stuff facing the beach This is the stuff i’ve seen pictures of Online And i’m a big history buff.. World War 2..World War All that stuff intrigues me.. We’re going to show you a bit of that history right now Jacob anything you want to tease them with.. We’re going to be.. see everything from supply depots To gun batteries.. like massive massive anti-air gun batteries To underground bunkers It’s going to be really cool Amazing, amazing.. There was a whole rail road system that ran through here That.. took supply trains Essentially from building to building This was one of them You’ll see when we get in there.. How it was sort of carved out in the middle To allow people to work on either side And put stuff into whatever it was Alright you guys ready.. Stop number one.. This whole center area is probably rail road tracks You can see.. They would bring in.. The cars and that kind of stuff And they could load them from the side And then move onto the next place For like ammunition Things like that One thing I will say Will these buildings That you have to look out for Obviously you can see the ceiling is sort of falling in You want to be careful with that.. Also don’t lean on any of these polls You can see that is what’s supporting this Don’t touch that.. good idea Don’t lean on the poles Don’t try to go up to the roof That kind of stuff But otherwise if you’re just walking through here It’s relatively safe Just be careful Visiting New York City You would not expect to find.. This sort of.. structure around It’s part of the history of the city Alright we are exploring.. yet another building here Highly recommend you bring good like hiking shoes Don’t come in here.. in heels or flip flops Or whatever else crazy idea you would have Because the ground is not stable You’re stepping on glass and other things constantly We are approaching one of the really cool parts Of Fort Tilden That i’ve researched… Called Battery Harris And it first went into service.. in 1924 Jacob is going to show us where they had the guns Encased here.. This was actually to point at the beach In case the Germans would attack And it’s just sitting here.. no one else is around This could be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in New York City Not even joking So imagine this big huge circle Had a massive gun pointing that way.. And you had multiple guys , multiple men that could turn the gun That direction and that direction And it just filled up this whole area And it pointed out that way But like I said The reason they had this big cement structure is to prevent any.. If anybody were to capture this..
The Germans were to storm the beach and capture this. They wouldn’t be able to take the gun And turn it around And shoot at New York City Because of this big cement structure The city actually built this staircase and this little observation area up here.. Totally open to the public And just an incredible view in this direction Of the Manhattan Skyline In this direction of the Atlantic And that’s what the gun down there would have been looking at I also want to note that.. Not only did this have a big historical signifance during World War 1 and World War 2 But also during the Cold War Their were nike missle sites here.. Essentialy Fort Tilden’s job was to guard. New York City and luckily.. It never actually had to be used For those reasons You can see the American flag down there Which is exactly where we’re going apparently According to Jacob… our expert tour guide That is the right direction right That is the bunker That is the bunker folks That is “un bunker” Un Bunker We are about to walk into this old bunker Kids don’t try this at home What do you think.. It’s pretty cool huh? People have definitley lived here For a little while.. I don’t know who? I kind of don’t want to find out.. It’s getting pretty creepy right now.. Look at these two rooms right here.. Dude.. is like a.. old bathroom Is this the bathroom What is this? Stairway to Heaven This last step is a little.. wonky Be careful And then you see how there’s that gap there.. This is where I think they’d store the munitions and stuff. If I had to guess Because they have these cement platforms and stuff.. This is where I would guess.. Oh my goodness This is so freaking cool.. This is the grim reaper pointing And then it’s just that I’m agreeing with Tal I probably wouldn’t recommend you come to this particuluar place.. Unless you’re with someone that knows what they’re doing Me and Tal aren’t those people Jacob is.. So just be very careful Well Jacob’s now run off and he’s going to try and scare us Uh oh That’s fine..
And he’s going to succeed We’ve just come out of the bunker We’ve got one final stop to show you guys.. Actually inside of a pill box Facing the Atlantic And this is the part I was most excited about After seeing pictures and Jacob’s videos We’re going to climb up right now Guys so we are approaching the pill box And as you can see It’s kind of like the perfect spot To be hidden a bit From I guess enemy airplanes Or enemy boats coming here Right amongst the shrubs Guarding the beach for almost 100 years Welcome to the pillbox.. it’s freezing in here.. Minus all the graffiti This actually feels to me like.. You’re in a war movie You’re facing the Atlantic right here. Looking for submarines and ships dropping off troops Even though it never happened As far as troops landing right here Specifically
There were German spies that did make it to long island however Very close by This is where.. You’d put the gun This is your view out to see Look at this Members of the Barrio what an incredible afternoon Spent exploring Fort Tilden It’s this gem right in New York City But it feels a world apart If you’re a history buff like I am You’ve got to put this on your list Just use common sense when visiting here. Please.. Guys make sure to check out my New York City Playlist For a lot of cool ideas about ideas and things to do On your next trip here Thank you so much for watching as always Until next time..


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  • This is the perfect example of why evil people will be permanently removed from earth. Someone (many, many people) received a paycheck. They accepted the "wages of death and damnation " because they were paid to do the right thing. Instead, they took money and went on with their lives.
    Now, waste, pollution, attractive nuisance (including your tresspass) cause good people to stray. Cause illness. Cause harm to nature and wildlife. Yet they all sit in their "ivory towers" and keep drawing wages, leaving these messes to the unborn. Even the national debt to pay for it all is left to the unborn. That is theft ! The environment is staggering under the weight of the men and women who left this mess . Not one of which will ever enter the Kingdom because they all chose to draw the paycheck of death and distruction. We witness with our own eyes the sins of our brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents. This is what the entire earth will look like to the not yet born. You are witnessing the future for someone else. It's only the tip of the iceberg. Pay it back. Give it all back. Turn back the clock. The choice is simple. Choose sides. Time is almost up, no joke!

  • Cool vlog! I love abandoned places. Itโ€™s a shame they didnโ€™t keep that fort up. Have fun and be safe.

  • Awesome video! I am and urban explorer and I know of several other mind blowing places that are vacant/abandoned in NYC besides this one. If you are interested in knowing about more I could give you some information on them if you message me on ig @dnf.n

  • So cool you got to check this out! Never been here before, but would like to when the weather gets warmer

  • Another abandoned spot Iโ€™ve been curious about is North Brother Island up by Rikers. Think you can only (legally) get there if you go with the Parks Department

  • Great tour of something that the average tourist to New York City would never see.These are the hidden gems and off the beaten track places I find the most interesting.
    When my kids and I were there in Jan-Feb we went to Fort Washington park under the Washington bridge.
    Sitting under the bridge is the last lighthouse still standing on the island of Manhattan.
    The Little red lighthouse was immortalised in the 1940s childrens book "The little red lighthouse and the great gray bridge"
    If you haven't been there I can recommend it.
    It would make for a very interesting vlog location.

  • That's truly amazing! Considering the cost of real estate in NYC i'm surprised the area wasn't redeveloped. Any idea if it's the city or state that owns it?

  • Too bad its kinda ruined by the graffiti. Some more tours of abandoned places would be cool. Isn't there a old hospital on Roosevelt island?

  • Cool location. I did not know about it. I have seen some of the abandoned defenses on the west coast but not quite so up close and personal. Now I will need to check out Ft Tilden info.

  • That was cool I love exploring places like that we have the same thing in Sydney which I explored interesting times they were

  • This is great! Is the spot easily accessible and are they any laws to be aware of? And how busy is it usually?

  • I served there in the Army Reserve 1969-1975. One weekend a month for 6 years. It was a working base then. Not open to the public. What was nice, got to use the beach there in the summer. But cold as hell in the winter right near the Atlantic. I recall some old abandoned tanks there in those days.

  • One of my favorite videos so far! So brave and awesome of you guys! Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ’œ maybe my next trip with people Iโ€™ll be able to check it out. Definitely not safe solo! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Wow your trip looks so amazing! I just found this app called Tin Can where you can have a live audio session AND chat at the same time, would love to hear more details about your trip there too ๐Ÿ™‚ They are also hosting an Instagram giveaway @tincan_official!

  • Very interesting. I love exploring pieces of history. Itโ€™s unfortunate that people feel the need to destroy it with graffiti.

  • Cool video, thanks! If you ever make it to Seattle we have 4 or 5 civil war to ww2 era forts as well that ya gotta check out!

  • 8:15 i think its a power room. the munitions would of been stored closer to the gun in a flat floored room. i also say it might be a power room because it looks like most power rooms ive seen. theres usually raised cement platforms that the engines or generators would sit on

  • This is awesome I grew up in Rockaway and used to go there all the time. If you look in the sand on the path towards the beach past the battery you can find old bullet fragments and shells

  • Saw you at the E train 2 weeks ago! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Did they pull down the red white house? havent found it…

  • Queens in the house south side in the house Supthin Blvd Rockaway Blvd Baisley Blvd my borough ๐Ÿ˜ born and raised very interesting information about my borough thanks ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ.

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