Nixon before resignation and full speech, August 8, 1974

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Nixon before resignation and full speech, August 8, 1974

Ok is it, How’s that? Is that, is that reading light Good, getting anywhere That you can see? I don’t think it is, I got ……….. OK Hey you’re better looking than, I am, Why don’t you stay? Ha Blondes they say photograph better, Than brunettes. And sure enough, You, you are blonde aren’t you? Red head? Ha, we’re the same. Oh I will alright. I know. Have you got an extra camera in case, The lights go out? [inaudible] Is that an NBC? Yeah. Yeah. And that’s an NBC camera? Ha ha. Standard joke. Let me see, you get these lights, Properly, err, light. My eyes always have, You find as you get past 60, That’s enough, Thanks. My friend Olly always takes a lot of pictures. Ha ha. I’m afraid he will catch me picking my nose. Ha ha He wouldn’t print that, would you now Olly? Yeah You can take a long shot but I…. that’s enough. Guess I can see it. Oh you want a level don’t you? Yes Yes! Good Evening, This is the 37th time I have spoken to you, From this office. Where so many decisions, Have been made that, Shaped the history of our nation. Any more? Each time, I have done so to, Discuss with you some, Matter that I believe affected, The national interest. Ok. Olly! No, Only the CBS crew now. Is to be in this room, During this. Only the crew. No, no there will be no picture. No. After the broadcast. You’ve taken your picture. Did you take one just now? That’s it! Err because, you know we don’t, Want,… you did not let the press, Take one, so you’ve taken it. You, Just take it right now, Cause right after the broadcast… You got it? Come on. Ok Ok fine, fine. Alright fine. I’m, I’m, gonna make the other, Photographer mad, That’s enough ok. All secret service, Any secret service in the room? Out! You don’t have to stay do you? You’re required to? I’m just kidding you. We used to have more. Crew: Two minutes and fifteen seconds to air please. But err, it’s better with a crew. [inaudible] I better get in position. What! Well I can’t. I mean, they just can’t. I can see it. I will try to. You mean move them like this? Would that help you? Am I, am I straight at the back? Would you mind checking my collar? Is it? Fine, I mean err. It’s not ruffed up? Crew: 30 seconds. Good evening. This is the 37th time I have spoken to you From this office. Where so many decisions Have been made that Shaped the history Of this nation Each time I Have done so To discuss with you Some matter that I believe affected The national interest. In all the decisions I have made In my public life I have always Tried to do what was best For the nation. Throughout a long and difficult Period of Watergate. I have felt it was my duty, To persevere. To make every possible effort to complete the term Of office. To which you elected me. In the past few days however, It has become evident to me. That I can no longer have, A strong enough political base In the Congress, to justify Continuing that effort. As long as there was such a base. I have felt strongly That it was necessary to see the constitutional process though to its conclusion. That to do other wise would be unfaithful to the spirit of that deliberately difficult process. And a dangerously destabilising precedent for the future. But with the disappearance of that base I now believe that the constitutional purpose has been served. and there is no longer a need for the process to be prolonged. I would of prefered, to carry though to the finish. What ever the personal agony it would of involved. And my family, unanimously urged me to do so. But the interest of the nation must always come Before any personal considerations. From the discussions I have had with Congressional And other leaders, I have concluded That because of the Watergate matter, I might not have the support of the Congress That I would consider necessary to Back the very difficult decisions And carry out the duties of this office In the way, the interests Of the nation are required. I have never been a quitter. To leave office before my term is completed is abhorrent To every instinct in my body. But as President I must put the interests of America first. America needs a Full time President. And a full time Congress. Particularly at this time, With problems we face at home and abroad. To continue to fight through the months ahead, For my personal vindication, Would almost totally absorb The time and attention Of both the President and the Congress In a period when our entire focus Should be on the great issues of peace abroad, and prosperity without inflation at home. Therefore, I shall resign the Presidency Effective at noon tomorrow. Vice President Ford Will be sworn in as President, At that hour, in this office. As I recall The high hopes for America With which we began This second term I feel a great sadness That I will not be here in this office. Working on your behalf, To achieve those hopes, In the next two and a half years. But in turning over direction of the Government to Vice President Ford, I know, As I told the nation when I Nominated him for that office ten months ago, That the leadership Of America, will be good hands. In passing this office to the Vice President, I also do so with a profound sense Of the weight of responsibility that will fall, On his shoulders tomorrow. And therefore, of the understanding, The patience, the co-operation, He will need, from all Americans. As he assumes that responsibility, He will deserve, the help, And the support Of all of us. As we look to the future, The first essential is to begin healing, The wounds of this nation. To put the bitterness and divisions of the recent past behind us. And to rediscover, those Shared ideals, That lie at the heart our strength and unity, As a great, and as a free people. By taking this action, I hope that I will have hastened the start, Of that process of healing. Which is so desperately needed in America. I regret deeply any injuries That may have been done In the cause of events that lead, To this decision. I would say only, That if some of my judgements were wrong, And some were wrong, They were made in what I believed at the time to be in, The best interest of the nation. To those who have stood with me During these past difficult months. To my family, my friends, The many others who joined in supporting My cause because they believed, It was right. I will be eternally grateful, For your support. And to those who have, Not felt able, To give me your support. Let me say, I leave, With no bitterness. Towards those who have opposed me. Because all of us in the final analysis, Have been concerned with The good Of the country, However our judgement might differ. So let us all now join together. In affirming that common commitment. And in helping our new President Succeed. For the benefit of all Americans. I shall leave this office with regret of, Not completing my term, but with gratitude. To the privilege of serving, As your President for the past five and a half years. These years have been a momentous time In the history of our nation and the world. They have been a time of achievement In which we can all be proud. Achievements which represent the shared effort of The administration, the Congress and the people. But the challenges ahead, are equally great. And they too, will require the support, And the efforts of the Congress and the people. Working in co-operation with the, New administration. We have ended America’s longest war. But in the work of securing, Lasting peace in the world, The goals ahead are even more far reaching, And more difficult. We must complete a structure Of peace So it will be said of this generation. Our generation. Of Americans. By the people of all nations, Not only that we ended one war, But that we prevented future wars. We have unlocked the doors, That for a quarter of a century, Stood between the United States and, The People’s Republic of China, We must now ensure, That the one quarter of the world’s people, Who live in the People’s Republic of China, Will be and remain, Not our enemies, but our friends. In the Middle East, One hundred million people, In the Arab countries, Many of whom have considered, Us their enemy, For nearly 20 years, Now look on us, As their friends. We must continue to build, On that friendship. So that peace can settle, At last over the Middle East. And so that the cradle of civilisation, Will not become its grave. Together with the Soviet Union, We have made the crucial breakthroughs, That have begun the process, Of limiting nuclear arms. But, we must set as our goal, Not just limiting, But reducing, And finally destroying, These terrible weapons. So that they cannot destroy civilisation. And as the threat of nuclear war will no longer, hang over the world and the people, We have opened a new relation with, The Soviet Union. We must continue to develop and expand, That new relationship. So that the two strongest nations of the world, Will live together in co-operation, Rather, than confrontation. Around the world, In Asia, In Africa, In Latin America, In the Middle East, There are millions, Of people who live in terrible poverty. Even starvation. We must keep as our goal, Turning away for production for war, And expanding production for peace. So that people everywhere on this Earth, Can at last look forward, in their children’s time, If not in our own time, To having the necessities for a decent life. Here in America, We are fortunate, that most of our people, Have not only the blessing of liberty, But also the means to live a full and good, And by the world’s standard even Abundant lives. We must press on however, For a goal not only of more and better jobs, But a full opportunity for every American. And of what we are striving so hard right now, To achieve, Prosperity, without inflation. For more that a quarter of a century, In public life, I have shared in the, Turbulent history, of this era. I have fought for what I believed in. I have tried, To the best of my ability, To discharge those duties, And meet those responsibilities, That were entrusted to me. Sometimes I have succeeded, And sometimes I have failed, But always, I have taken heart from what, Theodore Roosevelt once said, About the man in the arena, Who’s face is marred by dust, And sweat, and blood. Who strives valiantly, Who errs and comes short again and again, Because there is not effort without error, And short-coming. But who does actually strive, To do the deed. Who knows the great enthusiasms, The great devotions, Who spends himself, In a worthy cause. Who at the best, Knows in the end, The triumphs, of high achievements. And with the worst, If he fails, At least fails, While daring, Greatly, I pledge to you tonight, That as long as I have, A breath of life in my body, I shall continue in that spirit, I shall continue to work for the great causes, Of which I have been dedicated throughout my, Years as a congressmen, senator, Vice President, And President. The cause of peace, Not just for America, But among all nations, Prosperity, justice and opportunity, For all of our people. There is one cause above all, To which I have been devoted, And to which I shall always be devoted, For as long as I live. When I first took the oath of office, As President five and a half years ago, I made this sacred commitment. To consecrate, My office, My energies, And all the wisdom I can summon. To the cause of peace among nations. I have done my very best, And all the days since, To be true to that pledge, As a result of these efforts, I am confident, That the world is a safer place today, Not only for the people of America, But for the people of all nations. And that all of our children, Have a better chance, Than before, Of living in peace, Rather than dying in war. This more than anything, Is what I hoped to achieve, When I sought the Presidency. This more than anything, Is what I hope, will be my legacy. To you. To our country, As I leave, The Presidency, To have served in this office, Is to have felt a very personal sense of, Kinship. With each, And every American. In leaving it, I do so with this prayer, May God’s grace, Be with you, In all the days ahead. Subtitles by Subtitles by the community


  • The lead in photography shows the White House, with the lights on, but the Oval Office is not in the main residence. It is in the West Wing, off to the left side of what is shown in the picture.

  • Osama Bin Laden used to watch this footage whilst he repeatedly flicked his cock with those mountain monied curly finger nails, and shaved swastikas into the back of that fat Yak he had tethered out back, up and up in Tora Bora to make surer that there's a milk enough to keep the Obi Nons right moist justice in the down time between bunker buster bombardments, boom boom and the knees bent mat zealotry man … wasn't it.

  • God Bless every human being that the Media and CIA hate! God sees. God knows. God is real. To have the media and CIA conspire against him……..hmmmm?

  • This man did 1/100th of what Hillary Clinton has done…and he was a decent enough human being to resign in order to maintain the integrity of the oval office. She should do the same….and spend the rest of her life in jail for her wrong doings.

  • Dear Secretary Clinton. Please watch this very closely. This is what an honorable person does, when he or SHE understands that they can not effectively govern under a cloud of investigations, allegations and uncertainty. They step aside for the betterment of the nation, not themselves. It is called integrity.

  • If you spend a reasonable amount of time reviewing the unbelievable crimes and conspiracies that Nixon attempted over a three year period, it is unparalleled with any other President. This man, due to his paranoia, believed that investigating/surveillance (even to an illegal level) was something required. From approving the potential fire bombings of the Brooking Institute to Howard Hunt to payoffs to media threats to bribes and vengeance-driven IRS audits, the man was out of control. How he did not spend a single hour in prison is beyond me.

  • who you see are just puppets it's who they choose the real President of the USA resigned from the family of the world to not be held on treason

  • To be fair, Nixon wasn't all that bad. I'm not condoning his corrupt behaviors, but he didn't do anything more than every president since JFK has done.

  • This is STILL sad to me. It was like the President had been fired in my mind. I was small, and I felt bad for him. Now, I think I still do, having a greater understanding of the "Dark State" we now see.

  • Richard Nixon handled the most tragic of downfalls with absolute grace. The way he dealt with the shame of being forced to lose the presidency seemed like a loss at the time, but in the long run, it was really a victory for himself and for our country.

  • That speech was actually kind of great. Even if it was all bs/what he had to say, Trump makes him look like a saint.

  • A few years later, Trump better have a damn good resignation speech prepared, should he want to resign as President, or gets impeached, and we get to tell him "Mr. President, you're fired!"

  • You could always tell when Nixon was drunk. his lower lip would get all wet and glossy and stay that way. I had an uncle who would do the same thing. Humphrey Bogart also suffered from the same "tell".

  • What a shame. Richard Nixon could have done so much, and had the opportunity to move America forward through some dark times.
    All wasted because he became obsessed with the power of the office.

  • Trump would be like: "I'm quitting folks – and I'm not quitting like that loser Richard Nixon, believe me. I gotta tell ya – Nixon didn't do it well did he? I'm gonna quit folks, and it'll be in tremendous fashion – I can tell ya that folks, I can tell ya that. The fake media won't cover it because it'll be so great, and so wonderful.

  • I was not old enough during Nixon's resignation but he sort of influenced my life in my later years. I was born and grew up in a remote African village in North West Cameroon. Richard is not my birth name. Richard is the Christian name that I chose when I was baptized at Belo Baptist. Why the name Richard? because I was under the illusion that I would become rich someday. I also wanted to be associated with a formal president of the United States. My friends teasingly called my Richard Nixon or simply Americain. In fact, I encouraged them to call me Richard Nixon. Richard was not a common name in my area. I can only remember one other person named, Richardson. This was the beginning of my American dream- my exposure to American technology and inventions, seeing a white person in the village for first time and thought he was Jesus, and the president of the United Name Richard. Please read the Python Trail:an immigrant's path from Cameroon to American" on amazon.

  • Not a calm bone in his body in the intro. Fidgeting, nonstop joking and laughing, looking around side to side, the somberness he falls into when he begins reading the speech and sends everybody out. I almost feel bad for the guy, preparing to end his professional life and ruin his reputation around the world. This guy's reputation was everything to him and boy did he sure did kill that.

  • Tricky dickie aka, punk ass Richard Nixon.
    His monkey ass formed the Warren commission and one of the studies other then Americans learned racist ideals, was the use of cannibis oil or marijuana. The warren commission found that marijuana cured all diseases if caught early or mid term.
    So what did the devil Nixon do?
    His monkey ass literally tosses the warren commission’s findings, into the trash can literally. The Neanderthal Nixon was a joke and hopefully he’s rotting in hell.
    He was not a good person. He was a bought and paid for whore and took orders from the oligarchs( elitists) . Him, Linden Johnson, Obama, Trump, Carter, Clinton etc…
    All do not recognize the constitution.

    Wake up American walking dead/ deaf. But you probably can’t when Walmart puts LSD in the foods.
    All facts!

  • What a goof he was prior to going live. He should’ve just pardoned himself—as well as everyone else even remotely connected—and then put some contrived positive spin on it all, and served out the remainder of his second term. He was the very definition of self-sabotage. But—before it even got to this stage, and if he truly knew nothing of the break-in in advance—his top two f-troop-like lieutenants (Haldeman and Ehrlichman) should’ve done the right thing and resigned in order to appropriately insulate their boss.

  • What's past is prologue. This moment will come again, but when it does, we can but hope the man resigning will not have the comfort of knowing that he will be pardoned. Nixon played nice here, not primarily because he knew he was off the hook, but because, weirdly, he did not think that his resignation was the death of his political career. His aversion to small talk was such that this moment of manufactured levity stands as probably the only recorded occasion that Nixon engaged in it.
    Whatever his faults (mostly related to and springing from paranoia) the man was a shrewd political animal. The man who is next in line to be removed does not have a tenth of this man's abilities.

  • It is critical to America's survival that the incumbent executive is removed from office. At this stage, regardless of the trigger (collusion with a foreign power, violation of the Emoluments Clause, obstruction of justice OR repeating Nixon's great folly in firing Special Counsel) the only path to resignation will come via assuaging and soothing the fevered ego of said incumbent.

  • Wow, he was fairly composed. He was cracking jokes to ease the tension and nervousness. Pres Nixon became a broken man after this. I was 2 when he resigned, my parents remembered this and cried watching this. Nixon was actually a good President but Watergate scandal brought him down.

  • "I must always put the interests of America first."

    Richard Nixon confirmed fascist.

  • The opening moments with the crew rank as one of the most unexpected things I've ever seen. I feel empathy for Mr. Nixon, so lonely & awkward, having the worst day of his life yet still trying to find a bright side. America has had worse.

  • This man was an asshole racist. I wish he'd gone to jail instead of just resigning. He launched the war on drugs and swelled our prison system. Authorized secret torture programs and CIA wars. He is burning in hell. Fuck you to all that defend him. And this isn't partisan. I hoped the same happened to Obama.

  • I want so badly to admire President Nixon. But there are two things that I have a hard time with—could we have had peace in Vietnam in 1967? Did we have an honest election in 72?

    The Grandaddy of CGI fraud WAS A TWO CAMERA SCRIPTED FILM MYTH that is was updated in CGI by Frank Gannon. Frank Gannon, a MYTHICAL producer with only 4 credits to his career, beards his mythical resume and history using Diane Sawyer, a Sandy Hook CGI producer of gun grabbing liars, who tested positive for CGI, in a pixel verification process. Read it and weep… Nixon's "A" camera film modified curtains, do not match Gannon's "B" camera footage with original curtains… So Gannon, in modifying Nixon Hidden "B" camera footage, chose to "Black and White" the the unmodified film curtains to hide the differences of the "A" camera film modified, curtain pleats.

  • Just think if Killary , Obummer Kerry, and the rest of the DNC pulled the stuff, they have, in the early 1970's. Can you say Leavenworth

  • So, this time it'll be a little different. we know what happened now. Let me tell you this… If Trump isn't thrown out of office it's going to be a lot worse than Nixon

  • One huge difference between then and now is that at least Nixon had a threshold of shame. He realized he went well beyond the norms of ethical behavior, and in the end did the right thing. Today, there seems to be absolutely no shame. Anything goes, and not only do the perpetrators fail to take responsibility for their actions, their supporters are so mindless they will not condemn blatant dishonesty, hypocrisy, criminality, and treasonous acts.

  • Nixon was no more of a crook than any other US president since WW2. It is just unimaginable that anyone should make it to the White House without being a crook. To think otherwise is just delusional.

  • The real tragedy of Richard Nixon is he is human, like the rest of us. He had some amazing qualities as a person and leader. He was one tough son of a bitch, and I admire that most about him. Nixon once described LBJ as a "God damned animal." In my opinion, the same could be said about Nixon. The man was cold blooded.

  • I thought this was the Trump resignation video… Oh wait! Oops I'm a time traveler from the future…..he will soon folks! Just wait.

  • For those of you idiots that are saying Trump will be next. Are you forgetting that Bill Clinton fucking lied to the face of the American people on live TV and he was never impeached? That motherfucker was getting blowjobs in the Oval Office from a White House intern. Did you forget about that? Check your own before you start talking shit about the other side.

  • Hey Trump, look how easy it is! It's not hard, you can do it! I don't look forward to a Pence Presidency either but it would be better than yours.

  • "They put Jewish interest above America's interest and it's about goddamn time that the Jew in America realizes he's an American first and a Jew second".
    — Richard Milhouse Nixon.
    "And if having elected their man or group, obedience is not rendered to the Jewish control, then you speedily hear of "scandals" and "investigations" and "impeachments" for the removal of the disobedient".
    –Henry Ford

  • MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION, ALL YOU TRUMP HATING SNOWFLAKES!?! Keep chasing your stupid dream of this happening to Trump because that's exactly what it is, a stupid dream inside your stupid minds. Please… get over it. It's never going to happen.

  • Nixon is a heavyweight corrupt politician. Strong intellect, sense of irony, knowledge of history.
    Trump is an every day fraud artist, used car saleman type.

  • All I can say to anyone who favorably remembers Nixon: remember Kent State and remember Jackson State, and the college students who got shot dead in riots they didn't even belong in. Four dead in-a Oh-Hi-Yo.

  • The fake news of the early 1970s destroyed this great man…….I was there and it was DISGUSTING !

  • Nixon was a crook and he said only the CBS Crew is allowed in the room .he tried to put the secret service out the room

  • laughing after what he did==resigning the presidential office. he acts like he was balking because he was recovering from a cold

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