New Mexico officer seen in video roughing girl, 11, resigns


  • you need to tell us exactly what happened prior to this officer taking this action this is probably an everyday occurrence with this little girl are you guys just trying to make it some kind of racist bullshit that it's not

  • This happens more often than the public is aware. Is this officer going to be accountable for he's actions as the student would have been in jail for this assault. Crazy can't deny it the video was the proof had they not recorded it nothing would of been done to the officer.

  • If she had parents that would discipline her. None of this would ever of happened. Feel bad for the officer now for doing his job he gets fired. They need to bring swatting back to schools so this bullshit don't happen over and over. But just like the rest they'll say she was such a wonderful girl. Parents need to keep their kids under control already. It starts from home people.

  • I hope the family sues tf out of fpd and farmington municipals schools. Officer resigned so he will just relocate to a smaller town in NM. Apology smh poor little girl

  • what a crock … that "LITTLE GIRL" should be in Juvenile Hall and/or a locked ward. WTH do you want the law enforcement to do .. soon no one will want to serve and protect us. BOO HISS these children are out of control. Time for reasonable people to stand for law and order these mouthy out of control children are going to grow up bullies and if they can not be controlled let the parents take them home .. what is good for the school is these rowdy out of control children need to be removed from the school so the majority of children can get an education. BOO HISS I stand with that poor cop who was doing the right thing IMHO

  • This was normal for kids in my era growing up with school police. She just assaulted two people, the greedy lawyers suit should be dismissed. 👎 Boo 13

  • Video does not show what happened prior to all this. Boo-hoo wha-wha that mean cop made some brat mind how dare her act right and follow the rules.

  • Farmington schools are pitiful. There are substitutes for entire semesters. Teachers buying booze during lunch and now they are assaulting students. If these "adults" are improperly trained in how to work positively with the youth than they should have no business in the schools.

  • Cops here are so worthless and gun happy I hope this bitch gets a bullet to the head fuck Lcpd and the whole nm pig depo

  • He needs to be put in cuffs. This angers me so much. If I was the principal, I would have told the officer that we no longer need his services. I can’t believe the DA won’t press charges.

  • I think they need to shut down the police department and move the military in. The Democrats will be doing these soon. Vote Warren, 2020.

  • They ask multi times to comply unfortunately result this. If the parents know their child going to be out of hand best solution to home school. One kid acts out more will do so

  • Lol the officer looks like a women. But hey the lille shit had it coming. Not sure why everyone gets mad I bet if that was your child you would do the same if he had disrespect you but at the same time someone could have called the cops for doing that to your child so does it make sense? 🤔

  • It was not mentioned that this little girl is mentally challenged / autistic. Good job at trying to depict this child as a delinquent. Smfh!! Did they bother to console her and talk to her and ask her what was wrong? No!!. Brushing up against someone is not a fucking assault!!The officer resigned so he could get his pension. Cops are no more than homicidal psychopaths in blue.

  • That’s a beast of an 11 year old! Shit it’s at least 18! This is what happens when parents have no clue how to raise kids! Basically a wild animal roaming around the school while other kids are trying to learn! Parents should have been called and the “kid” expelled!

  • I wouldn’t sue. I would handle him myself. Adult to adult.

    The child was wrong but every adult in her life has failed her. Her parents and her teachers.

  • If that child has any male adults in her life who care about her, you better believe at least one of them is going to give that cop some street justice. Unless she had a weapon in her hand and was charging at him, there's no justification for throwing her to the ground. She could cracked her skull on the concrete.

  • This is a f**** CHILD what a piece of garbage that cop was. No need for the violence, he dropped the cam on purpose to be able to get violent and not be caught for it.

  • Well where to start. Student is misbehaving, can’t punish the poor child. The admin is useless. The cop goes way overboard. Now taxpayers can pay a lawsuit off to a parent whose not raising their kid to respect authority. What a wonderful country. Winner: Deadbeat parent Loser: Taxpayers

  • They need resource teachers and support staff trained in Professional Crisis Management to handle these situations. That cop should be under the jail and those administrators are pathetic.

  • Saw another video where that DA of Farmington will not persue any charges.. GTFOHWTBS

  • I think the cops are confused. They're told to go to the school, to help keep order. But they're not allowed to arrest the kids. But somebody must have told them they're allowed to arrest kids, why else would they try?
    I agree, he should have called the parents.
    The people who train officers need to make it very clear what's allowed, and what's not allowed, when arresting children.

    Many people in our country believe that kids are to obey authority figures. So, some adults cannot tolerate it when a kid won't comply. It wasn't that long ago, that all public schools in this country allowed corporal punishment. So that's why so many people are having a very hard time adjusting to the new way of doing things, where you never use physical force on a child.

  • Breaks my heart poor kid. I remember being hungry is school. The mean cafeteria ladies would throw food in the trash. I'd beg for milk and apple and they would say no. Lausd. Brings back memories.

  • I don't understand? Why is it ok for a child to tell the Cops "Get off of me" when the cops has give a lawful order? She sounds like she was trained to fight the cops! This is a special needs student? I've seen special needs as I'm sure most of you have and this child doesn't act like a special needs child. She sounds coherent and clearly understand the difference between right and wrong. Teaching kids basic and I mean basic respect to authority figures is paramount if we want change. So what can they do? Let her march around pouting acting up because she wanted more milk and she didn't get it ? So now what? I didn't get my milk, I fought the cops, Cop was fired, I hate the school, I can get anyone fired now! ………. Lets hope she doesn't have access to firearms, We just demonstrated that she not accountable for her actions.

  • hmmmm…. Something's wrong with this video. The cop said she assaulted 2 members of the school staff, but the video doesn't show the girl assaulting anyone.

  • This girl was obviously a great threat to the school. I think she had a Assault Rifle. But don't worry. This tyrannical cop will save the day.

  • This is so sad , I feel bad for the kid which was misbehaving at the start but didn't deserve to be put thru this. Second : the officer doesn't seem like a bad cop u know : most of the time u can see it on their face as bad cops. I think he went with the instinct of the principle, and other folks in the surroundings. I think that's where it went bad.

  • This so pisses me off! Problem is the idiot officer will just go get another job somewhere else! He needs to spend some time in a cage!!

  • So basically the officer aside from being a pussy is inadequate in performing his job duties. So two small cartons of extra milk will Because the school district millions of dollars. Smart choice

  • Fuck idiot cop thought he was going to get a medal for cuffing an 11 year old little girl…I'm so happy that piece of shit was caught on camera and lost his piece of shit job…1st Amendment.. freedom of speech, to tell that pig to go fuck himself💩

  • This happens all the time because police officers are trained to be brainwashed and develop tunnel vision. This officer even became hostile with the principal when the principal tried to stop the officer's iron will. Officers will pursue their personal will to the death and this is what makes them so dangerous and reckless.

  • Remember people not all comments are being put up look to see if they're up I've made comments in the last 3 videos I watched they're not showing up

  • If it wasn't being video recorded it would be normal procedure nothing would have happened to that officer absolutely nothing because it would have been their Word over that minor lucky it was recorded

  • This Country is going to start getting tried of paying all this money out every year over police misconduct, because she will win that case, as they all do.

  • When officer is moving to diffrent state.
    He gets the green light to do the violent things on civilians.
    Other dep will hire him toafter resigning/moving.
    No worries
    This won't stop.
    Till every one knows best to stop this non sense continued bull act.

  • That is pure assault and abuse on the young student. His actions were not called for and way over the top. I hope CPS steps in and this guy gets red flagged….with abuse of children.

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