NBC Journalist Resigns With Scathing Resignation Letter Against Network’s Pro-War Agenda

Updated : Aug 26, 2019 in Articles

NBC Journalist Resigns With Scathing Resignation Letter Against Network’s Pro-War Agenda

Military analyst and journalist William Arkin
said goodbye to NBC after three decades and he pulled no punches about why he was leaving. Arkin explained his decision in a 2000 plus
word resignation letter he sent to colleagues last week, citing a lack of real reporting
at NBC’s support for endless war in this world. Legal journalist Mollye Barrows joins me now. This is not, Mollye you know, we’ve done,
we’ve talked about MSNBC, we’ve talked about NBC. We always start this discussion in this, first
of all, people need to go online and read the entire. It is scathing. I thought it was wonderful. I thought it was heart, it made me feel good
that they’re still freedom fighters within the ranks. Yeah, that there’s still a journalist out
there that’s really a journalist. So what’s happened, and I talked, the best
way to explain this story is when in the lead up to war, whether it’s Iraq, whether it’s
Iran, whether it’s this new Cold War that the media is trying to start with both Russia
and China at the same time. You all, you wonder, are they really an extension
of the military complex? Now Eisenhower, you remember, believed that
the media was part of that. He said, be very careful because this industrial
military complex is going to be very dangerous and he actually anticipated the media might
be part of that. Now we see that certainly MSNBC, if you watch
MSNBC in a lead up to war, you’re going to see Boeing commercials. You’re going to see McDonnell Douglas commercials. You’re going to see these military commercial
where it’s not like you’re going to go out and buy a missile. You’re not going to buy a cruise missile,
right? So as you’re watching the ad, you’re going
to wonder why they’re advertising on MSNBC. It’s because these cats like Phil Griffin
and Andy Lack are sucking in the money and in exchange for sucking in the money from
advertisement money, they’re willing to say whatever has to be said. What’s your take? You’re exactly right. Now, he didn’t go into a lot of those details,
but basically the picture that he painted is, hey, I’m a 30 year journalist, military
analyst, author. I’ve been working at NBC on and off for three
decades and every single time whether I’ve been covering 9/11 or I’ve covered the Cold
War, when I tried to cover the real issues that led to us being in these conflicts to
begin with, those issues get brushed aside. No matter what angle that he pitched, basically
they didn’t want to hear it. They only wanted to continue the war cry. There was only room for one war cry and that
was to go along with whatever our military leaders set at the time needed to be done. So if the war on terrorism called for going
in and multiple strikes on Afghanistan with no real clear plan of leaving that region
or what our plan of success would be in the Middle East. When you know, Trump even talks about leaving
Syria, he hits on a lot of broad issues and in a nutshell he says, yes, we have a trump
media circus. We’re wrapped up paying attention to all the
little stuff and we’re not paying attention to the big stuff, but he’s brinign up points. But Mollye, it’s not just Trump. It’s Obama… That was his point. Obama was just as bad. Bush before him was, of course got us involved
in Iraq. And that was his point as well. Okay, look, Phil Donahue, I lay this at the
feet to MSNBC because it’s so tangible there. I know this Phil Griffin cat. I know how they think. I know Ed Schultz, of course, who you know
used to be the anchor on this program. He and I were dear friends and he would often
talk about the idea that they would not let them be critical of military issues. That’s what he was saying. Just like, just like TPP issue. Ed Schultz understood how dangerous the TPP
issue. He talked badly about Hillary Clinton. They wouldn’t let him do this. And so, Phil Donahue, you remember Phil Donahue? I remember Phil, the original talk show host. Phil Donahue was the guy that came out against
Iraq, one of the few people who had enough courage around NBC. All the other NBC cats had these big maps
on the floor and they were talking about embedded journalist in the, you know, they’d follow
around the map. It’s the entertainment game. It keeps you focused on the little stuff in
the middle. And you talk about, oh gosh, it’s poor Obama
can’t stop these inmates from being waterboarded. He can’t go close Guantanamo Bay and this
is what Arkin was saying that it becomes, it’s just too big for him to be able to take
on some of these big problems when they’re not even addressing the real problems. Why can’t we shut down Guantanamo Bay? What are the, what is our foreign policy when
it comes to Syria, Afghanistan, and the war on terrorism, what does success look like? We’re not really holding our military leaders
accountable. And he was saying, and we’re not even reporting
on their mistakes. Progressives to some degree, I mean the really
fringe progressives, have become warmongers all because they hate Trump so much. You’re right. And it’s a very dangerous thing. And that’s not journalism. No, it’s not journalism. They are absolutely, NBC I’ll say it again,
is part an extension of the military complex in this country. Well, thank you Pap and thank Arkin for getting
this conversation started too. No question about it, he’s an interesting
character. Thanks for joining me, okay. Thanks Pap.


  • Atheist Fundamentalists are dangerous and brain damaged losers who want to force their beliefs upon everyone else.

  • The truth is REAL no matter where it originates! War and hate are money makers for some countries! Death's that occur are just collateral damage! Don't be deceived! It's all part of the master plan! Putin know better than most! There's not nearly as much profit pursuing peace!

  • War is very bad for the environment. Massive contributor of climate change. Tell your leaders to quit supporting the MIC.


    1. Obstructing Of Justice

    Bottom line: Trump has repeatedly attempted to interfere in the Russia investigation, and admitted as much—that’s a clear case of obstructing justice.

    2. Violating the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution

    Bottom line: Because Trump never divested from his business interests, he violates the Constitution every time the Trump Organization has business dealings with foreign or American government officials.

    3. Conspiring with Others to Commit Crimes Against the United States, and Attempting to Conceal Those Violations
    In the middle of the 2016 election
    Bottom line: Trump tried to cover up his campaign’s contacts with a Russian national—which, at very least, constituted a violation of federal law.

    4. Advocating Violence and Undermining Equal Protection Under the Law

    Bottom line: Trump has demonstrated a pattern of behavior amounting to advocating violence, undercutting equal protection, and, as a result, failing basic Constitutional duties.

    5. Abusing the Pardon Power

    Bottom line: Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio violates the Fifth Amendment and harms the guarantee of Constitutional rights.

    6. Engaging in Conduct that Grossly Endangers the Peace and Security of the United States

    Bottom line: Trump cannot be permitted to recklessly and needlessly endanger millions of Americans with his unstable behavior.

    7. Directing Law Enforcement to Investigate and Prosecute Political Adversaries for Improper and Unjustifiable Purposes

    Bottom line: Trump’s threats against political opponents are threats against American democracy.

    8. Undermining the Freedom of the Press

    Bottom line: Trump’s threats against freedom of the press are also threats against American democracy.

    9. Cruelly and Unconstitutionally

    Bottom line: Trump’s policy endangers thousands of immigrant children and families, and defies basic Constitutional values.

    10. Violating Campaign Finance Laws.

    Bottom line: Trump committed at least two felonies to illegally cheat his way into office.

  • Real progressives are against war, with or without Trump. Jimmy Dore, Jamarl Thomas, status coup, tlav, Lee Camp and many more have been criticized for not participating in enough Trump bashing, but they have retained their integrity…wish there were more Bill Arkins speaking up.

  • Everyone In america is buying cruise missiles. Every American was forced to buy these missiles by a 28 year bush presidency.

  • Whoever came up with the yellow ribbon with the "Support Our Troops" slogan deserves the "Nobel Prize in Propaganda." The corporate media have two messages that they bombard us with constantly. First, the military gets a free pass because military adventurism is synonymous with the protection of liberty, and second, any protest against military activity is both unpatriotic and a personal attack on enlisted men. This has quashed debate. It makes what the political right calls "political correctness" look benign.

  • Really respect him for taking this stance with his awesome scope of our global climate on all levels. If we don’t get it together we could lose it all.
    War is NOT the answer EVER.

  • I'm confused bc MSNBC has long had people outspoken against the Iraq/Afghanistan wars. Yeah they were defensive of Obama and covered for him no matter what he did, they would say his hands were tied with the war stuff, that implies that they are claiming to not agree with the war. They had no problem full on attacking the war with W in office.

  • you people on ring of fire are nothing but undercover white NAZI every chance you get to put my president Barack down you do it i mean your worse than dump because at least he lets you know up front and admits that he is a racist with no hidden secrets i wish to god you just can keep OBAMA out of your mouth and stop using him as an example for all your imprudent mistakes with that being said BARACK did not make racist whites go out and elect dump they did on their own racist belief and it back fired on them so next time when you want to put an L on BARACK just remember that it was your vote that got us in the hell hole that we are in now

  • The one line that I've often heard and always sickens me is that the moment any U.S President or even British Prime minister green lights a bombing campaign and we see Tomahawk missiles being fired via the newsroom TV screen, a correspondent will say "This is the moment that they became President!!" Or in the case of Syria "This is the moment that Donald Trump became President! Look at how beautiful our missiles are!" FUCK OFF!!!!! What, the true moment of a leadership is only defined by bombing the shit out of people!!!!???? I don't fucking think so, I think the moment that someone becomes leader is when they get people out of a hostile situation without a shot being fired or even one casualty and the tensions are eased by negotiations, that's a fuckin' leader!!!! Thousands of innocent people die everyday and the instigators of war like John Bolton sit back and enjoy without rebuke!!! And placing access to a Nuclear arsenal in the hands of a Fucktard like Donald Trump is a lot like oral sex with a Cannibal!!! There's insurmountable tension and it's certainly not going to end well!!!!

  • these people ask you and your children to "Die" for them. They keep these wars going for one reason "Money" they will call u a patriot when you return in a body bag, they have made you believe that without money for killing the country is unprotected. "More BS" 760 billion/yr on defense. but would give your child one dollar toward their education. the number of people who have given their life for America, where would they be now? alive!!!!! the news media is a bunch of garbage they are as complicit as the other war mongers. rich people won't die for America, they ask poor people to do it for them. No one else die's for the benefit of wealth, CEO, and others must share in their own existence.

  • I can't say I don't agree with him on that.. He's speaking the truth.. All these private defense contractors making MILLIONS hand over fist!

  • During Vietnam a lot of people criticized the war as well as the soldiers themselves often unfairly. It got so ugly that during Desert Storm people went out of their way to show their support for the troops. Democrats and Republicans competed over who could show the most support for the troops

    The eventually grew into support for the military itself and everything they do

    The sad thing is that a lot of our troops risk life and limb not to protect our freedom but to boost the careers of certain politicians. The pro-military climate prevents us from having a much needed conversation about this. So the troops are just unknowing tools. The few. The proud. The chumps

  • Those companies were running ads to recruit new talent and to educate the public how these military research projects translate to consumer products

  • This is not news. America is the largest arms dealer in the world. Thet will sell arms to anyone. Sell arms to NATO. In Syria sold arms to ISIS and Al Queda and to the Syrian army. They sell arms to groups who are killing their own soldiers and MSNBC is paid off to make sure the weapons keep flowing. You have farmed out all your manufacturing jobs. You have to get money from someplace so you get from weapon sales and from the interest off of American citizens who are in endless debt and involved in endless wars.

  • Meachum so smart

    The guy who wrote the memo that first led to bush giving emergency powers to our president was on CNN today. That set the precident that allows trump to do this!
    He was asked if he still held that opinion? He reiterates saying, that yes and that congress and the senate could impeach! But what he just did was combine the two branches of congress and senate into one power and gave president a single power! That's the problem we find ourself in! He Broke the constitution! No idiots please!

  • As much as I like Rachel Maddow's reporting, she is quite pro-military, pro-war. read her book "Drift." I was disappointed on her stance, but she is entitled to her opinion.

  • So the racism the main stream media failed to cover had less of impact on this guy. He could have open his own social media outlets criticizing his own network.

  • This goes back a couple of centuries of American Imperialism. The amount of people murdered through this imperialism goes beyond Evil. The installed dictators pushing the imperialistic agenda and/or the overthrown democratic governments on every continent for centuries. They will pay with their souls for their groundless paranoias and greed for material gain.

  • I too have retired because of republican working atmospheres created by emboldened ownership. These people are the same people whom Jesus spoke of. Lovers of themselves, greedy,heartless, cruel Jesus didn't say Assholes that's on me.

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