Most MYSTERIOUS Abandoned Ships!

Updated : Sep 09, 2019 in Articles

Most MYSTERIOUS Abandoned Ships!

The ocean is a big scary place, from ghost ships with their names painted over. to ships full of the dead. Here are 10 mysterious abandoned ships, that cant be explained. But I’m gonna try to explain it. (intro) Number 10. The Ourang Medan. In 1947 or 1948, according to some accounts. A disturbing distress call was picked up by two American ships. Then, it followed by a burst of indecipherable Morse code. The American vessel called the Silver Star was dispatched on a rescue mission. Corpses littered the decks, and all of them had the same terrified expression. The air in the lowest part of the hold was extremely cold. The Silver Star decided to tow the Ourang Medan back to port. The boarding party barely had time to cut the tow line. Lifted the ship out of the water before it disappeared. However, that doesn’t account for the strange cold down below Number 9


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