Moon vows to complete prosecution reform despite resignation of Justice Minister

Updated : Oct 15, 2019 in Articles

Moon vows to complete prosecution reform despite resignation of Justice Minister

now as a follow-up to that report
president moon jae-in expressed regrets on monday over justice minister Jo cooks
sudden resignation the South Korean leader vowed that his administration
will continue to press ahead with efforts to overhaul the country’s
all-powerful prosecution Shin Semin has this report the president’s public apology over the
resignation of his pick for justice minister winters are a modern customer
young engineer here they say no Canada the controversy over Cho and his family
had prompted rallies demanding the minister to quit while counter
protesters criticises investigation by the prosecution the organization Cho had
been tasked with her forming the president said he had expected to see
harmony between the Justice Minister and the prosecutor general in moving forward
with reform but nevertheless the president promised to complete those
reforms despite chose resignation promotion Garabedian control panel
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president also ordered the Justice Ministry and the government to follow up
on those plans and wrap up the necessary administrative processes within this
month he added that the two most important administrative goals are
prosecution reform and promoting fairness within society the president
also mentioned the role of the media a reference to the countless media reports
containing allegations rumors and speculation but because the
administration cannot get involved he said the press needs
to reflect on itself to repair a country sharply divided in recent weeks the
president call on the nation to come together and support the integration and
to direct its energies for the tasks ahead on the economy Shin Semin Arirang

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  • Justice has been served by the Cho resignation. His quote, "scholar and intellectual" seems at odds with the reality that he could not even pass the bar examination. He was not qualified to be the Justice Minister. Even in his resignation, he emotes a superior perception about himself and his "crusade". With the prosecutorial investigation of his family, all I can hope for is the facts, and only the facts, are used by Prosecutor-General Yoon Seok-yeol to prosecute the case involving the Cho family. It is my impression the Mr. Yoon is a completely unbiased man who President Moon appointed to the position.

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