Mission to Mars | Abandoned Space Garden

Updated : Oct 13, 2019 in Articles

Mission to Mars | Abandoned Space Garden

You know.. When you see something in front of you that’s so unbelievable you feel the need to touch it to see if it’s real? I do that here. Earth is full of mysterious places. This one will actually make you feel
like you are on Mars. Out-of-this-world experience.. These dome-shaped greenhouses are made
up of pentagonal and hexagonal glass panels. There was a heating system and an automatic sprinkler system to create and maintain perfect
conditions for the plants, especially in winter. I’m lost in this Martian beauty. What would it be like to walk on Mars? I like places.. ..that make you realize.. ..how tiny you are. Do you remember the bird from the beginning? If you want to fly, too.. ..you need to leave the earth. What if you fall? But what if you fly?


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