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what could be hiding in a military trunk
military military – what that makes me a little little little sighted little
nervous a little excited ladies and gentlemen boys and girls parents of all
ages we are here to keep unboxing this $5,500 military unit haven’t even got
through a percentage of this unit we’re just gonna go right with the film this
is what we will be unboxing now this should cover a compensate for a whole
video I hope we’ll see but we got some military containers containers stuff
military trunk what could be hiding in a military trunk military military and
what that being said let’s get going everything says military we open it up
at the military and one big piece of something all right
that was not exactly the most exciting thing for us to look at but it was
something too on to the next we got fatigues with the
colleagues fatigue military fatigues medium regular looks like they’re from
Oh Oh your mm maybe I think I can’t tell could be 78 cuz Matthew told us about
this the other day if you guys remember in them on the first video Thanks
I like Oh military closes good sale like this is 10 to 15 dollars in my world at
the flea market another one medium regular another 10 to 15 dollars right
there another 10 to 15 dollars right there 69 maybe on that one that’s a good
one there vintage we got a bunch of them like a 40 $50 bucks easily we got a little bit different ones here
now all the stories that these jackets can tell right here would be just
phenomenal this one has a tag on its knee bar to a fish store large regular nice that’s several jackets and then we
have nice hat I can’t call it a nice hat it’s kind of
been discombobulated but you know still a good sale be something don’t be just
off spider webs nice we got lots of spider webs people use these for
shipping various things you know we’re disappointing everybody right this one
is more promising right here what do you thinks gonna be in this one because I
feel like it’s more promising definitely got some weight to it
on three look at this let’s see what we got here
military photos military filters all these people who served official US army photograph these are
all people who deserve a huge tribute for their patriotic efforts in our
military service let me organize these a little better and they’ll be a lot
easier Raiders without the rock today who wears
that outfit I could use that we made this a little bit easier let’s see if we
didn’t all right we made this a little easier so let’s sit here and go through
food a couple of these photos and uh you know what I like right now as we as we
go through these real quick I’d appreciate if everybody said something
pretty like think all these people quarters look at this outfit right here
I bet that’s a good one too where is that it and just say thank you for all
the the times that you spent fighting for our country for our freedoms
everything that they gave for us to have the freedom to sit here and watch these
silly little YouTube videos that’s a nice medal right there he got
an award for something shout out to him another war shout to him he’s just
giving a speech another worn I like all these is it
pretty neat last chance row man forward uh I really appreciate all the stuff I
really do some people are hoping not mad that take
my time to go through like photos like this and stuff but each one of these
people did something significant for us and they deserve any tribute possible in
my eyes you know out of arm bars I think that’s called our bars that to be wrong today’s on me the US Army Reserve there’s gonna be this is a little
different here this box was not necessarily military but that’s pretty
cool old lion owl stuff that lion oh yes why now trains can be pricey I’m unsure
about these ones because of the condition of them this is a tender
that’s what they call them tender they go behind a locum a little rusty there’s
a locomotive once again extremely rusty doesn’t have
any good numbers on it very heavy though leave it’s made out of hot metal don’t
quote me on that and these are plastic but vintage metal
on the bottom cabooses the little engine that could I love that story for y’all
have you got excuse as to why some ain’t going right watch that slowly and
understand that you just couldn’t do it like Nike another one broken teeth these
are all pretty rusty I don’t know of their working condition Oh a device another tender and then one more a boots
no engine locomotive brains on full speed ahead today that’s a nice one this
brass mmm brass what you want you got you find old Japanese brass trains hit
me up doesn’t say what I know could be it’s a nice one then look into that then
we have trash also subtract another transformer and a base everlasting the
lawn in these are some type of cop jackets
he’s a vintage police nice 1099 price they will take that home
that’s fitting machinima Pro interesting maybe higher Patrol maybe sheriff
definitely vintage be oh that you can be in the army soon some reason I have this
weird thing where I remember every commercial space to live watching TV and
then remember every commercial ever see this annoying digital camera military
fatigues that the newer version that digital those are cool
once again like 15 bucks on the jacket like that maybe 20 it’s a good shape
it’s a larger size larger is always better seems like the smaller ones sell
slower somebody who’s went to Goodwill in Boston
another nice this one like almost like new then we go skate duffel bag what is
dad look at that there’s an ice axe right there Bridgeport I like that almost like it has a Boy
Scout symbol on it see that now if you could tell it there were almost look
like a boy scout nice play very vintage very well made I like the the
craftsmanship of the wood where’s Kayla she likes these little mess cams we got
a 1945 World War 2 with anything in there
I love World War 2 stuff 1944 World War 2 empty 1944 World War 2 there’s Wonder than at
a date 1962 1945 World War 2 1945 World War 2 1966
empty of course and another 1948 nice I don’t know these don’t have a pretty
amount of value but they’re they’re cool on the left it’s a whole it’s a whole one yep we got it looks like ear plugs
we got pouches for all sorts of as probably for the canteen or that one thanks that’s a good bit like this
that’s got to be 30 bucks complete like that I would have to speculate another
canteen a hat canteen holders here we just have a silk
scarf an interesting logo maybe this was somebody squadron or something we know
about that unique nothing in it though it’s a neat little canister of some
point then we have ooh helmet covers maybe helmet covers are a hat covers
that LSD 28 maybe somebody school well that’s an old
hat right there the Leslie Corporation head wear that is
a nice old hat right there these colors don’t run Operation Desert Storm 1999 is
s another type of squadron the trucker hat we’ve got helmet covers two water
pouches 1989 in 1996 and H s l 84 trucker style hat the vintage nice hat I
liked it now we’re gonna open up this trunk see what’s inside something’s
inside no date Stanley what we have stuff look I’ve got some good stuff here
what yes this outfit this is interesting somebody had a tag on like they were
selling it somewhere I don’t know where San Francisco Opera whoa this is totally
different probably so try that on I think a good
Halloween costume that is vintage and home Thanks what else do I get to
nervous when I start looking at this stuff and I want to like get to the
bottom that’s how I am with any box I just want to get to the bottom you see
that right there what is that let’s see you guys can see that that
makes me a little a little little sighted little nervous little excited this is a probably sobbing Jesus 60 70 some pants okay
this is okay that’s just material somebody was doing something with you not the whole thing all right a blanket did we have some
type of I think it’s a woman’s or child’s dress coat here we have a
military helmet with this it’s got a front seam I always keep forgetting
where the front seam is world world – or not I think it’s been painted on the
inside over the actual numbers still in great shape though all things considered
just think to tell stories Wow all right ooh that’s what I like see how they
painted that one that’s a good sign that makes it more valuable as somebody who’s
hand-painted it alright that was a fun little exciting
once again military unbox we have plenty more to come don’t get the like button
share button subscribe and say thank you to our servicemen and I love y’all don’t
forget I got a full playlist on the $5,500 unit you could wash it front to
back I love y’all almost forgot this piece right here I forgot just to show
this 1942 this is World War two do you see the size of this thing right here
how big this is we had one couple so far they were
smaller than this this one is massive look at the size of my head and look at
the size of this whole 1945 – 42 – 9 this is crazy


  • Those look like film canisters.
    That may be a vintage parachute too. Not a tent.
    Tents were canvass, parachutes were silk.

  • This has been another brilliant storage unit you bought Mike , amazing stuff with a lot of history tied to it , great video mate, thanks for sharing

  • I am a Blue Star mom (×2) yes thanks to the families for their sacrifice also, for my freedom. Pirate thank you for sharing your knowledge and showing us your treasures!

  • I did thank my father and all my uncle's for WWII. And all my friends and cousins and husband for VIET NAM. and some friends for DESERT STORM.

  • The real car you called the base is a flat car the white or beige piece actually sits on the flatcar that is a C can

  • That first box was a military parachute and the canisters were used to hold real to reel movie type film reels like the ones you found before. And a big Thank You to the Men and Women of the Armed Forces who so bravely fight for the Freedoms that so many take for granted. And thank you for showing them the respect they so richly deserve, you truly are an excellent example for others to follow. God Bless you brother Mike

  • Those cammo fatigues in the second box are summer weight, rip-stop fabric (the little squares you can see in the fabric are what are supposed to keep rips to a minimum.

    The plain, olive drab jacket (shirt) with the slanted pockets in Viet Nam era.

    The old film canisters are kind of cool.

    Several of the photos look like publicity photos taken during basic training. Also, in the photos, you can see some of them have a series of horizontal bars on the sleeve. Each one represents 6 month duty in threat of war. The diagonal strips on the other sleeve represent years of service. The ribbons on the front are earned: some by campaigns the person was in, some by accomplishments, some by training. Full medals (like purple heart, etc.) are worn on the other side. I still have my ribbon bars around here somewhere.

    For all the brave veterans, thank you for your service.

  • People aren't being disappointed by that stuff, its different, people like seeing different things and they enjoy historical things, especially military gear.

  • Respect G unit family boss 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️⭐️🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💰💰💰💰💰epic content

  • The last two military jackets and trousers, just to let you know those are Vietnam issue fatigues oh, because you can tell by the pockets on the top being slanted

  • Thank you to all of those servicemen and women who sacrificed themselves to retain our freedom and democracy!!

  • To some people your YouTube videos might be silly, but for somebody who served in the military. During that era Vietnam I salute you pirate, for showing people the past, and letting it known about the history behind each picture. And on that note to all of those who are in those pictures with a living or dead I salute you and I thank you for keeping us free

  • You take your time with those pictures pirate, because each one of those pictures tells a story. And the only one story I can think of, are the brave men and women who served our country, and a lot of us have been forgotten. And I say that mostly pirate because I speak for all our homeless veterans, live with the scars of war that nobody else can understand oh, and I know that feeling all too well having PTSD.

  • The other jacket that was like a grayish kind of color is gray tiger stripe mostly used if I remember correctly by the Navy in the Air Force what 1980s I think I'm not absolutely sure

  • Back in the day Bridgeport hand-axes sold for about $15 a piece and you might get 10 if you get it polished up and oil down to make it look good. Food for thought the one of the better axes and easy to sharpen oh, they were made out of soft Arkansas Steel Bridgeport also made axes especially for the Boy Scouts. They don't make him for the Boy Scouts anymore

  • First thing is a parachute. The rail car "base" is for the white container 8:00 to fit on. USS Thomaston (LSD-28) . SPACE FLIGHT 1999 – International Space Station – NASA. Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 84 United States Naval Aviation (HSL-84).

  • Very interesting finds so much history in each unit .Think of all the history that you’ve touched with your hands. Money can’t buy that. Keep the wheels turning for that is what you do when you share with us. Keep well….Margaret n Iceland

  • Loved looking at the pictures and the other military items.
    Thank you to all military personnel for your service xXx

  • Sorry u don't know. Vultures circled the dead on battlefields. Thanks for all your praises. But you don't have a clue about the people u are making money from……

  • Thank you to all the Men, Women and most especially their families for their services to our great country!

  • Thank you to all Soldiers, government officials, P.O.Ws and Police officers Fire fighters EMS everyone who puts their lives on the line to help others

  • I know you need to make money and need to speed through most things that's why I thank you for slowing down sometimes giving us a chance to really have a good look and your treasures. My Dad was a WWII vet and I was a military kid until 14, so yes! I thank these men and women for their service with a sincere heart.

  • My husband and I are both veterans of the Vietnam era, my daughter and youngest son are vets of the desert storm era. My oldest son wanted to serve but was not medically fit to serve, due to kidney disease he was born with.

  • Thank you to all the brave people who stood up for our freedoms, to live in a country where we can think, feel and say how we feel without threat of retaliation or interference of our government. I hold you in high esteem and appreciate all of the sacrifices you and your loved ones have given for this country.

  • Morning Pirate Captain. How are you today? Love your thumbnails! Missed your live last night. Thank you to all of our military for serving our country! Enjoying this awesome unit. We love you too, Pirate! 💕🏴‍☠️

  • USS Thomaston (LSD-28) was the lead ship of her class of dock landing ship of the United States Navy. She was named for Thomaston, Maine, the home of General Henry Knox, the first Secretary of War to serve under the United States Constitution. ❤️

  • Around @6:30, many of the pics look like they are at an event called an Open Mess (I think), since there are officers and enlisted there. Officers only will hold Closed Mess. Recently enlisted have held Enlisted Mess, and senior enlisted have held Chiefs Mess. All of these are normally black or white tie formal affairs.

    Since formal Wear is not military issue to enlisted, one purchase (sometimes rent) for optional wear, as Mess Dress . Enlisted cannot be forced to wear Mess Dress, where officers are expected to. I had a set of Mess Dress for enlisted, the rank insignia (stripes) were made with real silver thread and cost me fifty bucks.

  • @9:42, the fur collared jackets are worn now by police, etc. Based on a flight jacket design called a 'bombers' jacket. New leather ones today are several hundred $$$$.

  • Thanks to all the military service men and women for battling to keep us free and a million thank you's for your service and dedication in building the world. Your work provides all peoples a safe place to coexist and cohabitate regardless of race, creed, color or country. Please let us strive to keep war away and make peace a priority. Nevertheless, I thank God for everyone who is involved in service for peace (including you Pirate). Peace is so priceless may we never be faced with unrest and strife against our values and morals. Let freedom reign. In Christ. Amen.

  • Thank you to all the people who have served our country!! And especially to those you showcased today.

    That locomotive has a tender behind. Most brass trains were made in Korea.

  • Thank you for y’all’s service. Thank you taking your time to show us the pictures. I LOVE all the old pictures!!

  • That digital print camo is worth more because they are doing away with that style!! Look that up. That first box was a parachute! Thank you to all of my family, friends and fellow Americans who fight for our freedom!!!

  • sorry if the writing is not correct but I am using the Google translator since my English is very limited, I do not know the people in the photos but if there is any famous of high rank it can help you to authenticate articles or clothes, and the scarf white that you found investigates a little because it looks like the ones used by Japanese camikazes, I send you a hug from Argentina.

  • The one of the soldier dancing with the woman was of Princess Diana, it was a photograph that appeared in all the papers here in the UK.

  • Iris those military camouflage uniforms you keep calling them or called BTUs you're low-balling yourself badly 30 years ago I paid 20 and up depending on condition used I was a little military nut all my role models were Vietnam vets God bless all our vets PS if you wanted to get into big money Vietnam era I know a bit if you can find real BTUs that are tiger stripe that era they're highly sought-after all the ones that are just green with the slanted Pockets Vietnam are highly sought after by people who collect I'm into it

  • Hi Pirate, I think it's wonderful that you go slow with the pics, as it feels as though we are paying tribute to those who served to keep us safe in the USA. Thank you!

  • Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen for your service, because we would not be a free country. As always enjoying a trip down memory lane, I have not served but family members have. Like you I love to find the story in the things left behind and this locker is telling a thousand and one stories. Blessings

  • Sweet Mike those are MESS KITS, that the Military and Boy Scouts ate their "Mess" (Meals) from. My great uncle said he carried his mess kit IN his uniform in front of his heart when he was on the front lines delivering orders or transporting injured or troops. Said he needed a little protection for his courage most of all. I Thank all service men for my FREEDOM when I see one. I also want you to know, these are not silly YouTube videos. This is custom tailored entertainment, we are not being forced by network TV to stick to schedule or genre. Those Vets gave us the freedom to enjoy your passion. I Thank them and you.

  • Love the old pictures and this unit is just Beautiful & wish they could talk (like that tv show If walls could talk was when people bought old homes and found old hidden items as they were restoring them to the original character they had❤️ Thank you very much to All the Men & Women that Have & is Serving Our Country❤️

  • Thank you to every Man and Woman who has or is now serving in the Military to protect and defend our Country 🇺🇸
    We owe each of you a debt that can never be repaid!
    God Bless and Protect our active military and veterans and God Bless The USA 🇺🇸
    Thank you Pirate for showing such respect to those that served 💕

  • I enjoy seeing military things thank you for sharing pictures they made me cry my DAD ARMY was a purple heart from WW11 and my step dad also was in the NAVY military I grew up on GUAM FOR 16 YEARS LOVED IT. May they both RIH…I THANK ALL THE MILITARY MEN AND WOMAN FOR MY FREEDOM AND EVERYONE ELSES GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  • The first box you opened then just shrugged, I wouldn't over look that it's probably a parachute!! Score!!
    Have a GREAT Day!!!
    P.S. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

  • thats the 4 time you have pulled out parts to a thomson sub machine gun you now have all the timber to it the sights and mag and bolt wheres the rest of it

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