MILITARY PIRATE GAMES $5500.00 STORAGE UNIT I bought an abandoned storage unit

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MILITARY PIRATE GAMES $5500.00 STORAGE UNIT I bought an abandoned storage unit

we got we fit good let’s see let’s see
what you pick all right I chose this box I’m not sure why
just your locker Whisperer yeah no way I’m not 100% sure but if I had to
speculate I would say ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of all ages we
are back with this $5500 storage unit and I have a little special treat for
you today we’re gonna play a little episode of pirate games it’s a little
different than before and what I basically did is I brought a couple
friends with me I got what’s your name Stewart’s dr. storage docker we got sure
you are so fancy and then if you scroll over here we got team Jebus hashtag team
jebus basically I invited all my friends over and we’re gonna go through this you
know I have not gone through any of this Union on video from this point over has
been filmed and everything around there is basically uncharted territory we’re
gonna go through and they’re each gonna pick one box without knowing what’s in
it and we’re gonna look in the contents and the winner is the person who picked
the box with the most value should they have a tie which I don’t know if they
will but if there’s a chance for the tie we will have a sudden-death off of one
person and no longer gets to play and the other two got to compete with one
more box let’s see how lucky they are can’t take your trunk better that’s
already been filmed that’s the one rule we’ve already been through right here
and here only you have to come through all of this and I’ll let you guys know
there are some adult boxes here or we can’t show the contents so if one of you
guys pick a box is full of adult content you’re gonna automatically be a loser
yep well there’s no do-overs make sure you don’t pick adult mags and you get
this whole wall all the way back around to right here everything here is has not
been touched okay and then we’ll just let you guys do you guys are breaking
stuff in here it depends on if it’s technically at the box you know exactly really about this game is it’s a pirate
game and pirate games rules are very in pirate games not that’s that’s a little
you get the red thing on top but that’s a little bit cheating well I’m not a
Chien’s pirate games I am a firm believer that if you obey all the rules
you miss all the fun for small guys since team Jebus picked theirs first
we’re gonna go through their box first here get started that’s your main back there all the compartments in it then
you can fit everything you imagine how heavy something like this is once you
get everything I would imagine you’re looking over 100 pounds look at this
this has some cool value to it for that reason okay so I mean do you think dusty here I don’t know
ninety yeah that’s definitely the year he served that’s his address and that’s
his name that person is sir I like that for that reason it looks
like it has height requirements things like that in itself it might be military
issue – yeah and I think it might be Oh Oaks I was told that the number in here
does two digits represents the years from all right I just spoke to him to me looks like how many boots yeah it does
oh they say a word on the front of them see spike protective that’s what it says
yeah so they’re stepping on the spike possibly with a boobie tap booby traps
like in the jungles yeah that’s pretty cool no I ever found anything like that yeah
what’s this an exclusive exclusive bus if I had to speculate I do believe that
those are for going over your boots for uh chemical spills and stuff like that
I’m just speculating sighs 11 also 1990 all right that’s I believe they go over
your shoes contestant number three yeah there’s one go by how let me see what
yours weighs on your locker Whisperer yeah no way my wallet fell in the box a
$40 empty box all right what do these go for I don’t
know okay right oh look at that though that looks like a very nice box I
usually get about a million for these right here 1 million for those canvas
bags can you sell a few for me 1945 or as I say 18 1945 it’s a fungus proto fed
but it’s World War 2 all right that’s a good
let me how about a goodies let me make some more room then we have a
harness of some sort that’s like when you’re on the airplane right and strap
you in on your cargo something something six five two three careful don’t break it this is a new-age
strap one that’s new-age then we got some hats
CHP that’s pretty nice that’s actually really nice 30 bucks 30 bucks maybe more
all right let us me know below if you guys think that I was the prices are
fair they’re always fair stuff stuff for
cheap what you got that’s the pants now yeah yeah same thing here’s your same patches
inside just pants to it okay nope Okinawa Philippines
it’s where the karate kids film wasn’t here’s how I see is the u.s. marking so
we do know at the US military another duffel bag I don’t see any
writing on this generally I get about 15 to 20 for the average duffel bag you see
you guys now I do believe it does crease the value because it has somebody
significant okay there’s only one bags do you want boots
that seems to be a box of old boots huh if you want both you can have bags of
boots the black ones are cool I usually get about 15 on them in decent shape all
right 15 a bag and 50 less you it’s gonna be a tight race here these are
definitely worn you see some little nails are I would say they look handmade
the way that it looks like nail holes there too one of those are American right little
bit older okay it’s a nice cool bracelet you got there
jack thank you is it for sale it is not Scott asked me a couple times recently
sighs for sale he’s Scott can get mine oh yeah are you in line – Alex Alex in
line for the ring I’m in line for the bracelet then we have a never canister
that once that’s has a dollar 50 on it but I don’t think that’s right he bought
that had he was a reseller so I think he went to Goodwill and purchase stuff feel
discount was if I’m selling it or if you’re selling it
I’m a wholesaler dealer that’s about a seven dollar to five dollar bag it’s a
Morse a four six – oh I have no idea what that is that automatically makes my
box more expensive right if we don’t know what something is it depends the
severity of it perception is the key to life and then
we have a us with the name of the actual garnet that has a little bit better
value yes it does troop 40 good 40 very nice I bet you the canister prices that
almost looks pre us a 1943 okay so we’re working World War two
there it is canister is empty or about five bucks
each even though I say USA even you have to
figure there was millions of troops in World War two I’m not sure please don’t
get mad me if I’m wrong but there was this is a very common height of every
troop head a water body patch that is an older one if you see if you look with a
stitching that’s five to ten dollars in USA sweetie here’s that one no year very
similar the other one but you just put by god we got an interesting looking
jacket and the reason I say it is buttons really fancy looking they look
definitely military I think I see a patch on the side of the
jacket tube right there I don’t know what that goes to desert
camo maybe does it still another storm that’s just where their name they must
have switched their patch for different various operations its way it’s with
Velcro I’m guessing instead of stitched same packing the other one I like
patches oh yeah and just some size things in here I think it’s from oh one
okay so this is check and we don’t see
anything on the outside of it oh wait we got this it looks like the same thing
that was on the other one so what it’s not specifically mine actually in the
daytona tank before for 2056 probably possibly I’m not I’m going off of
knowledge and I’m getting from people who have had to help me with this a
little bit nice shout out to you Alfred as well
thank you you guys in comment below and let you know what you guys think the
value is in their box we gotta check out everybody else’s boxes and their total
still built right you can tell these some quality shoes I don’t think those
are military do they look military you guys they’re still – whatever they are
look more like maybe police addison shoe company 1981 DPS see isn’t that is that
a department police I feel like those are more like a police-type loop I can
see that police always look uncomfortable you see walking around a
very military people tend to look more comfortable unforgiving boots there’s also still tip
right here and I didn’t mean that an offensive way anybody but we’re just
observation these are two dollars you can take a tag off there yeah that’s
probably just fell off something else okay Jack why did you leave my soul in a box I don’t know I’m gonna speculate real
quick but um I feel like so I honestly feel like Jebus got you beat on your box
is my speculation I what I’m guessing right now we’re gonna let everybody
decide what they think you think that – all right and now we have to see what
Alex still has look at this one and then match it
this one says this one on half a year or your does you as 1918
I wonder what nineteen it isn’t 1918 that isn’t that is old so that was
that’s why I thought that those were before World War two us you know what’s
intriguing about that when you look at look for their side hold on get my stare
that I might win look doesn’t it look like I had been involved in some form of
like a smoke or explosion or something because eighteen oh and I give you a
little bit of Education here it’s a common misconception because everybody
believes that night a World War one was before World War two which automatically
makes it older and higher value but the fact is the most collectible military
stuff that usually seems to have the highest value is World War two okay I’m
gonna get my another face I want face I’m guessing is honestly in my eye fire
without looking it up I think it’s $15 least a buck fifty it’s all good then we
have one of these they’re both us okay you could clearly see in my box I have
nothing but canisters are we gonna go every single water we’re gonna add this
one to show me that not this is this is not for water bottles
this hangs on your side and it clamps in very good quality
it says 1808 just a lot of numbers but that was my box what do you think what
do you guys think the value of isn’t Alex’s box here
five ten okay you say he’s canisters nine five five bucks each 5 10 15 20 25
30 35 40 45 50 55 60 but these each had about a million
that’s 1 million 60 bucks my box is probably worth about 180,000 you know
what I’m not 100% sure but if I had to speculate I would say Alex’s box with a
close second Jack’s box took a walk and Jebus oneness in a fair and square
competition to be the honorary locker Whisperer Jack what do you concede I can
see all right guys I appreciate you coming out don’t forget to check out
treasure hunting with Jebus storage stalker Locker nuts their channels up
with the link in description and appreciate you all for coming out


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