MILITARY GOLDMINE in $5,500.00 STORAGE UNIT I bought an abandoned storage unit

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MILITARY GOLDMINE in $5,500.00 STORAGE UNIT I bought an abandoned storage unit

let’s get right into it and there is
this baby right here ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of all ages we
were here again in this military and it just keeps coming and coming
$5,500 of military pleasure we’re gonna get started right now don’t get the like
button share button subscribe and say salute to all of our servicemen who make
our country safe and give us the freedom that we have so let’s get right into it let’s get right into this I like to find
all of those things battle focused training forces okay
oh these are for chin straps for old helmets ice they’re like thousands of
those at one point and I have no idea what half this is for maybe a cook hat
seems simple it could be wrong cover cap military
police white military police we got a handkerchief military issue
Oh World War two me tag is 7 and 1/8 quality the United States Navy commander
12th Naval District kind of rested up nice little plaque though the siege of
leningrad nice we’re gonna go right into hats Naval Air Station Norfolk vintage
agent this one’s had better days USS Sea Wolf SS and 575 the CSG have no
idea what they are this is kind of cute I guess Japan nice I don’t know why but
I like this this is old probably world war ii or pre era it’s some kind of flag
maybe a car oh you know what this goes on I’m gonna guess I’m gonna guess that
this goes on you tie that to your your aunt Anna on your vehicle that’s one
we’re gonna guess this is gonna velcroed all over heck and
back right here inside out this looks different than most of the ones I’ve
seen sighs large and extra-large cover for
camouflage USS Hancock CV 819 the hats are a little dirty another one the USS
Hancock CV a 19 who the u.s. to lead OSS and 769 it’s got the scrambled eggs on
that if you remember Matthew in the first video of this playlist if you
don’t watch the play let’s go check it out there’s a whole one on there he told
us these are called scrambled eggs we have two of these hats and he was
selling it for two bucks unbelievable we got straps mm feel compression tree
oxide look at those some more Desert Storm I believe don’t quote me and get
mad at me keep I believe this is Desert Storm issue the digital that’s info
that’s kind of neat so I made it easier to move stuff on and off whoo whoo I
know somebody who’s gonna want this it’s very Police Services
Matthews gonna be all over this a law enforcement shirt right here
flying cross it’s vintage interesting Oh another mess kit going on the batter we got a strap right here
Oh what is this Navy resale activity sub ik Bay that is a neat piece right there
because I haven’t seen one of these subject Bay angel Montenegro shout out
to you that’s a nice award right there and then we have a vintage flag that
might have possibly been from when somebody passed the way it’s folded here we have what looks like a bunch
more nice black and white so we take a look and look at these that’s a neat
building a packed room somebody was in a concert where those band members
somebody was a band of photography who is that negatives another one all right we’re
getting some cool band photos here I don’t know what these are to them what
they have those look down this could be some rare footage from a concert
anybody recognize these guys negative negative negative no weird
stuff they have photography nothing one of those oh here we go
who is that guy hey Jerry Garcia well oh it’s a waterfowl something was really
bored ok Grateful Dead okay there’s somebody taking a cover photo for their
album uh I don’t know that symbol there another one of those mm a puppy okay let’s say we have a lot of repeats
here at the beach I like the beach I haven’t seen this photo either who is
that some teens went grocery shopping in advance
all right look like there’s a lot of copies in here so I think we’ll just
call that a wrap on these photos here what do we got here who is that who is
that who is that what the hey what the Hales Kansas who piece of nothing maybe
a tiny little part of a scarf vintage nice American flags are awesome
easy sells we have a way to get him back to somebody to prove that they were
given him that’s a different story these are a nice sound see nice fine almost like those Oh what is that for see if something’s in there you know that’s just something for a
real projectile dispenser what I don’t know interesting we got coming out here
what do we have coming here after this this bad boy I ain’t never seen this one
it’s all flawless does that go – I don’t know what this one’s for this one looks
super this one looks like the helmet the guy worn Spaceballs that’s vintage maybe
plastic though very unique helmet I’m diggin that one what to get a photo of
me in that home okay shed light on the subject if you know
what we’re talking about here I really do not I’m learning as we go like I
always do but that’s the best way to learn is trial and error and just
experience you find stuff like this and if you have a good memory you remember
so next time you see it that’s the way I operate em to full cover on is there any type of
painting that is a good helmet though how much no go the US Marshal I don’t
know well we got in it
we got pocket ammo for a 45 caliber pistol sleeve of tres gypsy this my
children what a bad box look at that vintage US military very well made got
the scrambled eggs on it got the Hat badge probably bonded a good
was like who’s collected stuff from everywhere is this I like that play fit
more what is this another flag this is vintage you could tell by the structure
of it it’s not super vintage but that is vintage
what is this I had to guess I would say possibly German or Russian I’m usually
wrong so don’t quote me and we have military soft hats this woman’s man’s
garrison means who these boots were made for walking
look at those oh there’s some big boots this man had some feet each pocket mo
mag 45 caliber whoo it is a projectile dispenser cleaning kit nice I love it
then we have here a little deck a desk flag topper Battle of the Bulge look at
this what do we do if these but one of my license plate Jenkins
this has somebody’s name u.s. Jenkins that is nice I like because
it has somebody’s name I don’t know how we’d ever trace that back to that person
another handkerchief Oh a bag this is cool for your little stuff USS Kidd
Baton Rouge Spruce Goose Long Beach California and f15 some paints yep those
are good 10 15 bucks right there all right this one’s got patches Winston the US
Army some type of patch there and some type of patch with the American flag
that is it easy ten to 15 dollars is what where’s the wood on this tin can
okay in World War two oh man why why have we
not found all of these things yet oh my 1917 I believe that’s World War one
trench art right there a lot of ashtrays that they use back
then the quarterly Journal Wow I don’t know if I could do a submarine guys I
don’t know if I could flash they reach out reach out and touch some MVP United
States Army soccer coaches you guys are the real MVP s all are you out there who
watch these silly videos on my MVP s spring not silver 20th century looks
like we got a bump souvenir of San Francisco looks like
it’s all going to that one immediate person did a lot of picking up and stuff we have Contra Costa County Sheriff’s
Communications shirt all rights intriguing both sizes then that Matthews
gonna buy this for sure that’s another 20 25 bucks from Matt large regular interesting all right medium regular another nice jacket 15 20
bucks Harmeet oh you could be okay lieutenant
dangles I got them lieutenant dangles here maybe it holds you a projectile
dispenser on something Harold see operations training 97 of you
passed away this is nice it is newer artillery shell 75 millimeter you guys
can read that FSS FC Gerald V Carter operation fancy o HH d first @ BD e BC
st 90 first division TS he passed away on the 1st of June 2000 I think no
that’s when he served because that’s only three years 97 to 2000 that’s cool
it’s a little work loving it what is that on a really West Point
County of West Point honor duty that looks like some type of police
possibility there may be it’s military cadet from the u.s. MA country oh maybe
it’s the West Point Military Academy that is nice cuz that is vintage it
seems like it has some type of intriguing value to me it could be wrong
it’s in great shape nice hacking or button badge
always getting those wrong who what is this Russian 1990 I could be
really doesn’t sure doesn’t seem like no 1990 it has a lot order of quality of
stitching is nice interesting hmm this is Cold War setup there it looks like the park rangers have what
is this the whole thing a cool little hats look at this one interesting sound
the military duffle bag a shovel new one that he and I manner little patches nice
I like when I have patches easier to determine where it’s from what they did
oh this guy it’s the cool little box yeah I’m liking this one has a lot of
interesting stuff in it don’t know what that means woo vintage scrambled eggs
nice hat pin badge keep getting it wrong shout out to Pedro Serna J for serving a
country major I Anna appreciate you know if that’s one of those hats that Matthew
is telling us about the other day I’m sure know what this is it’s known as
post office hats like some Fonzie used to wear remember fondly nice a military
helmet liner so we might going to piece that together with another one the CSG
shout out too damn I’m unsure of who you are but you’re most likely some form of
military division if you do know you could please help me out in the sections
below and comment I like to know large long nice shape another 15 to 20 dollars
we just got fifteen to twenty dollar bills coming out of nowhere a vintage
hat with a blue stripe on it that is old another west point hat oh my
I’m digging these what year are these from King forum cap deluxe New York
that’s definitely vintage though quality piece taking all this stuff Oh think we got
another West Point jacket I know no clue what these Westbrook jackets go for 395
for them now they’re nice okay we got patches a
patch and Eagle yes good jacket there’s no way I’m gonna fit in any of these
look at this let’s see what this one was just used from West Point person or if
it was a military or a movie one if you remember we found one that had the
Paramount productions on cuz they use it in a movie 1939 holy smokes
named Kellogg DEA Wow this one is from 1939 in a West Point Academy jacket you
guys see that there see the quality of that the but needs it’s a little use Mon
Scott – and stuff but that is nice that is nice some other cool things that I’ve
been finding in the stream this is something that’s off to subject the
military but this is the old water well pump you see us that it’s upside down
and then this goes on top of there that’s how you pump and it comes out of
here I wonder if anybody still uses this type of technology I be interesting to
know if anybody uses stuff like this right now come up below and let me know
and anybody who ever used something like this back in the day comment but let me
let me know I think this is worth about 50 to 125 bucks as it sits it’s usually
used for your decor here we have some really cool military car so I’m not sure
which air these are from they could be with Vietnam they could be World War two
I think these are the older ones these are newer that’s my speculation Harold
taught me about these knocks you long ago but I try not to listen to
everything Harold says and then we have some shuttles very based on these this one’s newer 1944 nice right there
straight up World War 2 judging by their I’m gonna say this is World War 2 also
but it’s been used heavily and worn out but still not bad no more turn it off
that’s the goods effector stuff you want and then we have a real plastic wheel
pen there is this baby right here look at this this is a I’m guessing a
practice projectile or at least it was not used and it was emptied you can see
right here let’s call though I can’t say that it was necessarily practice or just
not used that thing is crazy thing is heavy right here words don’t even
describe can you imagine what this does we were talking about that the other day
to Alex and I I don’t even have to say about this and
as as I’m looking at this there’s a dang plane going over me that’s got to be a
little creepy bit of a thought the irony of that Wow incredible


  • Hey pirate just to let you know next time you go into the locker unit that you bought have your volume turned up just a little bit more because the quality of the volume is kind of low I can barely hear you from time to time in this video

  • Great collector’s unit Pirate keeps on giving enjoying it β˜ οΈπŸ§žβ€β™‚οΈπŸ§šπŸ»β€β™€οΈβ™₯οΈπŸ™

  • That military stuff should be very easy to sell. It doesn't wiegh much so you can sell it online and postage is easy…

  • 24:29. That is the stock for an M-16. The compartment on the end would hold a cleaning kit complete with a little bottle of projectile dispenser oil.

  • Just a note about flags folded into a triangleβ€”that’s the way the U.S. flags are folded by the military (and others) for storage as well.

  • Much love to you and looks like your haters didn't get enough so here's some for you also. πŸ’›πŸ’œβ€οΈπŸ’™β™₯οΈπŸ’š

  • At 19:01, you know the hats with brims you’ve found? I believe that gets attached to the hawt as either a cover or a replacement for the fabric on the cap.

  • Thank you for sharing this fantastic find. I appreciate the love that you give out even to the trolls & people that have a different view . Keep on keepin on: #sharethelove~~~~~

  • USS Seawolf (SSN-575)


    United States

    Awarded: 21 July 1952

    Builder: Electric Boat division of General Dynamics Corporation in Groton, Connecticut

    Laid down: 7 September 1953

    Launched: 21 July 1955

    Commissioned: 30 March 1957

    Decommissioned: 30 March 1987

    Struck: 10 July 1987

    Fate: Disposed of by submarine recycling 30 Sept. 1997

  • 11:36. Pirate that is a signal flag used for communications between ships in the Navy the small one earlier same thing. Lived near the Naval Academy most of my life , you see those a lot in the small ships the Academy uses to teach how to operate a ship. β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️

  • The American flag will be folded that way by the military reguardless if it is for a fallen warrior or not. There are rules as to the handling of our flag. This is first taught by the boy scouts.

  • CSG might be for the Carrier strike group. Which is a operational formation of the United States Navy. But not sure sorry.

  • Good to see you having a little fun with your finds. I think one of the words you were looking for was, "intrinsic value"., or maybe my old ears just heard you wrong. Whichever, it's all good.

  • Alot of hatred in this world! To much!! I'm not one( thank God) i couldn't be that way with you Mike. You're supporting your family the only way you can and being a good entertainer at the same time. So pray for those who hate you. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ€“β€

  • Well pirate if out of nowhere you have the IRS knocking on your door you will know who sent them. And one thing good about President Trump is he is making it illegal for the IRS to be used as a weapon in the United States.

  • That red & yellow flag is a signal flag. They use them to pass messages from one ship to another during radio silance

  • Really Awesome, I really enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you may like it πŸ™‚

  • the small square flags are signalman flags…each one represents a letter or number for getting messages back and forth through a fleet

  • I don't think vintage means what you think it means. Have you served in the military? Please stop disgracing the uniform by playing dress-up. Treat those uniforms and military items with the respect that they deserve!

  • Pirate that was an amazing video love all that old military stuff that pumped there at the end that you were showing back in the days I used to have to get some water out of the for the cows or for the horses I used to live out in the countryside out there in Florida I'm from the Everglades alligator snakes snapping turtles you name it they got it out there even some cougars with all that said I love your channel man I watch it every time you post one up and I try to leave a comment all the time either I watch it early in the morning or I watch it about this time right now past 9:30 in the in the evening your 12:00 midnight is my 6 in the morning I like to leave big comments I see a lot of people always leave little small comments which is good but I always like to just say something to you like a friend or someone that I know cuz I'm always watching your videos you or Alex you guys are the bomb bless you guys can't wait to see more videos peace out all the way from SpainπŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ˜ŽβœŒπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

  • Maybe you could hit up some colleges and university drama departments and see if they buy military uniforms for their performances. Just a thought

  • Those pumps only work on a fairly shallow well. Most of California ground water has dropped well below the range where that pump could be used.(no pun intended)

  • Your fans adore you Pirate Captain!πŸ’•πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈπŸ¦œ You're very entertaining!🀣 Thank you for sharing this awesome unit!!!πŸ™ 🍻Salute to all who have served or are serving in our military!

  • You say that you respect for all military. But you just throw the flags . That is desrespectful to the people that you say you respect. And it's desreptfull to the family of soldiers. Please learn how to fold them properly. Thank you for your videos keep them coming

  • Just wanted to say something pretty like how much I love and admire you and what you do! You're killin' it!!! You're a good dad, a good friend, an AWESOME Pirate and a good role model! I LOVE your positive thinking and your attitude of gratitude! Keep rockin'! Tell Mimi I said hi! And the Salt Princess and Jazzy too! Oh yeah! I LOVE your fur baby too! <3 Scrap It Up!

  • A pirate those photos that you had yesterday maybe you can look at them and see if any of these uniforms along any of those people maybe you can see their name badge in the photo if so it would make that uniform worth more money for you

  • Hi Mike, tub after tub with units beyond. You are teaching us while you are learning…haha look at you funny man. Keep it coming. So interesting beyond words..keep well, Margaret n Iceland

  • All of the military stuff coming out odf this unit reminds me of a store we call ArmyNavy. We have one here in Lakeland . I bought a sea bag from them to store blankets in for covering plants in the winter.

  • Your intro is epic! We love you too and salute to all those who have served! Btw, you sound like a wolf or is that sound effects? πŸ’ΈπŸ¦„πŸŒˆ

  • The flag yoy said went on a xare is a flag that navel ships use to talk from one ship to another when its radio silence. Can't remember what let that is. They run the mast. Plus look at the last flag i might be wring but it looked like a 48 star flag. Which may be from when Alaska and Hawaii.

  • In the photos the man with the balding head and black beard is Allen Ginsberg he was a very famous poet from the beat generation and a friend of Jack Kerouac and at 6:44 on the table next to the bottle is a copy of Jack Kerouac's book called The Dharma Bums. I do know the Allen Ginsberg did sing with some bands. So all of this together suggest to me that you have stumbled onto something good . It's a cool thing to own make no mistake.

  • I love that stainless steel mess kit. When I was young I used to eat out of one of those all the time. Those stainless steel serving trays are nice also. They used to use those in the mess halls.

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