Media Fail On McChrystal Resignation

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Media Fail On McChrystal Resignation

how is that media reacted in the crystal story
that’s very interesting awareness on the fox news victoria a reaction is pretty predictable of course you blame the media it’s not tell the difference for personal
that stuff is the media’s fault for reporting obviously
was a record number the article deceptive images jane at first
glance that our general crystals the one who are rips joe biden the president has states the
general jones uh… general i can barriers for pushing our sin ambassador but i’m pretty
upon further review if you look real close philip proceed directly reps is ambassador
holbrooke who basically is all the way out anyway so you see yourself the budget old intimacy
i was taken out of context by left-wing magazine who do pay he doesn’t say that run he said
bad judgment it’s not indicative of my career may be used to mistake i apologize but does
not say the sentiments barking accurate which makes me wonder that that gave him the outfit on but general macarthur say in all you know
i let’s go invade china instead of just try to take north korea one you christine didn’t
do one stupid thing and that was allowed rolling stone this freelance writer into his camp
for a while and because of the volcanic ash spewing out of iceland they want happy together
for a lot longer my guy so i’m about to take the guy got to see umah crystals posse uh…
all liquor companies have a lot of stuff for this president would be talking about the
war for change never talks about the war he never talks about the urgency he never talks
about the men and women in the field even though i’m sure we have seven ford i’m sure
he gets up worried about this hopefully they’re his responsibility but it would he’s decided about the war for
three months he’s going to dover air force they spot in the caskets walking arlington
staring into the wind space in their own contemplating what about
the war but right now those men or women have to feel ignored it with the general crystal
bothell advisedly talking to this left-wing anti-war magazine we would not be discussing
this as usual unbelievable first of all bulb on top of the war all the time to steer
a major speech at west point about inconvenient fact is that north spread uh… number two of courses but the craigslist walt come on
the weekends you know uh… he’s a goodbye and they just got drunk a little
bit because the volcano there and how the reported that thank you warm left-wing magazine who do support general general was that had a p_r_ for us when we
first met her act he’s the one that said gail we really did
accomplish the mission after bush on the matter uh… combat operations are over he’s the
one that backed up arousal when russel sands at work stuff happens when the insurgency first began and it was madness in iraq they had a p_r_ first racially in the military
he doesn’t know how to get our he doesn’t know that a reporter actually reports no of course you know that it’s not his fault left-wing intrigue military ground and rolling stone there’s sort of separate there to separate the actually right down the things we started and then
the reported snob or our understanding of the press was but there it is that’s important point and just to talk about
this the other day do slickers talks about helping the post today is actually not used to report so they are surprised by it so there are twenty minute witnesses this
breaks protocol when i suppose i should tell the american
people what they’re up to were supposed to cover for them for access so rolling stone you left s what’s the matter with you reported actual
facts info tut tut tut and theirs up perfect quote from political on there’s a
political centenary and excellent example of the washington establishment press they said we crystal an expert on counter-terrorism
a counterinsurgency as long as ought to be uniquely qualified the lead in afghanistan
so the first sentences uh… this paragraph is we crystals that is a guy he’s the man he’s also now it’s continued they said but he’s not known for being media savvy just like fox news channel the poor guy got duked hit in the report of
the some reporters can actually do their jobs bypass he’s not media savvy it was his job before let alone covering for the tillman but the bottle when he falsified that report well don’t cover his own asked winded there
was there allegations of abuse in two thousand six at
a camp that he ran in iraq is not media savvy let alone having to all
but one of the bus the first time around winnie camille we’ll be getting a bit more troops if obama was a real men you do it through but they he’s not media savvy the news report stated jobs the prop of the
people in power but however none of the worst part hastings the reporter who has covered the wars in iraq iraq afghanistan
for two years according to the magazine is not well known within the defense department and as a freelance reporter hastings would
be considered a bigger risk to be given unfettered access compare with the beat reporter who would not risk burning bridges by publishing many of mystery crystals remarks there it is that’s their american media now if you actually have facts you actually do some real reporting
you uncover they’re real motivations are the people in
power do not reported you don’t want to burn your preaches access it’s all about the access so if your professional beat reporter who’s
been covering this a long time for political or other organizations you know how to cover their ass but the people
in power you don’t challenge them you cover for them express static on are establishment media totally forgotten hot what your listeners if only for an how to do reporting so when faced with the
real reporting from rolling stone belly their lol expired political attack this piece on the first day
they came out how narrowest or actually break a story remembered now think do things that are damaging prevent these guys are rookies they’d understand
how the system works i’m just to relieve this somebody in the country
accident journalist and when an spacing say you burn your bridges on this already filled
out easily i got a good story not reported one twenty
two bridges for but that mean exactly right don’t trust this that was to be a man they’re
not you can see it right there and not telling you choose a doing it on purpose so they can
get access so they could serve part but but that’s not
what you prefer order barbara boxer stall the people in power i’ve ever seen walking back toward about that i was like glowing praise as i did earlier
the better


  • As everyone knows, Fox is a propaganda arm. One of the key tactics of the propagandist is to attack the other media outlets' reporting. Why? The number one objective of the propagandist is to discredit the competing media outlets. The prime objective of propaganda is to keep the sheeple believing that ONLY the propaganda arm will tell you the TRUE story. Fox constantly lies to their viewers. If their viewers start checking out other media outlets, they will stop believing Fox.

  • McChrystal is TRULY Sarah Palin's DICKLESS and BALLESS BITCH and PUSSY! If Palin is president, she will not only have him fired, she will EXPOSE his PUSSY for the WHOLE WORLD TO SEE, have him paraded in a skirt and then strip him naked so that he gets his PUSSY exposed for the whole world to see! She will have him hung upsidedown naked on a cross with his legs spread out and his PUSSY facing GOD and the HEAVENS in his utmost inferiority and humiliation! She will set a sample to all officers!

  • McChrystal KNEW he was on the record, KNEW exactly what was going to be in the article and signed off on it! He wanted it to come out!
    The question is WHY?

  • wtf is a General interviewing with ANY magazine? Did I miss the 1943 Omar Bradley interview with Better Homes & Gardens?

    What ever happened to "Loose lips sink ships?"

  • @RAMKING61 But it's not like he said anything mind-blowing. He just made petty personal comments such as "Joe Bite-Me" in place of "Joe Biden." It's not like he wanted some really important top-secret information to "come out." If he did, you'd think he would have said something more relevant. Doesn't sound like a very well-thought out plan to inform the American people to me. Sounds like a classic case of trusting a journalist too much.

  • @ Paolo7219: The number one goal of BOTH sides of the US polimachine is villification of the other side, If you think the left and their lackies are any different than FOX & friends you are being played hard,

  • @HAPrime
    McChrystal is INFERIOR to Sarah Palin in every single way for he was ousted from his job while Palin NEVER EVER got fired or voted out! Palin is the SUPREME and ULTIMATE BEING on this planet for she is GOD's CHOSEN ONE!

  • "…left-wing, anti-war magazine…"

    As opposed to what? PRO-war? Isn't that like saying you're pro-murder? Because that's what war is you know, it's killing people. Lots and lots of people. It's the kind of thing a psychopath would say. I swear, I'll never understand these hard-right jagoffs.

  • Its not mcchrystal fault is the left wing liberal socialist marxist communisty magazine sleeping in bed with obama who was just doing his journalist job….wait a sec..

  • Could this be a reason why state owned media, ( BBC, CBC, etc. ), may have a leg up on journalism?
    "Here's your salary. Now go do what drives you."
    As opposed to worrying about who gets to sit in a specific chair.

  • I really hate the MSM with a passion. How about the real issue. The ridiculous war that should have ended years, and years ago.

  • hmm… well how do we change the system then? it seems to be a working business model, even if it comes at the expense of an informed american public. news outlets with better access get better ratings because the public wants to see these politicians getting interviewed, not just talked about. and politicians arent obliged to grant access to anyone, right? so.. yeah, seems like a broken system we have.

  • @Stevenio but, but. will someone think of the childr…ah, the weapon's maker profit, the soldier chance to glory, the oil we can suck from the defeated country, the ..well think of something!

  • When Kilmead goes off on the fact that most of the article is quotes from aides to McChrystal & not McChrystal's actual quotes, he's being quite misleading about the nature of the controversy. McC was in charge of those men & was so lacking in discipline, he allowed & encouraged a culture of insubordination to surround him. In fact, it's since come out that these men referred to themselves as "Team America" (as in the movie), where they "knew best" and the leadership be damned. They went rogue

  • @nnamdi247 you say that like it's some kind of big revelation or something. nobody is going to deny it because it's common knowledge, not just because you "stated" it.

  • @dafttool cont. In addition, what the media isn't reporting as much, is that McChrystal wasn't the only one who lost his job (or that one aide), but nearly all of his inner circle is being disbanded and sent to other posts (away from each other). I suspect that McChrystal and his men spent too much of their time in Black Ops, always getting a classified pass, that it warped their own sense of importance. Obama made a special point to say that this war is bigger than any one participant.

  • @AreYouConcerned You make an excellent point. Replacing this numbnuts with Petraeus is hardly an improvement. Both of these 2 "Military Strategists" are responsible for the 2 LONGEST wars in US history.

    It's amazing how incompetence is rewarded in the US military chain of command!

  • When a music magazine breaks major stories that Time or Newsweek should be breaking, things are seriously fucked up.

  • Dumbasses. I bet this flew right over the rest of Americas heads. When you have yo go to some news network on youtube for real news, something is wrong.

  • I have a feeling McChrystal wanted to be fired because the knows nobody can win this war. Those army guys are wily characters.

  • @AreYouConcerned LOL! I don't want to go that far! I'd love to see more than 2 parties in the US. That being said, the Democratic support, is fairly based on a "lesser of 2 evils" theory! The Democrats are weak and dishonest. Republican philosophy is openly wrong-headed and dangerous.

  • @AreYouConcerned I wish it was that easy. I love your approach, and think it would be awesome if it actually happened.

    Don't be surprised if either party takes advantage of people trying to pull this off though. How many teabaggers do you think will vote for a democrat, or even against a republican?

  • Actually, he might not be media savvy. Being a former enlisted member, I've worked with quite a few commanders who had zero idea how to do their selective jobs. It's the people under him or her who make them look good.

    It's a sad state, but most enlisted will tell you this truth.

  • I can't stand Obama, but he did the right thing on firing this guy. Now lets get out of both wars NOW!

  • Those idiots on Faux are irritated that a reporter from the "left-wing, anti-war" magazine showed them up. All Hastings did was his job, which was to report, not to kiss butt.

  • I always laugh when fox news tries to point out the inaccuracies of others statements.

    Like they know ANYTHING about accurate news reporting.

  • Rightwingers are just being hypocritical as usual. The Bush administration wouldn't have thought twice about firing a military leader that made statements like McChrystal did. And Fox News would've supported it without question.

  • @AreYouConcerned Why is the ex-military a requirement for you? I don't think there's anything wrong with that, just curious.

  • LOL "Anti war Leftist magazine"?

    If there was an actual magazine called "Anti War monthly" I'd buy it and read it! I'm sensing an opportunity here!

  • Does Fox think we should let them off for being drunk? Do they feel the same about drunk drivers killing others?

  • Why is it a bad thing to be anti-war?

    I believe a war should be fought in self-defense, but ultimately I am pro-peace.

  • That's because the news media is no longer about journalism, it's about entertainment and getting ratings which translate into advertising dollars.

  • Outrageous that the volcano would hold up our war! Rolling Stone a left wing anti war mag? Hunh… the general, and the American press as demonstrated by Politico, is useless. Yay for Rolling Stone!!!

  • @frictionRx5 – always writes such glowing praise for TYT. What a suck-up. You can tell he really, really wants Ana…

  • @ecwaufisxtreme Palin is quite literally a whore because once she saw she could take the money and run she Quit her job as a governor so she could pander to the Far Right wing. General McChrystal is a decorated commander who has the done the best he can in a lose/lose situation. So how is Palin superior to McChyrstal? ideology and a hard on.

    Palin is not worthy of licking the sand off of McChrystals boots, let alone be his better in ANY way. Get some facts and then you can make cogent points!

  • @HAPrime
    You got it all wrong. Palin has SUPERIOR knowledge of warfare and tactical strategy. Even the chinese guy who wrote Art of War is also her DICKLESS and BALLESS BITCH and PUSSY! McChrystal SHOULD KOWTOW to President Palin and lick the dirt off her feet in his UTMOST INFERIORITY. ALL male officers should do the same and kiss her feet and SUCK her SUPREME and GODLY PACKAGE!

  • "At 11:05 PM the American media realized, they kinda suck"- J. Stewart, the last thing on TV worth watching. Well, maybe Charlie Rose too.

  • @KazGar941 You are a right wing imbecile. I know these things because I know far more than you'll ever learn. Mind your manners in future when addressing your betters.

    Run along child.

  • being a general means that he knows how to keep his mouth shut, at the very least.

    the media reminds me of that movie starship troopers…wanna know move.

  • If McChrystal was "duped" by Rolling fucking Stone magazine then we need a new leader in Afghanistan.

  • Who are these people? They just parrot Jon Stewart's take on every news story (check it out, it's like bullet point by bullet point) but without being even moderately funny.

    And which one is supposed to be the young one? These people are damn near 40!!

  • @AreYouConcerned Thanks for the explanation. Are you always able to distinguish between the 2 types of soldier? I mean, I certainly get the idea of wanting a strong, yet peace motivated leader, but politicians tend to be liars by their very nature!

  • @MrTommyjackson
    Finally, someone understands that logic, wanting the troops home & not fighting is (Depending on the situation) the American Thing to do. (May they be home soon.)

  • Mr. Obama needs to leave the wars to the warriors and the politicking to the windbags and the armchair generals who hobnob there in that great big amusement park on Capitol Hill. If memory serves me correctly, it was the Afghan war that did much to collapse the Soviet system, demoralize the Russian people and create a "second rate" society of the Soviet Union. "Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat those lessons". Remember, the sad lesson of Vietnam? Obama doesn't.

  • Del Riley was right in one respect, media outlets become cheerleaders to those in power. McChrystal was venerated as the Caesar of Afghanistan, telling them Taliban to get, get but when someone actually reports that he actually is contemptible of the adminstration, his president, some of his fellow generals and Ambassador Holbrook he's a freelancing leftie who misled him. He was in charge of the media in Iraq, he should of known better and not to bite the hand that feeds you.

  • McChrystal was a soldier not a nancy boy like obama. He was in charge of black ops, who are not known for tact. He did his job, and he did it right.

  • I don't talk about the War War War like this War Machine Fox News Channel does cause it's not a G.D. War it's an OCCUPATION FIRST AND FOREMOST OF ANOTHERS COUNTRY YOU SIMEPLETONS! The USA is great at it and that's why we're more and more hated around the WORLD. Nice going Washington! Good Going Cenk you're the Greatest.

  • Rolling Stone does some serious reporting from tiime to time, just read Matt Taibbi's work on the finnacial meltdown and Goldman Sachs. Is RS biased towards the Left? Yes, without question, but they don't call themselves "Fair and Balanced" like Fox News….. which is hilarious on so many levels. Only sniveling peons can look at a guy like Sean Hannity and say "oh yeah that guy's got it figured out."

  • Now I understand why Jon Stewart has trouble going hard against people like Rumsfeld in interviews. It's a delicate balance to reach between keeping access and doing actual reporting.

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