Massive Abandoned Steelworks – Sealed Inside by Security

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Massive Abandoned Steelworks – Sealed Inside by Security

In this episode we’re exploring the largest abandoned building we’ve ever set foot in: this monumental steel works However, not everything goes according to plan… (loud banging noises) This video is sponsored by Nord VPN. Start protecting yourself on the web at Or use the code “properpeople” at checkout and save 77% That’s a lot of razor wire Going in we had a feeling that this exploration was going to be extremely difficult to pull off Our feelings were affirmed when we encountered this razor wire fence still over half a mile from the building We squeezed under the fence having no idea what other physical obstacles we would face along the way So we’re getting pretty close now and this place has security that drives around the building, multiple vehicles We don’t know how to get in the building from your address So we’re gonna have to find a way in without being seen And we’ve got a pretty wide area to cross also This might be a little difficult As we made our approach we ducked under cameras and hid behind anything we can find. Scanning for security the entire time… We only had to search the perimeter of the building for a few minutes before finding a possible entrance: a downed razor-wire fence You’re on razor wire careful ‘Did it cut you?’ No…I think…. Let’s get in Someone came here before us and opened it up -This may not even go inside
-It’s boarded over Success. And opening into the main building we were in… Watch her right here Get down Get down! He said something I know Wait-wait-wait-wait-wait They’re pulling away (noise) We don’t know for sure if they’re all gone It’s probably just a normal security check. They get out of the car and look at the windows. Or the openings… No, I don’t think they saw us coming in, right? Or the cameras, yeah We will just be dead silent This place is amazing And scary Those pots are huge though. Go stand at the bottom of that pot It’s crazy those things have been moved around the ceiling in here probably carrying molten steel The steelworks was constructed in the early 1960s and operated for nearly five decades It shut down permanently shortly after the global recession of 2009 Since then, efforts to salvage metal and machinery resulted in the mill being slowly picked apart, but much of it remains intact It’s been spared of heavy vandalism and graffiti as well, as a watchful eye has been kept in the building to protect the massive amount of scrapable metal that remains inside… That’s wide open on that end I love how the orange tarp there makes the color of the light the same color as molten steel. It’s very fitting… Ok we are now going to attempt going up these stairs as quietly as possible Ooo, it’s shaking Unreal… Even if you were looking at just this view…you would say this is a giant warehouse…and then you turn around And you’re on the second floor of it already That thing looks crazy… (loud noise) What the fuck?…. Do you really think we’re alone in here? Those are some crazy fucking noises dude, they’re so loud This piece of machinery here is monstrous though (random noises in background) Or going down stairs… (hammering continues) It sounds like it’s multiple directions it’s coming from Coming in and looking for us maybe It all sounds like the roof though It’s getting crazy -Or the way to be picking up outside…
-Or the weight can be picking up outside… (loud thump) Like…it sounds like there’s people on the roof… All that clicking started recently though (loud noise) (more loud noises) I’m gonna look this way (more loud hammering) -Is that inside for sure?
-I don’t know What if it’s scrappers? Security’s tight here though. We almost got caught Or these cou- I don’t think there’s srappers here. It would be too crazy for scrappers. Yeah, you can’t get stuff out of here (really loud banging) There’s people right there We should get out of here then -They’re welding or cutting something.
-And probably sealing it up or…. …they’re welding a door shut maybe…or welding bars over something… -Maybe
-We can’t get trapped in here
-No we can’t It’s nuts they’re doing construction here…..and we’re just exploring It’s so crazy (more loud banging) Look at that coat up there…that was to protect against the molten steel Alright, let’s move to the other end of the building. Away from the people… (more banging) We might be getting sealed in here right now, but we’ll worry about that later As huge as the building is only part of the steelmaking process was carried out here It lacks one of the most iconic and important elements of a steel mill: the blast furnace Instead of producing molten pig iron on site it was delivered via specialised rail cars from a blast furnace several miles away Then it would be refined into steel and turned into various products like slabs and coils The blast furnace which supplied this facility is equally massive and is now also abandoned A lot of monitors in here… I don’t like using the light in here… ‘Cause it makes it kind of obvious… Is this bright too? Yeah These are some big things on rails right here… There’s definitely something going on over there now (loud noise) Or over there… Or right on top of us… It’s been an awesome job… It must feel so cool to pick up those massive pots of steel And just move ’em around with a lever…like they’re nothing… This room is the biggest one yet though, I think… Wow Holy cow… While we were traveling all over Europe today’s sponsor Nord VPN ensured that all of our internet activity was private hotels cafes and other public networks can be unsecured and you never really know who is looking at your information Nord VPN hide network activity before it even leaves your device using military-grade encryption Whether it’s malicious snooping, or just your ISP, Nord VPN anonymizes all traffic So not even your ISP can throttle certain services It was especially convenient to be able to connect to United States servers while in Europe to be able to browse websites and access our accounts as if we were home Sign up today with a 30 day money back guarantee using the link Or use the code “properpeople” at checkout to get 77% off a three year plan That’s Nord Coming up next week “Is this thing on?” They put the fence back up it’s bolted up dude Stay tuned…


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  • I study mettalurgy and I love every opertunity to visit a working plant, but this is something else.. I envie you 😀

  • The walls and roof are probably expanding in the sun, then cooling in the wind. Same thing happens in my shop, sun heats it up and it sounds loud as fuck, then the wind starts blowing and the cycle repeats

  • So much better than exploring with josh… Josh has a habbit of fucking homeless men at these locations… He must have aids!

  • Nigga fuck that this white people shit they sit n ask questions boi you can catch me on the other side of the world as soon as I hear that

  • The envy and lust of that security job all over the world, just wanting you to take that mental plunge.

  • There are too many walls in that place; it should be 10-50 times the size of that one particular place; and, air needs to get into it at, at least two angles, for a healthier environment of and for that type of industrial work.

  • Humans: We need to recycle more to save the planet!
    Also Humans: lol let's guard an abandoned building for no reason and make sure nobody recycles its parts

  • I’m always amazed that individuals like yourselves feel that it’s ok to break into private properties. I hope that at some point law enforcement with use these videos to prosecute you.

  • They probably have cameras inside as well. Lol you wouldnt even see them with how huge the place is.

  • You guys should wear helmets and construction worker vests. You'd look official, and no one would ask questions.

  • personally I like doing urban explores at night where it's easy to be hidden by the darkness. I understand that night time isn't good for videoing though, when you want to capture what places look like inside

  • This place reminds me of the train yard I used to work in when I first became a welder. That place was awesome to be in, but INSANELY DANGEROUS! We had an injury of some sort every day. One dude got stuck between the train wheels as we were rolling them to be assembled onto the train cars.

  • Be careful about being sure to learn the history thoroughly about these places you tour.

    I worked with security that worked in an abandoned power plant in West Virginia and they ALL had insane stories to tell, which I'll touch on briefly.

    The plant they was at had scrappers hired by the legal owner and then there were illegal scrappers who would sneak onto the property, sometimes during the legal scrappers work day.

    There was security but the amount of acreage the plant had it was impossible to check everybody's badges for verification.

    So shit hit the fan.
    The legal scrappers got into it with the illegal ones. The illegal scrappers started showing up fully armed and confrontational to security and the legal scrappers if the came into the building they were stealing from.

    Then the shootouts started.

    Security eventually was bringing AK-47's and sniper rifles after encountering groups of a dozen illegals firing upon them.

    Security would be in their vehicles and bullets would tag up the car.

    Eventually security had to get tactical and would be on top of buildings spotting the boats the illegals would bring to haul the metal away. They'd light up the entire fuckin boat with magazine after magazine after the illegals went into their buildings.

    People were shot.
    Crackhead scrappers that didn't know about any of the ongoings would show up and get shot.

    I've left out a lot.
    Things like the local sheriff was busted taking kickbacks from the illegal scrappers and would do nothing about the everyday numerous shootouts.

    But imagine being these 2 guys showing up to film at a place like my story takes place at.

    The plant I'm talking about lost $20 million in metals from the illegal scrappers so there was serious money on the line to remove any threats to the criminal's fortune.

  • As a worker of a steel mill I can confirm most of them look just this dirty and run down. I worked in one of the previous mills of Bethlehem steel and I can tell you if you didn’t know any better you would think it had been abandoned for 20 years

  • A monument to a cold war era economy . Several economic factors could have temporarily closed her , but could become permanent . Needs updating or considerable repairs , unions , transportation costs . Markets moved further away . Now , because age of roof being 50+ years old , it will need to be completely replaced . What a shame .

  • Chalk it down to my ignorance, but wouldn't it cost less just to demolish the building instead of paying security to patrol it? It's a big building, but it has to be better than wasting money on security.

  • This time you guys really had me worried for you! I give you two a-lot of credit! not only do you do amazing videos and adventures but you risk your lives to show us these amazing places. keep up the great work, I look forward to your videos.

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