Mass Effect ABANDONED – The Know Game News

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Mass Effect ABANDONED – The Know Game News

Welcome to “The Know”, I’m Ashley. And I’m Gus. Pull one out for Mass Effect: Andromeda guys after only five months developer Bioware said the much goofed on game not getting any new content. This is official now. We’ve been speculating for a while but that was official so now all the fans were left wondering if the franchise is now frozen in some of Andromeda character face. “Sorry” Ahhh.. and a note on the official Mass Effect site, Bioware said that the last update 1.10 was the final one for the game. The developer added “will continue to tell stories in the Andromeda Galaxy through our upcoming comics and novels including the fate of the quarian ark.” Yup comics, novels, not video games. Bioware stress though that it will continue to support Andromeda’s MULTIPLAYER, because you know that’s where the money is, in multiplayer these days. And they wrote “our multiplayer team will provide details of their ongoing support and upcoming content including new multiplayer missions, character kits and what’s in store for N7 Day.” Well it’s been rumored for a while now that the game wouldn’t be getting any single player DLC, the actual announcement still came as kind of an abrupt ending. While Andromeda definitely got it’s share of bad reviews it was a surprise to a lot of people that support for the game was yanked so soon. After all Mass Effect is a pretty storied franchise It’s got a long history. It does and we’ve seen developers for other games *cough* “No Man’s Sky” continue to support games a year after release with robust updates. SERIOUSLY, No Man’s Sky is fixing their game. How is Mass Effect not fixing their game? Just saying Multiplayer Right….. Ahh.. lot of the fans were upset by the news that the game is being fully abandoned. Well the single-player which is really what most Mass Effect fans end up caring about. And they posted on Reddit elsewhere about their frustrations as you do. As Redditor “cbow120” put it “This was always a possibility, but it honestly feels like a big fuck you to the fans I honestly regret buying Andromeda even though I actually had fun with it, it’s just a damn shame this is how a legendary series like Mass Effect gets treated.” Ouch Of course Andromeda has had issues from the start. The game had a bunch of hype as people were stoked to finally get another Mass Effect game but it released. I was so excited for this game to come out. We.. we all were. Thanks. But it released in March to a lower than expected 71 on metacritic and quickly became a meme due to some poorly implemented facial animations. “My face is tired from dealing with everything” You know, holding a gun backwards Small tiny details like the..the.. There was the stair waddles. A lot of it added up and after all that the rumor started that Developer Bioware Montreal was being downsized The game single player DLC had been cancelled all because of Andromeda’s poor performance. It turned out the rumors were TRUE. Bioware Montreal was eventually merged into another EA studio, “Motive”, and there was a shake-up at Bioware soon after with previous general manager Aaryn Flynn out and former Mass Effect lead, Casey Hudson, back in overseeing development of upcoming Sci-Fi RPG “Anthem”. So obviously Mass Effect Andromeda hasn’t been the first highly anticipated game to not exactly live up to expectations. We already mentioned No Man’s Sky that released last year to a ton of hype about its nearly infinite procedurally generated universe and that the resulted game was a little underwhelming as critics and fans felt like it was kind of boring. You know At launch Yeah, but still developer Hello Games stuck with it, and has released three pretty major content updates. Fans have cheered the fact that they didn’t Abandon the game unlike some people. Some… people… The fact that EA and Bioware have been so quick to pull the plug on Mass Affect Andromeda Honestly it’s also got a lot of people wondering what this means for the future the franchise and with good reason. Honestly you’re going to continue it in your comics? Okay thanks. After all gaming is kind of a hit driven business It is a little bit similar to Hollywood in some ways it wouldn’t be the first time that an underwhelming game has sunk a franchise. “Metroid Other M” was a disappointing seller for the Wii when it released in 2010 and we haven’t gotten a major Metroid game since. Although Nintendo did announce at E3 that it’s working on “Metroid Prime 4” with that bitching “4” logo. Oh, yeah That’s where they put all the works now the development is like 90% done once you get the animated logo out of the way. You’re set. By the time that game comes out it’ll have taken about a decade to wash the “Other M” stink off of Metroid. Yeah, we I mean, we get “Samus Returns” tho.. So we got that. Sure it’s kind of a remake But it’s more Metroid than we’ve had in years. But Bioware insists that Mass Effect as a franchise isn’t done. They swear, they’re serious. Wink When asked by a fan if you’d want to return the Mass Effect, Bioware GM Casey Hudson said in response Yes, I love Mass Effect too much to not want to work on it again in the future. So that’s something I mean he was like… you know one of the Mass Effect guys for the original Trilogy. So make sense he’d wanna work on it. You gotta quit him correctly. He loves hashtag Mass Effect. Gotta get your hashtags in your quotes. Hashtag Despite all the hate though Mass Effect Andromeda did make EA money. In a recent earnings call EA credited the game to a rise in quarterly sales as well as a significant contributor to overall growth. End of the day making money is what it’s all about if you’re business which EA is but sadly for Mass Effect fans looks like we’ll have to wait a while probably a long while for another game in the franchise as Bioware shift it’s attention to other projects like “Athem” right now especially because we don’t want the C studio working on it again, do we? Just go into cryo sleep, it’ll be here before you know it. What do you guys think of Mass Effect Andromeda getting abandoned? Too soon? or is Bioware right to move on? Let us know in the comments. And for all your crazy Mass Effect news if there is ever any news about Mass Effect again make sure you like this video and if you’re new around here subscribe to “The Know” Beautiful. The internet’s fast. Yea. Lets hear it for sinking franchises everyone. Metacritic quickly became a meme due to Just like this.


  • Did you forget about the whole Mass Effect 3 ending fiasco? Casey Hudson was real quick to defend the ending because of "artistic integrity". Don't be naive, this guy wont bring Mass Effect to its former glory. Bioware is not the same and Casey Hudson is a joke and a shitty writer.

  • Andromeda is an awesome game and the fact that it has been abandoned is stupid. And a death stroke for the game. Mass Effect has been one of my favorite games since the first installment. I truly hope that biowear/E.A. is smart enough to keep the franchise alive.

  • EA has killed off so many amazing franchises. But then again, Bioware and other smaller companies willingly sell themselves to these big publishers to be used up and thrown into garbage. I wonder how large and successful bioware would've been if they followed their own path.

  • It's a shame they abandoned the game.
    After the Mass Effect 3 ending (blah…) I was reluctant to purchase a new mass effect game but all the info before release convinced me to pre order the game.
    I was not disappointed despite it having problems. Now I am disappointed – by this decision. I hoped EA and Bioware would appreciate our support and at least finish the Quarian Arc.
    Now my, and I guess many others, will to invest in more Bioware games will reduced – I am going to wait now for months before buying any of their games – so I will be sure they won't pull support for no good reason.

  • Its EA, what do you expect? EA has shown time & time again that they don't care, yet people are still surprised when EA screws them over. STOP buying EA's games, and maybe they will get the hint.

  • BIOWARE has become the cash in developer we always secretly new who they really where, The ending of mass effect 3, HENCE I WILL NOT preorder or look at Anthem until a few weeks after it has been released also even if it looks good I may not play it until on sale as my gaming schedule is pretty full anyway and Anthem looks overhyped just like mass effect Andromeda

  • EA has a history of buying successful companies and then somehow killing them. Remember Maxis with SimCity vs Maxis/EA's SimCity? And Mythic, Bullfrog, Westwood, Dreamworks?

    That is what happens when a labour of love turn into a labour of profit. Andromeda has a lot of potential to be bettered and be a great game (honestly, just some graphic repairs will go a long way). And how many play APEX missions?

  • For as long as I remember ( Última/origin, criterion Games, comes to mind) whatever EA touchs it, gets destroyed. Its like a disease, that rottens developers.

  • In today's news, EA abandons an incomplete game. Also, cordless phones exist, and you can now communicate over something called the "internet" using something called "IRC."

  • Fine, I just won't buy anymore games from them.

    Andromeda sucked in comparison to the other three games. Even ME 3 was better than MEA.

  • I am heartbroken. It had flaws but I actually loved the story and was hopeful they'd stick to it and get it right. Learn from their mistakes and deliver. I LOVED the change of pace from the reaper plot trilogy. I felt like Andromeda got to the roots of sci fi. The new frontier, completely new races and planets. I LOVED the characters. I feel empty inside realizing I will possibly never get to see where they'd go.. I wanted to do another playthrough but I may not be able to play this game I ENJOY ever again for fear of making it hut more.

  • I feel like they shouldn't get rid of it I love mass effect I stop playing mass effect andromeda then I come back playing like crazy I love mass effect Andromeda I was dissapointment but I'm dissapointment even more that they gonna abandon this beautiful game I hope they think twice about it is not bad game but in the meantime as a mass effect fan I will do is finished the game at least then I might play it again on insanity 🙂

  • they abandoned it way too soon, at least put some updates to fix everything, add story dlc and actually work on the game like they did for the past games. and background check your employees, we dont need racism in the development team, seriously bioware get it together. oh and my girlfriend wanted to add that she wants a male turian romance character, she was upset by the lack of female rider romance options.

  • And thus EA kills Mass Effect and Bioware. Bioware please tell EA to figure out when not to meddle in your games.

  • I feel like they just decided it was to much work and washed their hands of it with no consideration for the actual fans and the people who enjoyed the game. I mean was it buggy? Obviously. Does it need work on it? Clearly. But it was still fun, and enjoyable. They could of made so much more of it but it seems to me like they just can't be assed.

  • Mass effect is like that disappointing friend who keeps saying "give me another chance." And you do. And they just disappoint you again. 🙄

  • They Fed the fans in ME3. and now it is ME:A for it literally had no big reason to it all. Shepard and drew built the house of ME and now it is dead.

  • Best way to please the fans now is to remaster 1 if you EVER want to go back and good that they left ME:A to drop for it made no sense lore wise

  • I have a vivid memory of the GameStop guy telling me I’m a fool for not preordering this game & buying the season pass for it

  • Yeah, not playing Anthem after what happened with Mass Effect. They want me to try Anthem, then they need to finish the Andromeda series first.

  • I actually really enjoyed ME: A and was excited for a sequel. The things I didn't like were the scanning, as it slowed down the gameplay, and the lowest level quests which didn't seem impactful and I had difficulty completing them (couldn't complete some) after finishing the main story.

  • Wow, first time watching this channel, wont be coming back. Nothing wrong with the content, just don't like the talent.

  • I bet there were going to push it all online anyway. The shoddy release just moved up the inevitable cash grab a bit.

  • The problem with Mass Effect Andromeda was never Mass Effect cuz it wasn't Mass Effect. The problem was Andromeda. The third installment of Mass Effect left the series in a massive cliffhanger, with all the relays destroyed, and the various choices are so all over the place, you essentially would need to make three different games to move the original story forward, dependent on which choices a player made in part three. The story of Shepherd and his crew was pretty much over. However, that's the very thing fans of Mass Effect wanted from part four: a continuation of the storyline they had followed up to that point. I mean what happens after that!? What could possibly happen? Is there even a way to write oneself out of that corner? Seems the people behind Mass Effect 3 intentionally ruined any possibility of continuing the story with that crew. That's all the more reason why the audience would want to see what happens next. That was one intense cliffhanger.

    Instead the people behind ME4 avoided that entirely by just going to an entirely new galaxy with an entirely new cast of characters and branding it Mass Effect pretending no one will notice the difference. People were not fooled. It wasn't Mass Effect. This would be like pretending to continue the tales of Harry Potter by going to an entirely different school with entirely different students and teachers but hey the magic is still the same right? Try slapping the name Harry Potter on a story without Harry Potter in it. You'll be burned as a heretic.

    Even though "Mass Effect" is not "Shepherd and the crew" that's what it feels like it should mean. That's not what people got. Beyond the glitches and the so so voice over work and the questionable plot and all the memes and other complaints, what it boils down to is they promised one thing and offered something else entirely.

  • This is what EA does to franchises! it happened with Dead Space as well! They should stick to their mediocre lineup (like Madden and FIFA) and stop absorbing every studio that actually puts out good games like Bioware. EA is worse than the devil, seriously!

  • If EA is involved, 9 out of 10 make them break the game. Look C & C but, good franchise and what did they make of it …….

  • Jesus Christ, this guy needs to move his lower jaw when he talks. He sounds like he's biting down on a straw while trying to talk.

  • Bioware are like that puppy who shits on the lawn and then wanders a few feet away and then shits again. They just keep walking away from their mess.

  • honestly i was seriously disappointed to hear about no further plans for mass effect andromeda dispite the issues it was overall still a great game once they finished the patches for animations thought this shouldnt have been a thing to begin with…i was still looking forward to dlc like maybe something involving the missing ark maybe diving deeper into the mystery of the benefactor (which i still believe to be cerberus after all if they could bring shepard back from the dead whos to say they didn't have funds and resources for aiding in the initiative) maybe even a lead on the jardaan or who ever they were fighting hell even an extra squad mate would be nice maybe an N7 solider that was on hyperion just not on the pathfinder team till recruited. Or just something to that effect for dlc i'm sure they could have made some good dlc that made people forget or at least forgive some of that sloppy work

  • $$$ speaks volumes, thus stop buying the products from BioWare; else they will continue to produce poor products. Would you go back to a restaurant, which serves you microwaved food and overcharge you for it?

  • everybody acts like they were gonna spend there whole life on this game it's a pretty good game to run through. stop getting caught up in yo feelings and just play an awesome 3 person free world game where you can go to other planets. but yah them ugly ass character creations could of been better

  • Mass Effect dies with Sheppard (while we don't know if he's really dead…)
    it's fun to notice that you guys has the same emotion on your face that characters in Andromeda…

  • it was better if they could have done a prequel with the first contact war: only one episode, most of the story already written, safety.

  • I play ME for the story. Of course I want good combat, animations, and models, but if they are not ABSOLUTELY AMAZING… I'll be fine. If these aren't great, so long as the story is good and intriguing, I'm not gonna let that ruin my favorite game series.

  • The only Mass Effect game I want to play,
    is one where you can play as any race, instead of just boring humans.
    Would be cool if each race had it's own story that ties into the main story.

  • EA was my favorite of the three big western publishers. Not so much anymore. Honestly I liked ME:A and it made them money. I was already prepared to buy DLC and now this… wow thanks guys. Thanks for rewarding my decades of loyalty by pulling the rug right out from under your fans. I get that they may want to let ME rest a bit but finish out this story first.

  • Only upside to all the critics is that i could buy the game cheap, even now with all the patches it still isnt a finished game, allthough i enjoy playing it its frustrating to see the world pop up while you drive the nomad etc. Wich is just terrible for a ps4 game.
    The worst of this whole mass effect story is ea pulled a pre order trick on the gamers and earned a lot of cash on it without any trouble. So to pull out now and focus on making money in multiplayer is a disgrace. But o doubt ea worries about any complaints 😉

  • I think EA were always going to struggle with a Mass Effect game that didn't involve Sheppard. I have EA Access on my XB1 and downloaded the free trial of Andromeda which allowed ten hours of gameplay but I abandoned it two hours in because it sucked, the controls were clunky, the missions were badly animated and the entire thing felt like EA had simply thought "it says Mass Effect so it'll make money no matter how rubbish it is". What really burns me is it COULD have been truly awesome, the potential was definitely there and the storyline was interesting on paper at least. In some ways EA now remind me of WWE, they are lazy about their product because they don't have much in the way of effective competition. If they don't want to make the games that require a lot of effort and thought they should stick to FIFA and sell the licences to the rest to developers who actually give a damn.

  • Gus… You seem special… The way you talk.. the way you look … Just let her be the voice and this channel will bloom!

  • i would say if most of the bugs are fixed and you dont expect dlc sales , it is okay. i mean mass effect is already a 60 hour + game with a lot of replayability. adding 2 extra hours wont make an effed up game.

  • good riddance. next time don't do diversity hire. hire devs based on talent and make a good game and not Andromeda train wreck

  • Honestly, with all the patches and updates alot of the problems got fixed or mended. It's not that bad of a game, though some dialogue is still funny and out of place. So sad that we will not be getting dlc.

  • Bioware is right to move on from Andromeda. But they would be very wrong to abandon Mass Effect video games entirely

  • Bioware is right to move on from Andromeda. But they would be very wrong to abandon Mass Effect video games entirely

  • Adromeda sucks. Please bringback John Shepherd. Love all Mass Effect 1, 2, & 3 the best ever. Please more Mass Effect games

  • I tried to replay the game.. I just feel like its just kick in the balls. I really cant enjoy it. The choices felt like it had little meaning or any consequences to them. I miss the paragon and renagade system

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